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Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology

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Table of contents

Part I. Models, Mental Models, Representations

1. Some Ways of Thinking
Barbara Tversky

2. Against Fictionalism
John Woods

3. Fear-Driven Inference: Mechanisms of Gut Overreaction
Paul Thagard, A. David Nussbaum

4. Living in the Model: The Cognitive Ecology of Time—A Comparative Study
Chris Sinha

5. How Scientific Models Differ from Works of Fiction
Demetris Portides

6. What’s in a Diagram?
Mikkel Willum Johansen

7. Models and Points of View: The Analysis of the Notion of Point of View
Manuel Liz

8. The Arabic Script, from Visual Analogy to Model-Based Reasoning
Christian Tamas

9. Mechanism and Phenomenon of Consciousness
Paolo Pecere

10. Information Integration in the Brain: Modeling a Putative Function of the Astroglial Network
Alfredo Pereira, Fábio Augusto Furlan

Part II. Abduction, Problem Solving and Practical Reasoning

11. Understanding Abduction
Lorenzo Magnani

12. How to Learn Abduction from Animals? From Avicenna to Magnani
Woosuk Park

13. Abduction and Model Based Reasoning in Plato’s Meno

Priyedarshi Jetli

14. Generation of Hypotheses by Ampliation of Data
Emiliano Ippoliti

15. Abduction, Competing Models and the Virtues of Hypotheses
H. G. Callaway

16. Galileo’s Discovery of the Moons Orbiting Jupiter Based on Abductive Inference Strategies
Jun-Young Oh, Yoo Shin Kim

17. Icon and Abduction: Situatedness in Peircean Cognitive Semiotics
Pedro Atã, João Queiroz

18. A Logical Model of Peirce’s Abduction as Suggested by Various Theories Concerning Unknown Entities
Antonino Drago

19. Freedom and Moral Judgment A Cognitive Model of Permissibility
Sara Dellantonio, Luigi Pastore

20. Models of Moral Cognition
Jeffrey White

Part III. Historical, Epistemological, and Technological Issues

21. Metaphor and Model-Based Reasoning in Maxwell’s Mathematical Physics
Ryan D. Tweney

22. Bohr’s Theory of the Hydrogen Atom: A Selective Realist Interpretation
Michel Ghins

23. Identifying Adequate Models in Physico-Mathematics: Descartes’ Analysis of the Rainbow
Albrecht Heeffer

24. Pauli’s Idea of the Neutrino: How Models in Physics Allow to Revive Old Ideas for New Purposes
Tjerk Gauderis

25. A Historical Case Study of a “Nested Analogy”
Nora Alejandrina Schwartz

26. From Informal Thought Experiments to Agent-Based Models A Progressive Account of Modeling in the Social Sciences
Ruggero Rangoni

27. Generative and Demonstrative Experiments
Tommaso Bertolotti

28. Complex Systems of Mindful Entities: On Intention Recognition and Commitment
Luís Moniz Pereira, The Anh Han, Francisco C. Santos

29. Autonomous Mobile Robots as Technical Artifacts: A Discussion of Experimental Issues
Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati

30. Modelling Systems in Technology as Instrumental Systems
Maarten Franssen

31. Simulation Models of Complex Social Systems A Constructivist and Expressivist Interpretation of System Dynamics
Margarita Vázquez, Manuel Liz

32. Architectural Design Thinking as a Form of Model-Based Reasoning
Pieter Pauwels, Rens Bod

33. Models and Ideology in Design
Cameron Shelley

34. How Affordance Changes: Based on the Coincidence Model of Technological Innovation
Cao Dongming, Luo Lingling, Wang Jian

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Psychology, Simulation and Modeling, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

Publication year
Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics
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12 pages

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