Yin, Zhixiang

Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (BIC-TA), 2013

Yin, Zhixiang - Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (BIC-TA), 2013, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Theories

1. Remarks on Invariant Method of the Second-Order Linear Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients
Linlong Zhao

2. Convergence Analysis on Immune Optimization Solving CCP Problems
Zhuhong Zhang, Fei Long

3. Robust Coordination with Transmission Delay and Measurement Noises
Dequan Li, Xinyu Huang, Zhixiang Yin

4. Study on the Importance of Cultural Context Analysis in Machine Translation
Zonghua Wang

5. The Evaluation Model of Construction Industry Financial Risk Based on SVM
Xiaomei Chang

6. Replaceable Encoding for Basic Variable of Traffic Network Transportation Optimization Problem
Kang Zhou, Yule Zhu, Feng Jin, Xin Tao

7. Upper and Lower Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Impulsive Fractional Differential
Chuan xia Hou, Yong Li

8. A Generalized Multi-Attribute Group Decision Making with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set
Zhifu Tao, Huayou Chen, Weiyuan Zou, Ligang Zhou, Jinpei Liu

9. Asymptotic Optimality of Balanced Routing in a Multiclass G/G/1 Queue
Xiao Xiao, Lu Wu

10. The Optimization of DNA Encodings Based on GAFSA/GA Algorithm
Juan Hu, Dong Li, Li-li Zhang, Zhixiang Yin

11. Kernel Optimal Unsupervised Discriminant Projection and Its Application to Face Recognition
Xingzhu Liang, Yu’e Lin, Jingzhao Li

12. The Binary Anti-Collision Algorithm Based on Labeled Packet
Jianbin Xue, Lijing Qin, Wenhua Wang

13. Research and Implementation on Event-Based Method for Automatic Summarization
Tao Liao, Zongtian Liu, Xianchuan Wang

14. Closed Circle DNA Algorithm of Maximum Weighted Independent Set Problem
Qingyan Li, Zhixiang Yin, Min Chen

15. Bivariate Barycentric Rational Hermite Interpolaiton Based on the Lebesgue Constant Minimizing
Qianjin Zhao, Jie Qiao

16. Efficiency of Parallel Computing Based on .Net 4.5
Wei Hao, Rongrong Gu, Kelei Sun, Ping Ren

17. Boundary Value Problem for a Coupled System of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equation
Ya-ling Li, Shi-you Lin

18. On the Existence of Extremal Positive Definite Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Matrix Equation
Bo Wang, Qingchun Li

19. An Iterative Algorithm for the Generalized Center Symmetric Solutions of a Class of Linear Matrix Equation and Its Optimal Approximation
Jie Liu, Qingchun Li

20. Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm with Complex Constraints Based on Colony Classify
Li-li Zhang, Feng Xu, Juan Hu

21. Hypothesis Testing for Squared Radial Ornstein–Uhleneck Model: Moderate Deviations Method
Cai-Ping Chen, Shou-Jiang Zhao, Qiao-Jing Liu

22. A Nonconforming Characteristic Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Advection-Dominated Diffusion Equation with Memory Term
Jiaquan Zhou, Chao Xu, Jianlai Gao

23. Exact Solutions for the Compound KdV-Burgers Equation Using the Improved (G′/G)-Expansion Method
Rui Cao

24. The Design of Asynchronous Motor Performance Testing System Based on the MSP430f47187
Qing Wang, Weilong Li, Lihua Zhang, Sheng Lu

25. Two-Step Iterative Algorithms for Two Multivalued Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings
Yinying Zhou

26. Analyzing Real-Time Predictability of Business Processes Based on Petri Nets
Wangyang Yu, Xianwen Fang

27. Automatic Text Classification Based on Hidden Markov Model and Support Vector Machine
Li Wang, Li Li

28. Existence of Periodic Solutions for n-Dimensional p-Laplacian Equation with Multiple Deviating Arguments
Jinbo Ni, Juan Gao

29. Approximate Completed Trace Equivalence of Linear Algebra Transition Systems
Hao Yang, Anping He, Zhiwei Zhang, Shihan Yang, Yang liu

30. A Soft Subspace Clustering Algorithm Based on Multi-Objective Optimization and Reliability Measure
Zhisheng Bi, Jiahai Wang, Jian Yin

