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Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet

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Table of contents

Part I. JG01: Space Geodesy-Based Atmospheric Remote Sensing as a Synergistic Link Between Geodesy and Meteorology

1. Generation and Assessment of VMF1-Type Grids Using North-American Numerical Weather Models
Landon Urquhart, Marcelo C. Santos, Felipe G. Nievinski, Johannes Böhm

2. DORIS Tropospheric Estimation at IGN: Current Strategies, GPS Intercomparisons and Perspectives
Pascal Willis, Olivier Bock, Yoaz E. Bar-Sever

3. The Australian Space Research Program Project: Platform Technologies for Space Atmosphere and Climate: Progress and Preliminary Results
K. Zhang, J. Sang, C. S. Wang, J. C. Bennett, B. Carter, R. Norman, S. Wu

4. Simulating GPS Radio Occultation Using 3-D Ray Tracing
R. Norman, J. Marshall, K. Zhang, C. S. Wang, B. A. Carter, Y. Li, S. Gordon

5. Near Real Time Estimation of Integrated Water Vapour from GNSS Observations in Hungary
Sz. Rózsa, A. Kenyeres, T. Weidinger, A. Z. Gyöngyösi

6. Determining the 4D Dynamics of Wet Refractivity Using GPS Tomography in the Australian Region
Toby Manning, Witold Rohm, Kefei Zhang, Fabian Hurter, Carl Wang

7. Comparing GPS Radio Occultation Observations with Radiosonde Measurements in the Australian Region
R. Norman, J. Marshall, K. Zhang, C. S. Wang, B. A. Carter, W. Rohm, T. Manning, S. Gordon, Y. Li

8. Zenith Wet Delay Retrieval Using Two Different Techniques for the South American Region and Their Comparison
A. Calori, G. Colosimo, M. Crespi, F. Azpilicueta, M. Gende, C. Brunini, M. V. Mackern

9. Uncertainty Considerations for the Comparison of Water Vapour Derived from Radiosondes and GNSS
Sz. Rózsa

Part II. JG02: Application of Geodetic Techniques in Cryospheric Studies

10. Mean Dynamic Ocean Topography in the Southern Ocean from GRACE and GOCE and Multi-mission Altimeter Data
Alberta Albertella, Roman Savcenko, Tijana Janjić, Reiner Rummel, Wolfgang Bosch, Jens Schröter

11. A Closed-Loop Simulation on Regional Modelling of Gravity Changes from GRACE
Katrin Bentel, Christian Gerlach

12. Estimation of PGR Induced Absolute Gravity Changes at Greenland GNET Stations
Emil Nielsen, Gabriel Strykowski, Rene Forsberg, Finn Bo Madsen

Part III. JG04: Structure and Deformation of Plate Interiors

13. New Finite-Element Modelling of Subduction Processes in the Andes Using Realistic Geometries
Stefanie Zeumann, Rekha Sharma, René Gassmöller, Thomas Jahr, Gerhard Jentzsch

14. Pumping Induced Pore Pressure Changes in Tilt Measurements Near a Fault Zone in Mizunami, Japan
Matthias Queitsch, Gerhard Jentzsch, Adelheid Weise, Hiroshi Ishii, Yashuiro Asai

Part IV. JG05: Integrated Earth Observing Systems

15. Future and Development of the European Combined Geodetic Network ECGN
Markku Poutanen, Johannes Ihde, Carine Bruyninx, Olivier Francis, Ulla Kallio, Ambrus Kenyeres, Gunter Liebsch, Jaakko Mäkinen, Steve Shipman, Jaroslav Simek, Simon Williams, Herbert Wilmes

16. Geocenter Coordinates from GNSS and Combined GNSS-SLR Solutions Using Satellite Co-locations
Daniela Thaller, Krzysztof Sośnica, Rolf Dach, Adrian Jäggi, Gerhard Beutler, Maria Mareyen, Bernd Richter

17. Analysis of the Sea Level Change in New Zealand
R. Tenzer, V. Gladkikh

18. High Precision Deformation Monitoring at the Geodynamic Observatory Moxa/Thuringia, Germany
Peter Schindler, Thomas Jahr, Gerhard Jentzsch, Nina Kukowski

