Ruggieri, Francesca

Criminal Proceedings, Languages and the European Union

Ruggieri, Francesca - Criminal Proceedings, Languages and the European Union, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Francesca Ruggieri

Part I. The Lisbon Treaty, Mutual Legal Assistance and Judicial Cooperation

2. Multilingualism and Legal Translation of the Sources of Law of the European Union: The Implications for Criminal Law of the New Post-Lisbon Treaty Area of Freedom Security and Justice
Giulia Tiberi

3. Linguistic Regimes and Judicial Cooperation in the Eurojust’s Perspective
Filippo Spiezia

Part II. Multilingualism and Legal Acts

4. Multilingualism in the European Union Decision-Making Process
Manuela Guggeis

5. Translation and Interpretation of EU Multilingual Legal Acts: The Viewpoint of a Comparative Private Lawyer
Elena Ioriatti Ferrari

6. Legal Translation and the EU Terminological Resources: An Imperfect Match
Arianna Grasso

Part III. The Treaty of Lisbon: Constitutional Provisions with an Indefinite Content

7. The Lisbon Treaty: The French, English and Italian Versions of Articles 82–86 of the TFEU in Relation to Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Cristina Mauro

8. The Lisbon Treaty: The Spanish, English and Italian Versions of Articles 82–86 of the TFEU in Relation to Criminal Justice Cooperation
Stefano Marcolini

9. The Future of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Framework of Articles 85 and 86 TFEU: A Comparison Between the Italian, German, and English Versions
Francesca Ruggieri

Part IV. Language and the Environment: Ascending and Descending Circulation of Polysemantic Words

10. The Environmental Liability Directive and the Problem of Terminological Consistency
Barbara Pozzo

11. Emission Allowances: Non-legal Terminology and Problems of Qualification
Valentina Jacometti

12. The Influence of Directive 2008/99/EC on the Harmonization and Renewal of the Lexicon of Environmental Criminal Law
Chiara Perini

Part V. Language and Criminal Proceedings. Some Case-Studies

13. The Exchange of Information Extracted from the Criminal Record: The Heterogeneity of the National Legal Systems and Problems of Language
Gabriella Di Paolo

14. Exchange of DNA Data Across the EU: Issues and Perspectives in Light of the Principle of Proportionality
Rosanna Belfiore

15. A “Neglected Appendage”: Reflections on the Difficulties of Victim Protection in EU Law
Piero Gaeta

16. The European Investigation Order
Lucio Camaldo

17. Multiculturalism, Coercive Measures, Human Rights in EU Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Stefano Ruggeri

Keywords: Law, European Law, Comparative Linguistics, International Criminal Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, Criminal Law

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