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Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century

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Table of contents

Part I. Teacher Preparation and Teacher Quality

1. Two Visions of Teaching and Teacher Education for the Twenty-First Century
Ken Zeichner

2. Teacher Quality in the Twenty First Century: New Lives, Old Truths
Christopher Day

3. The Continuing ‘Problem’ of Teacher Education: Policy Driven Reforms and the Role of Teacher Educators
Diane Mayer

4. “Evidence-Based Teaching, Evidence-Based Teacher Education” (Quality of Teachers and Quality of Teacher Education)
Martin Valcke

5. Practices, Experience and Policy Orientation for Free Education in Normal Universities in China
Chuansheng Liu, Zengquan Fang, Jinzhong Li

Part II. Preparing Teachers and Teacher Educators Globally and Locally

6. Discussion of the Reconstruction of Rural Teacher Training Configuration in China
Xudong Zhu

7. The International Terrain of Teaching and Teacher Education: How can Teacher Educators Prepare Teachers for a World We Cannot Envision
Mary Lynn Hamilton, Stefinee Pinnegar

8. Exploring the Interaction of Global and Local in Teacher Education: Circulating Notions of What Preparing a Good Teacher Entails
Lynn Paine

9. Worldly Critical Theorizing in Euro-American Centered Teacher Education? Preparing Bilingual Teacher-Researcher Theorists for the Twenty-First Century
Michael Singh

10. Teacher Education in Hong Kong: Status, Contemporary Issues and Prospects
John Chi-Kin Lee

11. Preparing Teacher Educators in U.S. Doctoral Programs
Emily Lin

12. Research on the Impact of Chinese Teacher Preparation Reform on Teacher Candidates’ Quality After the 1990s
Weifen Dai, Lin Goodwin

Part III. Professional Development

13. Push, Pull and Nudge: The Future of Teaching and Educational Change
Andy Hargreaves

14. Learning to Teach Against the Institutional Grain: A Professional Development Model for Teacher Empowerment
Zhihui Fang

15. Teacher Education: A Question of Sustaining Teachers
D. Jean Clandinin, Lee Schaefer, Julie S. Long, Pam Steeves, Sue McKenzie-Robblee, Eliza Pinnegar, Sheri Wnuk, C. Aiden Downey

16. Professional Learning as a Moral Drive from Critical Discourse
Ora Kwo

Part IV. Social and Cultural Perspectives of Teacher Education

17. Social Justice and Teacher Education: Where Do We Stand?
Elizabeth Spalding

18. Who Are the Teachers and Who Are the Learners? Teacher Education for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Geri Smyth

19. The Making of Teachers for the Twenty-First Century: Australian Professional Standards and the Preparation of Culturally Responsive Teachers
Ninetta Santoro

Part V. Teachers’ Knowledge and Characteristics and the Quality of Teaching and Teacher Education

20. Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching and Its Influential Factors: An Analysis of Chinese Elementary Mathematics Teachers
Jian Wang

21. Living Within the Tensions: A Narrative Inquiry into Teachers’ Personal Practical Knowledge in the Midst of Chinese Curriculum Reform
Yucui Ju

22. Language Teacher Emotion in Relationships: A Multiple Case Study
Yueting Xu

23. Tensions and Relations: Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Teachers’ EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teaching and Learning Beliefs and Practices
Hongying Zheng

Keywords: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Professional & Vocational Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Sociology of Education

Publication year
New Frontiers of Educational Research
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11 pages
Upbringing, Education

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