31. A New Type of Wavelet Threshold Denoising Algorithm
Li Kun Xing, Sen Qi, Wen Jing Wang

32. The Application of DNA Nanoparticle Conjugates on the Graph’s Connectivity Problem
Yafei Dong, Yanchai Wang, Jingjing Ma, Li Jia

33. Using Inner-Outer Factorization to Solve the Spectral Factor of Discrete-Time Descriptor Systems
Luhua Liang, Wei Xing, Rongwu Xiang

34. Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Arena Principle and Niche
Jian-Qiu Zhang, Feng Xu

35. Solving the Set Cover Problem in the Tile Assembly Model
Zhou Xu, Zhou Yan Tao, Li Ken Li

36. Boundedness for Multilinear Commutators of Calderón-Zygmund Operator on Herz-Hardy Spaces
Jiangfeng Hao, Hailian Wang, Rulong Xie

37. Algorithm of DNA Computing Model for Gate Assignment Problem
Zhixiang Yin, Min Chen, Qingyan Li

38. The Advantages and Disadvantages of DNA Password in the Contrast to the Traditional Cryptography and Quantum Cryptography
Jun Jiang, Zhixiang Yin

39. The Principle and Algorithm for Generating Incidence Matrix for Any Arbitrary Network
Wei Zhang, Chao-bo Lu, Hai-bo Li

40. An Efficient and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Swarm Robots System
Zhiguo Shi, Xiaomeng Zhang, Jun Tu, Zhiyong Yang

41. Ratio Estimation and Regression Estimation Method in Three-Stage Sampling
Shu Lv, Bing Chen

42. Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Functional Differential Equation
Nan Tang, Jie Zhang

43. An Outlier Detection Method for Robust Manifold Learning
Chun Du, Jixiang Sun, Shilin Zhou, Jingjing Zhao

44. Motif Identification Based on Local Structure Clustering
Junying Zhang, Yuling Xue

45. Computation of Synchronic Distance in Marked S-net
Li–li Wang, Xian-wen Fang, Dao-hao Liu

46. Petri Net Modeling and Analysis Based on Gene Logic Network
Yulin Zhang, Shudong Wang, Hongyue Wu, Yan Yi

47. DOA Estimation for Nonuniform Linear Arrays Using Root-MUSIC with Sparse Recovery Method
Xinpeng Du, Xiang Xu, Lizhi Cheng

48. Research of ROM Based on Molecular Beacon DNA Computing
You-rui Huang, Jing Wang, Xiao-min Tian

49. Improved Genetic Algorithm for Solving Optimal Communication Spanning Tree Problem
Nguyen Duy Hiep, Huynh Thi Thanh Binh

50. Algorithm for Generating Decision Tree Based on Adjoint Positive Region
Jing Gao

51. A Historical Study About the Developing Process of the Classical Linear Time Series Models
Shu-yuan Nie, Xin-qian Wu

52. A Novel Attributes Partition Method for Decision Tree
Zhen Li, Aili Han, Feilin Han

53. Synthesized Algorithms of Concept Similarity Based on the Semantic Correlation Prerequisite
Hui-lin Liu, Qing Liu

54. A Framework for Density Weighted Kernel Fuzzy c-Means on Gene Expression Data
Yu Wang, Maia Angelova, Yang Zhang

55. Simulation of Extracting Phase from the Interferogram by the Phase Shifting Method
Zhanrong Zhou, Aijun Li, Hongxia Wang, Yunfang Zhao, Jin Ma

56. Research and Implementation of CAPTCHA Based on Ajax
Xiaokui Chen, Xinqing Lin

57. Numerical Characteristics of Rotor Angle in Power System with Random Excitations
Jianyong Zhang, Mingang Hua, Hongwei Wang

58. An Epidemic-Dynamics-Based Model for CXPST Spreading in Inter-Domain Routing System
Yu Wang, Zhenxing Wang, Liancheng Zhang

59. An Approach for Diversity and Convergence Improvement of Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
Shan Cheng, Min-You Chen, Gang Hu

60. IRSR: Recover Inter-Domain Routing System from a Higher View Beyond Internet
Yu Wang, Zhenxing Wang, Liancheng Zhang

61. A New Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on TriBA Topological Structure
Kang Sun, Wook Ahn Chang

62. Based on Grey Linguistic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method for Real Estate Websites’ Evaluation
ZhiFeng Li, LiYi Zhang

