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Mitigating Climate Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Urban Policies and Practices

1. Is Smart Growth Really So Smart?
Dana Coble

2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a Tool in Reducing a Community’s Ecological Footprint
Rod Schatz, Doug Walker, Jaap Kroes, Gustavo Arciniegas, Paul Getz, Anshuman Khare

3. Resource-Centered Cities and the Opportunity of Shrinkage
Katleen Flander

4. Understanding Local Government Resilience: A Case Study on how the Local Government of Marikina City Reacted to the Flood in September 2009
Marian Cruz

Part II. Urban Transportation

5. Urban Public Transportation System in the Context of Climate Change Mitigation: Emerging Issues and Research Needs in India
Bhargab Maitra, Shubhajit Sadhukhan

6. Emissions Models as a Design Tool for Urban Transportation Planners
Daniel Handford, M. David Checkel

7. Mobility and Mitigating Climate Change in Urban Centers: Open Innovation and Pricing as Key Elements for Customer-Focused Strategies and Measures
Jochen Wittmann

8. An Approach to Tackle Urban Congestion and Vehicle Emission by Manipulating Transport Operations and Vehicle Mix
Sudeshna Mitra, P. Krishna Pravallika

Part III. Urban Remodelling

9. Climate Change and Cities: Mitigation Through the Effective Management of Waste
Allan Yee, Mark Brostrom, Christian Felske

10. Multiplier Effect: High Performance Construction Assemblies and Urban Density in US Housing
Eero Puurunen, Alan Organschi

11. Climate Change Impacts on Housing Energy Consumption and its Adaptation Pathways
Zhengen Ren, Xiaoming Wang, Dong Chen

12. European Citizens, Carbon Footprints and Their Determinants—Lifestyles and Urban Form
Vera Peters, Fritz Reusswig, Corinna Altenburg

13. Assessment of Urban Heat Island and Mitigation by Urban Green Coverage
Dong Chen, Xiaoming Wang, Yong Bing Khoo, Marcus Thatcher, Brenda B. Lin, Zhengen Ren, Chi-Hsiang Wang, Guy Barnett

14. Urban Climate Change Mitigation in Mexico City: Innovative Solutions in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
K. Peña Muñoz

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Climate Change Management and Policy, Environmental Management, Urbanism

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