Part V. JG06: Tectonic Geodesy and Earthquakes

19. A Geodetic Study of the Otago Fault System of the South Island of New Zealand
P. Denys, R. Norris, C. Pearson, M. Denham

20. Towards an Integrated Model of the Interseismic Velocity Field Along the Western Margin of North America
C. F. Pearson, R. S. Snay, R. McCaffrey

21. Land Subsidence, Groundwater Extraction, and Flooding in Bandung Basin (Indonesia)
Irwan Gumilar, H. Z. Abidin, H. Andreas, T. P. Sidiq, M. Gamal, Y. Fukuda

22. Plate Boundary Deformation Following the December 26, 2004 Andaman–Sumatra Earthquake Revealed by GPS Observations and Seismic Moment Tensors
Sanjay K. Prajapati, P. S. Sunil, C. D. Reddy

Part VI. G01: Reference Frames from Regional to Global Scales

23. The Construction of ICRF2 and Its Impact on the Terrestrial Reference Frame
D. Gordon, K. Le Bail, C. Ma, D. MacMillan, S. Bolotin, J. Gipson

24. EUREF’s Contribution to National, European and Global Geodetic Infrastructures
J. Ihde, H. Habrich, M. Sacher, W. Söhne, Z. Altamimi, E. Brockmann, C. Bruyninx, A. Caporali, J. Dousa, R. Fernandes, H. Hornik, A. Kenyeres, M. Lidberg, J. Mäkinen, M. Poutanen, G. Stangl, J. A. Torres, C. Völksen

25. External Evaluation of the Terrestrial Reference Frame: Report of the Task Force of the IAG Sub-commission 1.2
X. Collilieux, Z. Altamimi, D. F. Argus, C. Boucher, A. Dermanis, B. J. Haines, T. A. Herring, C. W. Kreemer, F. G. Lemoine, C. Ma, D. S. MacMillan, J. Mäkinen, L. Métivier, J. Ries, F. N. Teferle, X. Wu

26. Atmospheric Effects on VLBI-Derived Terrestrial and Celestial Reference Frames
Hana Krásná(née Spicakova), Johannes Böhm, Lucia Plank, Tobias Nilsson, Harald Schuh

27. Modelling Deformation in a Kinematic Datum
Chris Crook

28. Consistent Adjustment of Combined Terrestrial and Celestial Reference Frames
M. Seitz, P. Steigenberger, T. Artz

29. On the Alternative Approaches to ITRF Formulation
Athanasios Dermanis

30. Spatiotemporal Signal and Noise Analysis of GPS Position Time Series of the Permanent Stations in China
Yunzhong Shen, Weiwei Li

31. GPS + GLONASS CORS Processing: The Asian-Pacific APREF Case
A. Nardo, L. Huisman, P. J. G. Teunissen

32. Direct VLBI Observations of Global Navigation Satellite System Signals
V. Tornatore, R. Haas, S. Casey, D. Duev, S. Pogrebenko, G. Molera Calvés

33. First Geodetic Results from the AuScope VLBI Network
O. Titov, J. M. Dickey, J. E. J. Lovell, P. M. McCulloch

34. Realisation of a Geodetic Datum Using a Gridded Absolute Deformation Model (ADM)
R. Stanaway, C. Roberts, G. Blick

Part VII. G02: Monitoring and Modelling of Mass Distribution and Mass Displacements by Geodetic Methods

35. Computing Scheme of Co-seismic Change of Deflection of the Vertical and Applied in the 2010 Chile Earthquake
Wenke Sun, Xin Zhou

36. Satellite Gravity Models and Their Use for Estimating Mean Ocean Circulation
Roland Pail, Alberta Albertella, Daniel Rieser, Jan Martin Brockmann, Wolf-Dieter Schuh, Roman Savcenko

37. The Integral-Equation-Based Approaches for Modelling the Local Gravity Field in the Remove–Restore Scheme
A. Abdalla, R. Tenzer