63. Generated Fast of the Aircraft Carrier Dimensions in Preliminary Design
Yu-juan Wang, Sheng Huang, Xin-yue Fang, Gang Wang

64. Vehicle Scheduling Problem on Trees
Jie Zhou, Tianming Bu, Hong Zhu, Yixiang Chen

65. Reflections on the Enterprise to Change Management Concept: In Perspective of Concept Innovation
Nana Cao, Bin Lu

66. Relaxed Two-Stage Multisplitting Algorithm for Linear Complementarity Problem
Ban-xiang Duan, Dong-hai Zeng

67. The Analysis Methods About Business Process of E-Commerce Based on the Petri Net
Ouyang Hong, Xian-wen Fang, Min Yu

68. Associated Relaxation Time for an Optical Bistable System with Coupling Between Non-Gaussian and Gaussian Noise Terms
Bing Wang, Xiuqing Wu

69. Bicyclic Graphs with Nullity n−5
Tian-tian Zheng

70. Study on Security Supervising and Managing Methods of the Trusted Cloud Computing Based on Petri Net
Lu Liu, Xian-wen Fang, Xiang-wei Liu, Jing Ji

71. A Method for Security Evaluation in Cloud Computing Based on Petri Behavioral Profiles
Xianwen Fang, Mimi Wang, Shenbing Wu

72. The Homomorphic Encryption Scheme of Security Obfuscation
Gao-Xiang Gong, Zheng Yuan, Xiao Feng

73. Construction of Barycentric Blending Rational Interpolation Over the Triangular Grids
Qiang Li, Feng Xu

74. Hopf Bifurcation Analysis in an Intracellular Calcium Oscillation Model
Yuanhua Li, Zhou Yi, Hongkun Zuo

75. Study on Protein Structure Based on Reverse Hamilton Path Models
Xiaohong Shi

Part II. Applications

76. Based on the Queuing Model of CAN Bus Simulation and Application
Jing Zhang, Tao Li

77. Hierarchical Modeling Fault-Error-Failure Dependencies for Cyber-Physical Systems
Shixi Liu, Xiaojing Hu, Jingming Wang

78. A Comparative Study of State Transition Algorithm with Harmony Search and Artificial Bee Colony
Xiaojun Zhou, David Yang Gao, Chunhua Yang

79. Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Endless Rope Continuous Tractor Monitoring
Wei Chen, Hai-shun Deng

80. A Subcarriers and Bits Allocation Scheme for Multi-User OFDMA System
Jingxue Ran, Bo Xiao

81. Study on the Prediction of Gas Content Based on Grey Relational Analysis and BP Neural Network
Jiajia Lu, Ping Chen, Jinshan Shen, Zepeng Liang, Huaze Yang

82. Optimization Analysis of Dynamic Sample Number and Hidden Layer Node Number Based on BP Neural Network
Chunyun Xu, Chuanfang Xu

83. Measurement of Concentration and Size Distribution of Indoor PM10
Hongli Liu, Xiong Zhou, Lei Xiao

84. A Novel Iris Segmentation Method Based on Multi-Line
Yuhong Jia, Wanjun Hu, Xiaoxi Yu, Miao Qi

85. Maxwell Demon and the Integration Algorithm of Clustering-Partitioning
Jinbiao Wang, Famin Ma, Hongwei Huang

86. Image Retrieval Method Based on Hybrid Fractal-Wavelet Image Coding
Haipeng Li, Xu Ji, Jianbo Lu

87. Investment Risk Evaluation of High-Tech Projects Based on Random Forests Model
Guangzhou Chen, Jiaquan Wang, Chuanjun Li

88. Design and Implementation of Flash Online Recorder
Minhui Wang

89. The Intelligent Campus Energy-Saving System Research Based on Power Line Carrier
Jinpeng Li, Guangbin Xu

90. Synthetic Decision Support of Broadcasting and Television System
Fulian Yin, Jianping Chai, Jiecong Lin

91. Research on Breast Cancer Metastasis Related miRNAs Network Based on a Boolean Network
Wenying Zhao, Yafei Dong

92. Design of Gas Monitoring System Based On Embedded ZigBee Module
Rongrong Gu, Kelei Sun, Wei Hao, Ping Ren

93. Berth-Crane Allocation Model and Algorithm of Container Berths in the Uncertain Environment
Jian-xin Liu, Yu-yue Du, Yong-fa Hong, Lin-lin Sun

