Erdmann, Volker A.

DNA and RNA Nanobiotechnologies in Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases

Erdmann, Volker A. - DNA and RNA Nanobiotechnologies in Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Designer Nucleic Acid-Based Devices in Nanomedicine
Dhiraj Bhatia, Yamuna Krishnan

2. Characterizing Functionalized DNA for Use in Nanomedicine
Susan Buckhout-White, Mario Ancona, Kelly Boeneman Gemmill, Ellen R. Goldman, Igor L. Medintz

3. Nanoparticles to Deliver Antisense Oligonucleotides Aimed at Exon Skipping Therapies
Alessandra Ferlini, Maria Sofia Falzarano

4. Nanotechnological Approaches for Genetic Immunization
Amit K. Goyal, Goutam Rath, Tarun Garg

5. DNA-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for Metabolite and Nucleic Acid Detection
Alexander C. F. Ip, Juewen Liu

6. Gene Expression Analysis Using Conventional and Imaging Methods
Ulhas S. Kadam, Amy C. Lossie, Burkhard Schulz, Joseph Irudayaraj

7. Nucleic Acid-Based Encapsulations for Cancer Diagnostics and Drug Delivery
Mohammed Arif I. Mahmood, Umair J. M. Khan, Samir M. Iqbal

8. The Challenges and Current Advances in Delivering RNAi as Therapeutics
Albert Kwok

9. Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology: Modified Backbones and Topological Polymer Templates
Philip Lukeman

10. The “Non-viral” Approach for siRNA Delivery in Cancer Treatment: A Special Focus on Micelles and Liposomes
Gemma Navarro, Sean Essex, Vladimir P. Torchilin

11. RNA Nanoparticles for Gene Expression Regulation
Roza Pawlowska, Paulina Gwozdzinska, Arkadiusz Chworos

12. Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Probes in Living Cells
Anne Seefeld, Ganesh R. Kokil, Karnaker R. Tupally, Harendra S. Parekh, Dirk-Peter Herten

13. Biomedical Applications for Nucleic Acid Nanodevices
Max Scheible, Maximilian Weitz, Andrea Mückl, Korbinian Kapsner, Friedrich C. Simmel

14. Nanoscale-Based Delivery of RNAi for Cancer Therapy
Anna Scomparin, Galia Tiram, Ronit Satchi-Fainaro

15. The Sonochemical Fabrication of RNA and DNA Nanospheres
Ulyana Shimanovich, Aharon Gedanken

16. RNA Nanotechnology Approach for Targeted Delivery of RNA Therapeutics Using Cell-Internalizing Aptamers
Ka-To Shum, John J. Rossi

17. Aptamers: Analytical Tools for Viral Components
Jean-Jacques Toulmé, Carmelo Di Primo, Eric Dausse, Daniel Desmecht, François Cornet, Laurent Azéma

Keywords: Biomedicine, Molecular Medicine, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Human Genetics

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RNA Technologies
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8 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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