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Sustainability and Human Resource Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction into Sustainability and HRM

1. Sustainability and HRM
Ina Ehnert, Wes Harry, Klaus J. Zink

Part II. The Role of HRM in Developing Economically, Socially and Ecologically Sustainable Organisations

2. Social Sustainability and Quality of Working Life
Klaus J. Zink

3. Sowing Seeds for Sustainability in Work Systems
Mari Kira, Svante Lifvergren

4. Human-Resources Mindfulness
Guido Becke

5. Corporate Human Capital and Social Sustainability of Human Resources
Regina Osranek, Klaus J. Zink

6. Enterprise Sustainability and HRM in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Nathalie Hirsig, Nikolai Rogovsky, Michael Elkin

Part III. The Role of HRM in Developing Sustainable HRM Systems

7. Striking a Balance Between Work Effort and Resource Regeneration
Luc Dorenbosch

8. The Model of Negative Externality for Sustainable HRM
Sugumar Mariappanadar

9. A Stakeholder Perspective for Sustainable HRM
Marco Guerci, Abraham B. (Rami) Shani, Luca Solari

10. Fostering Corporate Sustainability
Paul J. Gollan, Ying Xu

11. Paradox as a Lens for Theorizing Sustainable HRM
Ina Ehnert

12. Practitioner’s View on Sustainability and HRM
Jens C. Hoeppe

Part IV. Sustainability and HRM in Different Areas of the World

13. Sustainable HRM in the US
Sully Taylor, Caroline Lewis

14. Sustainable HRM in East and Southeast Asia
Philippe Debroux

15. Sustainable HRM in Europe
Ina Ehnert, Wes Harry, Chris J. Brewster

16. Sustainable HRM in Peruvian Companies
Gina Pipoli, Rosa María Fuchs, María Angela Prialé

17. Sustainability and HRM in International Supply Chains
Christine Hobelsberger

18. The Relevance of the Vision of Sustainability to HRM Practice
Wes Harry

Part V. Conclusions and Prospects for Sustainability and HRM

19. The Future of Sustainable HRM
Ina Ehnert, Wes Harry, Klaus J. Zink

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Human Resource Management, Non-Profit Enterprises/Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Strategy/Leadership, Sustainable Development, Organization/Planning, Marketing

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CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance
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15 pages

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