38. Validation of Second-Generation GOCE Gravity Field Models by Astrogeodetic Vertical Deflections in Germany
C. Voigt, H. Denker

39. On the Estimate of Accuracy and Reliability of the A10 Absolute Gravimeter

free-fall gravimeter

Jan Krynski, Przemysław Dykowski, Marcin Sękowski, Jaakko Mäkinen

40. Modelling and Observing the Mw 8.8 Chile 2010 and Mw 9.0 Japan 2011 Earthquakes Using GOCE
J. Bouman, M. Fuchs, T. Broerse, B. Vermeersen, P. Visser, E. Schrama, M. Schmidt

41. Multi-sensor Space Observation of Heavy Flood and Drought Conditions in the Amazon Region
Florian Seitz, Karin Hedman, Franz J. Meyer, Hyongki Lee

42. Accurate Determination of the Earth Tidal Parameters at the BIPM to Support the Watt Balance Project
O. Francis, Ch. Rothleitner, Z. Jiang

43. Towards Constraining Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Greenland Using ICESat and GPS Observations
Karina Nielsen, Louise S. Sørensen, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Giorgio Spada, Sebastian B. Simonsen, René Forsberg

44. Determination of High Precision Underground Equipotential Profiles for the Alignment of a Future Linear Collider
Sébastien Guillaume, Mark Jones, Beat Bürki, Alain Geiger

45. Reducing the Measurement Time of the Torsion Balance
Gy. Tóth, L. Völgyesi, S. Laky

46. Topographic–Isostatic Reduction of GOCE Gravity Gradients
Thomas Grombein, Kurt Seitz, Bernhard Heck

47. Measurement of Underground Variations in the Deflection of the Vertical with a High Precision Interferometric Deflectometer
Sébastien Guillaume, Mark Jones, Beat Bürki, Alain Geiger

48. Analysis of Time Variations of the Gravity Field Over Europe Obtained from GRACE Data in Terms of Geoid Height and Mass Variation
Jan Krynski, Grazyna Kloch-Glowka, Malgorzata Szelachowska

49. Accurate Gravimetry at the BIPM Watt Balance Site
Z. Jiang, V. Pálinkáš, O. Francis, S. Merlet, H. Baumann, M. Becker, P. Jousset, J. Mäkinen, H. R. Schulz, K. U. Kessler-Schulz, S. Svitlov, A. Coulomb, L. Tisserand, H. Hu, Ch. Rothleitner

50. Study of the Time Stability of Tides Using a Long Term (1973–2011) Gravity Record at Strasbourg, France
M. Calvo, S. Rosat, J. Hinderer, H. Legros, J.-P. Boy, U. Riccardi

51. Submonthly GRACE Solutions from Localizing Integral Equations and Kalman Filtering
Christian Gruber, Yongjin Moon, Frank Flechtner, Christoph Dahle, Pavel Novák, Rolf König, Hans Neumayer

52. The GOCE Estimated Moho Beneath the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya
Daniele Sampietro, Mirko Reguzzoni, Carla Braitenberg

53. Validation of GOCE Gravitational Gradients in Satellite Track Cross-Overs
Phillip Brieden, Jürgen Müller

54. Reducing Non-tidal Aliasing Effects by Future Gravity Satellite Formations
Michael Murböck, Roland Pail

55. Preliminary Results from the Superconducting Gravimeter SG-060 Installed in West Africa (Djougou, Benin)
J. Hinderer, S. Rosat, M. Calvo, J.-P. Boy, B. Hector, U. Riccardi, L. Séguis

56. Atmospheric Corrections for Superconducting Gravimeters Using Operational Weather Models
Maria Karbon, Johannes Böhm, Bruno Meurers, Harald Schuh

57. Micro-Gravity Measurements in Northern Victoria-Land, Antarctica: A Feasibility Study
G. Jentzsch, R. Ricker, A. Weise, A. Capra, M. Dubbini, A. Zanutta

58. High-Resolution Measurements of Non-Linear Spatial Distribution of Gravity Gradients in Hungary
L. Völgyesi, Z. Ultmann