94. Numerical Research on Coal Mine Ground Stress Field Based on Multi-Objective Optimization Method
Qinjie Liu, Xinzhu Hua, Ke Yang

95. Mapping Loops onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array Using Genetic Algorithm
Li Zhou, Dongpei Liu, Min Tang, Hengzhu Liu

96. The Investigation and Realization of IPSec Strategy Based on Linux for IPv6
Rui Su, Wei Su

97. An Improved Search Strategy for 8-Digits Puzzle
Aili Han, Zhen Li, Feilin Han

98. DNA Sequence Motif Discovery Based on Kd-Trees and Genetic Algorithm
Qiang Zhang, Shouhang Wu, Changjun Zhou, Xuedong Zheng

99. Footplant Detection Based on Adjusting the Foot Height Threshold Automatically
Qiang Zhang, Jingchao Zhang, Dongsheng Zhou, Xiaopeng Wei

100. Algorithmic Tile Self-Assembly for Solving the Maximal Matching Problem
Zhen Cheng, Yufang Huang, Jianhua Xiao

101. Application of FDTD and Harmony Search Algorithm for Inverse Scattering Problem
Jing Lu, Junhua Gu, Yang Lu

102. Simulation of Space Information Network SCPS-TP Based on OPNET
Yufei Zhang, Jinhai Su, Chuanfu Zhang

103. A Local Elitism Based Membrane Evolutionary Algorithm for Point Pattern Matching
Zhuanlian Ding, Jin Tang, Xingyi Zhang, Bin Luo

104. Prediction of Coal Calorific Value Based on a Hybrid Linear Regression and Support Vector Machine Model
Kelei Sun, Rongrong Gu, Huaping Zhou

105. A New Attempt for Satisfiability Problem: 3D DNA Self-Assembly to Solve SAT Problem
Xuncai Zhang, Ruili Fan, Yanfeng Wang, Guangzhao Cui

106. Study of Bookkeeping in the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise
Qingping Li

107. Towards the Development of a Framework of Organizational Performance Integrating Information Resource Allocation and Organizational Change in China
Fagang Hu, Yuandong Cheng

108. New Ideas for FN/RFN Queries Based Nearest Voronoi Diagram
Wencai Liu, Yuan Yuan

109. Video Summarization by Robust Low-Rank Subspace Segmentation
Zhengzheng Tu, Dengdi Sun, Bin Luo

110. Nanostructure Thin-Film Removal via a Cylinders Tool for Computer Touch Sensing Material
P. S. Pa

111. Research on Cow Epidemic Monitor System Based on ArcGIS Engine
Wenbo Wang, Hongli Zhou, Jinghong Li

112. Application of Dual Bilinear Interpolation Fuzzy Algorithm in Fan Speed Control
Kai-feng Huang, Ze-gong Liu, Jing Yang, Feng Xu, Kui Gao, Ya Kang

113. Research on Credibility of Web Service Composition Based on Stochastic Petri Net
Juan Guo, Xianwen Fang, Dawei Zheng, Xiuyun Zhang

114. Based on DNA Self-Assembled Computing to Solve MH Knapsack Public Key Cryptosystems of the Knapsack Problem
Jing Liu, Zhixiang Yin

115. Image Representation and Recognition Based on Directed Complex Network Model
Ying Chen, Jin Tang, Bin Luo

116. Finite Element Analysis and Computation of the Reinforcement Effect and Mechanism of the Ventilation Roadway U-Type Arch
Ning Zhang, Mingzhong Gao, Laiwang Jing

117. Fast Distributed BFS Solution for Edge-Disjoint Paths
Huiling Wu

118. Stock Price Forecast Using Tree Augmented Naïve (TAN) Bayes
Yuanlu Liao, Xiangxiang Zeng, Tao Song, Lianfeng Zhang

119. A Hybrid Membrane Computing and Honey Bee Mating Algorithm as an Intelligent Algorithm for Channel Assignment Problem
Maroosi Ali, Ravie Chandren Muniyandi

