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Organizational Change and Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Paolo Spagnoletti

Part I. Organizational Change and Impact of ICT in Public and Private Sector

2. Does ICT Influence Organizational Behaviour? An Investigation of Digital Natives Leadership Potential
Alessio Maria Braccini

3. In the Face of Customers’ Changing Behaviour, Should Italian Banks’ Approach to Online Trading Remain the Same?
Franca Cantoni, Cecilia Rossignoli

4. From IT Governance to IT Service Delivery. Implementing a Comprehensive Framework at Ansaldo STS
Renata Paola Dameri

5. Public Innovative ICT Based Employment Services Success Factors
Mariagrazia Fugini, Piercarlo Maggiolini, Ramon Salvador Vallès

6. The Pursuit of Happiness: The Virtuous Circle of an IT Tool for its Users and Beneficiaries
Antonio Sebastiano, Andrea Carugati, Antonio Giangreco

7. Legal Issues and Requirements for Cloud Computing in e-Science
Francesco Bellini, Fabrizio D’Ascenzo, Alessandra Ghi, Francesca Spagnoli, Valeria Traversi

8. Acts of Organizing and Knowledge Sharing: Key Factors Towards a Non-positivist Development of E-Service Studies
Paolo Depaoli

Part II. New Ways to Work and Interact via Internet

9. Measuring the Success of E-Justice. A Validation of the DeLone and McLean Model
Rocco Agrifoglio, Luigi Lepore, Concetta Metallo

10. The Impact of Corporate Governance on Internet Financial Reporting in Concentrated Ownership Companies
Romilda Mazzotta, Giovanni Bronzetti

11. Antecedents of Willingness to Share Information on Enterprise Social Networks
Paul Leroy, Capucine Defert, Amaury Hocquet, Frank Goethals, Johan Maes

12. Effects of Networking Activities by Internet on the Creation of a Business Network: Experimental Results of Simulimpresa Laboratory
Massimo Bianchi, Laura Tampieri

13. Revitalizing the Barter: The Case of Sardex.Net
Claudia Melis, Ernestina Giudici, Angela Dettori

14. Library Perceptions of Using Social Software Such as Blogs in the Idea Generation Phase of Service Innovations: Lessons from an Experiment
Ada Scupola, Hanne Westh Nicolajsen

15. A Best Practice of Enterprise 2.0: The Photoviva Case Study
Domenico Consoli, Walter Prete

Part III. e-Business, Communities and Social Networks

16. Municipalities ‘Like’ Facebook: The Use of Social Media in Local Municipalities
Camilla Guttormsen, Øystein Sæbø

17. Trust as Individual Asset in a Network: A Cognitive Analysis
Francesca Marzo, Cristiano Castelfranchi

18. Design Science and eTrust: Designing Organizational Artifacts as Nexus of Social and Technical Interactions
Francesco Bolici, Luca Giustiniano

19. Knowledge Creation Processes in Information Systems and Management: Lessons from Simulation Studies
Stefano Za, Paolo Spagnoletti

20. Solar System: A New Way to Model Online Communities for Open Innovation
Alberto Francesconi, Riccardo Bonazzi, Claudia Dossena

21. Developing Web-Based Dynamic Negotiation towards Collective Innovation: the Open Contract
Alessandro Avenali, Giorgio Matteucci, Fabio Nonino

22. Using Social Network as Organizational Storytelling: A Narrative Analysis of Dooced Employees’ Blogs
Giuseppe Scaratti, Michela Cortini

Part IV. Information Systems, Innovation Transfer, and New Business Models

23. How Small and Medium Healthcare Assistance Structures Should Leverage Cloud Computing Technology for Optimizing Their Processes and Reducing Costs
Gustavo Barresi, Massimo Villari

24. Learning from Patents: An Application of Technology Intelligence in Nanotechnology
Fabrizio Cesaroni, Daniela Baglieri, Luigi Orsi

25. The Determinants of Knowledge Transfer: The Study of a Refined Model
Maurizio Cavallari

26. Organizations and New IT Paradigms: Processes and Organizational Implications Related to Cloud Computing Projects
Roberto Candiotto, Silvia Gandini

27. An Innovation Transfer’s Network: University Spin-Offs, Venture Capital and Public Funds
Michela Piccarozzi

28. Open Innovation for Technological Transfer
Pasquale Ardimento, Vito Nicola Convertini, Giuseppe Visaggio

29. The Dynamics of Innovation: Linking Corporate Entrepreneurship and IT-Enabled Value Co-creation
Enrico Angioni, Francesca Cabiddu

30. Instant Messaging and Social Network Sites: Combining Coopetition Strategies and Network Externalities
Maria Chiara Di Guasrdo, Gianfranco Ennas

Part V. Information Systems Management: A Critical Perspective

31. Coping with Power of Control: The Role of IS in an Italian Integrated Tariff System
Mario Pezzillo Iacono, Marcello Martinez, Gianluigi Mangia, Paolo Canonico, Ernesto Nito

32. Challenging the Power Balance Between Governments and Citizens: The Role of Information Diffused Through the Internet
Tommaso Federici, Alessio Maria Braccini

33. A Case for Holistic, Multicriteria Benefit Analysis
Peter M. Bednar, Christine Welch

Part VI. Professional Skills, Certification of Curricula, On-line Education

34. The Catchers in the Rye: Students Model Enterprise Architectures
Gianmario Motta, Daniele Sacco

35. Coaching and Mentoring for IT Project Managers
Pier Luigi Guida

36. Mentoring and Technology in the Learning Process: E-mentoring
Luisa Varriale

37. Public Policy Innovation in Distance and On-Line Learning: Reflections on the Italian Case
Enrico Maria Mosconi, Cecilia Silvestri, Stefano Poponi, Alessio Maria Braccini

38. Does Technology-Mediated Learning Matter for Effective Teams?
Leonardo Caporarello, Giacomo Sarchioni

Part VII. Human–Computer Interaction

39. Building Social Life Networks Through Mobile Interfaces: The Case Study of Sri Lanka Farmers
Pasquale Giovanni, Marco Romano, Monica Sebillo, Genoveffa Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello, Tamara Ginige, Lasanthi Silva, Jeevani Goonethilaka, Gihan Wikramanayake, Athula Ginige

40. Can Design Science Research Bridge Computer Human Interaction and Information Systems?
Laura Tarantino, Paolo Spagnoletti

41. Enabling Domain Experts to Develop Usable Software Artifacts
Daniela Fogli, Antonio Piccinno

42. Interactive Visualization Modeling with CoDe: An Application to Entomological Data
Stefania Laudonia, Marina Margiotta, Maurizio Tucci

43. Automatic Usability Evaluation of GUI: A Front-side Approach Using No Source Code Information
Rosanna Cassino, Maurizio Tucci

Part VIII. Information and Knowledge Management

44. The Role of Roles in Eunomos, a Legal Document and Knowledge Management System for Regulatory Compliance
Guido Boella, Llio Humphreys, Leendert Torre

45. Modeling Collaboration for Mashup Design
Devis Bianchini, Valeria Antonellis, Michele Melchiori

46. Tabularizing the Business Knowledge: Modeling, Maintenance and Validation
Nicola Boffoli, Daniela Castelluccia, Giuseppe Visaggio

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business Information Systems, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Information Systems and Communication Service, Organization/Planning, Innovation/Technology Management

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Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation
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