Kremer, Jan-Frederik

Cyberspace and International Relations

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Table of contents

Part I. Cyberspace and International Relations: Theory

1. Power Technology and Powerful Technologies: Global Governmentality and Security in the Cyberspace
Roxana Radu

2. Cyber War and Strategic Thought: Do the Classic Theorists Still Matter?
Craig B. Greathouse

3. SAM: A Framework to Understand Emerging Challenges to States in an Interconnected World
Jan-Frederik Kremer, Benedikt Müller

4. In Search of Cyber Stability: International Relations, Mutually Assured Destruction and the Age of Cyber Warfare
Hanna Samir Kassab

5. Offense–Defense Balance in Cyber Warfare
Salma Shaheen

6. The Utility of Timeless Thoughts: Hannah Arendt’s Conceptions of Power and Violence in the Age of Cyberization
Katharina C. Below

Part II. Cyberspace and International Relations: Prospects and Challenges

7. Clarifying the International Debate on Stuxnet: Arguments for Stuxnet as an Act of War
Sascha Knoepfel

8. A New Way of Conducting War: Cyberwar, Is That Real?
Hakan Mehmetcik

9. Peacekeeping 4.0: Harnessing the Potential of Big Data, Social Media, and Cyber Technologies
John Karlsrud

10. US Leadership in Cyberspace: Transnational Cyber Security and Global Governance
Ryan David Kiggins

11. Hierarchies in Networks: Emerging Hybrids of Networks and Hierarchies for Producing Internet Security
Andreas Schmidt

12. How the 2010 Attack on Google Changed the US Government’s Threat Perception of Economic Cyber Espionage
Oliver Read

13. Cooperative International Approaches to Network Security: Understanding and Assessing OECD and ITU Efforts to Promote Shared Cybersecurity
Stephen D. McDowell, Zoheb Nensey, Philip E. Steinberg

14. Phreak the Speak: The Flawed Communications within Cyber Intelligentsia
Matthew Crosston

15. Reflections on Virtual to Real: Modern Technique, International Security Studies and Cyber Security Environment
Suarez Marcial A. Garcia, Acȧcio Igor D. Palhares

Keywords: Social Sciences, International Relations, Computers and Society, Systems and Data Security, Communication Studies

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