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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. The Semantic Product Memory: An Interactive Black Box for Smart Objects
Wolfgang Wahlster

SemProM—Dissemination and Impact
Anselm Blocher

3. Towards an Integrated Framework for Semantic Product Memories
Gerd Herzog, Alexander Kröner

Part II. Platforms for Building a Digital Product Memory

4. Hardware Requirements for Digital Product Memories
Jörg Neidig

5. The Smart SemProM

Jörg Neidig, Thomas Grosch, Ulrike Heim

6. A Robotic Platform for Building and Exploiting Digital Product Memories
Johannes Lemburg, Dennis Mronga, Achint Aggarwal, José GeaFernández, Marc Ronthaler, Frank Kirchner

7. Capturing Sensor Data in the SemProM Automotive Scenario
Young-Jae Cho, Jörg Preißinger

Part III. Modeling and Processing Digital Product Memories

8. The SemProM Data Format
Sven Horn, Alexander Claus, Jörg Neidig, Bruno Kiesel, Thorbjørn Hansen, Jens Haupert

9. DPM Mapper: A Concept to Bridge the Gap Between XML-Based Digital Product Memories and Their Binary Representation
Marc Seißler, Peter Stephan, Jochen Schlick, Ines Dahmann

10. A Digital Product Memory Architecture for Cars
Young-Jae Cho, Florian Kuttig, Markus Strassberger, Jörg Preißinger

11. The Object Memory Server for Semantic Product Memories
Jens Haupert, Michael Schneider

12. The Block Interface: Accessing Digital Product Memories
Bruno Kiesel, Jörg Neidig

13. Distributed Digital Product Memories
Sven Horn, Barbara Schennerlein, Anne Pförtner, Thorbjørn Hansen

Part IV. Multimodal Interaction with the Digital Product Memory

14. Supporting Interaction with Digital Product Memories
Alexander Kröner, Jens Haupert, José GeaFernández, Rainer Steffen, Christian Kleegrewe, Martin Schneider

15. Controlling Interaction with Digital Product Memories
Patrick Gebhard

16. Interaction Modalities for Digital Product Memories
Michael Schmitz, Boris Brandherm, Jörg Neidig, Stefanie Schachtl, Matthias Schuster

Part V. Applications of Digital Product Memories

17. Applying Digital Product Memories in Industrial Production
Peter Stephan, Markus Eich, Jörg Neidig, Martin Rosjat, Roberto Hengst

18. Using Basic RFID-Based Digital Product Memories for Protection against Counterfeit Goods in Manufacturing Plants
Jörg Neidig

19. A SemProM Use Case: Tracking & Tracing for Green Logistics and Integrity Control
Markus Kückelhaus, Carsten Magerkurth, Jörg Baus

20. Enhancement of Consumer Support in Retail Scenarios by Utilization of Semantic Product Memories
Gerrit Kahl, Carsten Magerkurth, Jörg Preißinger, Patrick Gebhard, Benjamin Weyl

21. A SemProM Use Case: Health Care and Compliance
Boris Brandherm, Michael Schmitz, Robert Neßelrath, Frank Lehmann

22. A SemProM Use Case: Maintenance of Factory and Automotive Components
Jörg Neidig, Jörg Preißinger

23. A Summary of End-User Feedback on Digital Product Memories
Gerrit Meixner, Alexander Kröner, Gerrit Kahl

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Industrial and Production Engineering, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Communication Networks

Publication year
Cognitive Technologies
Page amount
15 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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