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Planning Support Systems for Sustainable Urban Development

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to ‘Planning Support Systems for Sustainable Urban Development’
Stan Geertman, John Stillwell, Fred Toppen

Part I. Spatial Analysis and Urban Modelling

2. What-Ifs, If-Whats and Maybes: Sketch of Ubiquitous Collaborative Decision Support Technology
Soora Rasouli, Harry Timmermans

3. A Model of Land Use Change in City Areas Based on the Conversion of Unit Lots
Toshihiro Osaragi, Teruo Nishimatsu

4. Simulating the Dynamics Between the Development of Creative Industries and Urban Spatial Structure: An Agent-Based Model
Helin Liu, Elisabete A. Silva

5. LACONISS: A Planning Support System for Land Consolidation
Demetris Demetriou, John Stillwell, Linda See

6. Qualitative and Quantitative Comparisons of Agent-Based and Cell-Based Synthesis Estimation Methods of Base-Year Data for Land-Use Microsimulations
Kazuaki Miyamoto, Nao Sugiki, Noriko Otani, Varameth Vichiensan

7. Application of Land Use Model Combined with GIS and RS Technology in Supporting Urban Spatial Planning
Rui Zhou, Hailong Su, Xinjun Wang, Yuanman Hu, Fenge Zhang

8. Planning Support Systems for Fiscally Sustainable Planning
Scott N. Lieske, Roger H. Coupal, Jeffrey D. Hamerlinck, Donald M. McLeod, Anna M. Scofield

Part II. Environmental Planning and Modelling

9. Generalisation of Planning Data as a Contribution to Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA): The Example of a City-Wide Biotope-Type Assessment for Berlin
Michael Förster, Antje Köppen, Johanna Ferretti, Johann Köppel, Birgit Kleinschmit

10. Using MapTable® to Learn About Sustainable Urban Development
Peter Pelzer, Gustavo Arciniegas, Stan Geertman, Jaap Kroes

11. Ecosystem Services, Green Infrastructure and the Role of Planning Support Systems
Brian Deal, Varkki Pallathucheril, Tom Heavisides

12. Urban CO2 Planning: A Decision Support System
Ivan Blecic, Arnaldo Cecchini, Matthias Falk, Serena Marras, David R. Pyles, Donatella Spano, Giuseppe A. Trunfio

13. A GIS-Based Performance Metrics for Designing a Low Energy Urban Agriculture System
Steven Jige Quan, John David Minter, Perry Pei-Ju Yang

14. A Comprehensive Review of Existing Urban Energy Models in the Built Environment
Saleh Mohammadi, Bauke Vries, Wim Schaefer

Part III. Traffic and Network Modelling

15. A Procedure Using GIS to Analyze the Access by Non-Motorized Transport to Transit Stations
Fernanda Borges Monteiro, Vânia Barcellos Gouvêa Campos

16. Locations with Frequent Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions: Their Transportation and Neighborhood Environment Characteristics in Seattle and King County, Washington
Junfeng Jiao, Anne V. Moudon, Yuan Li

17. A Computer-Aided Approach for Planning Sustainable Trips to Large Trip Generators: The Case of Cycling Routes Serving University Campuses
Thais Cássia Martinelli Guerreiro, Antônio Nélson Rodrigues da Silva

18. Walk Route: A New Methodology to Find the Optimal Walking Route in the City of Atlanta
Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Ge Zhang, Manoj K. Panguluru, Ramachandra Sivakumar

Part IV. Web-Based Support Systems

19. Access to UK Census Data for Spatial Analysis: Towards an Integrated Census Support Service
John Stillwell, Justin Hayes, Rob Dymond-Green, James Reid, Oliver Duke-Williams, Adam Dennett, Jo Wathan

20. The Online What if? Planning Support System
Christopher J. Pettit, Richard E. Klosterman, Marcos Nino-Ruiz, Ivo Widjaja, Patrizia Russo, Martin Tomko, Richard Sinnott, Robert Stimson

21. A Web-Based Fuzzy CA Model for Urban Growth Simulation
Yan Liu

22. Flexible Geospatial Platform for Distributed and Collaborative Urban Modelling
Yi Zhu, Mi Diao, Joseph Ferreira, Weifeng Li, Shan Jiang

23. The Participatory Cube: A Framework for Analysis of Online Participation Platforms
Alenka Poplin, Gilberto Corso Pereira, Maria Célia Furtado Rocha

Part V. Planning and Policy Support

24. Application of Socio-Technical Research Methods in Understanding the Genesis and Potential Sustainability of Planning Support Systems
Wayne Williamson, Bruno Parolin

25. Governance Approaches in the Regeneration of Immigrant Communities: Potential Roles of Planning Support Systems (PSS)
Yanliu Lin, Stan Geertman

26. Supporting Planning Processes by the Use of Dynamic Visualisation
Stefano Pensa, Elena Masala, Isabella M. Lami

27. Beauty and Brains: Integrating Easy Spatial Design and Advanced Urban Sustainability Models
Eduardo Dias, Marianne Linde, Azarakhsh Rafiee, Eric Koomen, Henk Scholten

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Sustainable Development, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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12 pages
Natural Sciences

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