Part VIII. G03: Monitoring and Modelling Earth Rotation

59. Lunar Laser Ranging: Recent Results Based on Refined Modelling
Jürgen Müller, Franz Hofmann, Xing Fang, Liliane Biskupek

60. Recursive Adjustment Approach for the Estimation of Physical Earth Parameters from Polar Motion
S. Kirschner, F. Seitz

61. Atmospheric and Oceanic Excitation of the Free Core Nutation Estimated from Recent Geophysical Models
Aleksander Brzeziński, Henryk Dobslaw, Maik Thomas

62. Regional Multi-Fluid-Based Geophysical Excitation of Polar Motion
Jolanta Nastula, David A. Salstein, Richard Gross

63. Quantifying the Correlation Between the MEI and LOD Variations by Decomposing LOD with Singular Spectrum Analysis
Karine Bail, John M. Gipson, Daniel S. MacMillan

Part IX. G04: Multisensor Systems for Engineering Geodesy

64. Advances of Engineering Geodesy and Artificial Intelligence in Monitoring of Movements and Deformations of Natural and Man-Made Structures
G. Retscher, G. Mentes, A. Reiterer

65. Precise Antenna Calibration for Ground-Based Pseudolite
Mingkui Wu, Jingsong Huang, Yaming Xu, Yaodong Qiu, Chao Li, Renlan Cai, Yunhe Yuan

66. Collaborative Positioning in GPS-Challenged Environments
Allison Kealy, Nima Alam, Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik, Charles Toth, Andrew Dempster, Dorota Brzezinska

Part X. G05: Geodetic Imaging Techniques

67. GNSS Attitude Determination for Remote Sensing: On the Bounding of the Multivariate Ambiguity Objective Function
Nandakumaran Nadarajah, Peter J. G. Teunissen, Gabriele Giorgi

68. Monitoring Ground Subsidence Using PALSAR and ASAR in Shanghai Downtown Area
Jicang Wu, Lina Zhang, Tao Li, Jie Chen

Part XI. G06: Towards a Unified World Height System

69. Geoid of Nepal from Airborne Gravity Survey
Rene Forsberg, Arne Vestergaard Olesen, Indridi Einarsson, Niraj Manandhar, Kalyan Shreshta

70. GOCE and the Geoid in South America
A. C. O. C. Matos, D. Blitzkow, G. N. Guimarães, M. C. B. Lobianco

71. Derivation of the Topographic Potential from Global DEM Models
Christian Gruber, Pavel Novák, Frank Flechtner, Franz Barthelmes

72. Strategies for Connecting Imbituba and Santana Brazilian Datums Based on Satellite Gravimetry and Residual Terrain Model
Henry D. Montecino, Silvio R. C. Freitas

73. Realization of WHS Based on Gravity Field Models Free of Dependencies on Local Vertical Datums
Róbert Čunderlík, Robert Tenzer, Karol Mikula

74. Study of Alternatives for Combining Satellite and Terrestrial Gravity Data in Regions with Poor Gravity Information
K. P. Jamur, S. R. C. Freitas, H. D. Montecino

Part XII. G07: High Precision GNSS

75. Single-Frequency PPP-RTK: Theory and Experimental Results
Dennis Odijk, Peter J. G. Teunissen, Amir Khodabandeh

76. Single Frequency PPP Using Real-Time Regional Broadcast Corrections via NTRIP for the Australian GDA94 Datum
Lennard Huisman, Peter J. G. Teunissen, Congwei Hu

77. Global Assessment of UNB’s Online Precise Point Positioning Software
Landon Urquhart, Marcelo C. Santos, Carlos A. Garcia, Richard B. Langley, Rodrigo F. Leandro

78. Reliable Integer Ambiguity Resolution
Patrick Henkel, Patryk Jurkowski

79. Array-Aided CORS Network Ambiguity Resolution
Bofeng Li, Peter J. G. Teunissen

80. A New Newton-Type Iterative Formula for Over-Determined Distance Equations
Yamin Dang, Shuqiang Xue

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Geophysics and Environmental Physics

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