120. A Salt and Pepper Noise Image Filtering Method Using PCNN
Rencan Nie, Shaowen Yao, Dongming Zhou, Xiang Li

121. Study of the Predictor Index System of Death Rate per Million-Ton Coal Based on Gray Relation
Huaping Zhou, Kelei Sun, Bojie Xiong

122. Multi-Objective Optimization of Post-Disaster Emergency Resources Scheduling Using Multiple Ant Colony Systems Optimization Algorithm
Renqiang Wen, Shaobo Zhong, Bin Zhang

123. Research on Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Miner Agent in Coalmine Virtual Environment
Jingjing Tang, Zhixiang Yin, Liguo Qu, Chaoli Tang

124. Research of Detection Method of Mine Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Based on Image Processing
Chaoli Tang, Lina Wang, Liguo Qu, Yourui Huang

125. Analysis of TBM Monitoring Data Based on Grey Theory and Neural Network
Tianrui Zhang, Yuanxing Dai, Caixiu Lu, Haifeng Zhao, Tianbiao Yu

126. Kernel P Systems: Applications and Implementations
Florentin Ipate, Raluca Lefticaru, Laurenţiu Mierlă, Luis Valencia Cabrera, Huang Han, Gexiang Zhang, Ciprian Dragomir, Mario J. Pérez Jiménez, Marian Gheorghe

127. Improved Weak Classifier Optimization Algorithm
Shaowen Liao, Yong Chen

128. Improvement of the Sustainable Growth Model and Its Application in the Listed Power Companies of China
Li Liu, Zehong Li

129. Nuts Positioning System Based on Machine Vision
Rui Li

130. Information Fusion Estimation Based Optimal Control for Ship Course Control Problem
Guoqing Xia, Huiyong Wu

131. Image Feature Extraction Based on Support Vector Machine and Multi-DSP Combined Structure
Hui Chen, Jiao Hu

132. Study on the Use of IDAs in Cloud Storage
Honglei Wang, Xuesong Zhang

133. Influence of Potential Parameters on the Melting Temperature of MgSiO3 Perovskite
Qiong Chen

134. Research on Attack Graph Generation for Network Security Situation
Yanbo Wang, Huiqiang Wang, Chao Zhao, Yushu Zhang, Ming Yu

135. Design of the Framework for Reverse Model Based on TTCN-3 Test Systems
Yongpo Liu, Ji Wu, Chuangye Chang, Shuangmei Liu

136. The Information Acquisition System of Subsidence Mining-Induced Based on Mobile GIS
Meiwei Zhang, Weicai Lv, Guanghu Yao

137. Edge Collapse Considering Triangular Mesh for Model Simplification
Ruifang Zhu, Wei Shen

138. Research on Real-Time Security Risk Management of Rural Power Based on Monte Carlo Simulation Method

Xiaoqiang Song, Xia Lv, Xubo Guo, Zuhai Zheng

139. Canonical Duality for Radial Basis Neural Networks
Vittorio Latorre, David Yang Gao

140. Support Vector Machines for Real Consumer Circuits
Ciccazzo Angelo, Di Pillo Gianni, Vittorio Latorre

141. A Triangulation Method for Unorganized Points Cloud Based on Ball Expanding
Qiang Zhang, Nan Wang, Dongsheng Zhou, Xiaopeng Wei

142. The Analysis of Change Region About Networked Control System Based on the Behavior Profile
Xiangwei Liu, Mimi Wang, Lu Liu

143. The Application of Ant Colony Optimization in CBR
Jianhua Shu

144. Genetic Algorithm for Solving Survivable Network Design with Simultaneous Unicast and Anycast Flows
Huynh Thi Thanh Binh, Son Hong Ngo, Dat Ngoc Nguyen

145. Based on the M-GIS System Structure of the Intelligent Mobile Phone Positioning and Tracking System
YueChun Feng, HaiRong Wang

146. A Comparison of Actual and Artifactual Features Based on Fractal Analyses: Resting-State MEG Data
Montri Phothisonothai, Hiroyuki Tsubomi, Aki Kondo, Yuko Yoshimura, Mitsuru Kikuchi, Yoshio Minabe, Katsumi Watanabe

147. Erratum to: A New Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on TriBA Topological Structure
Kang Sun, Chang Wook Ahn

Keywords: Computer Science, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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22 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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