Jármai, Károly

Design, Fabrication and Economy of Metal Structures

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Table of contents

1. Minimum Volume and Cost Design of a Welded Square Cellular Plate with Welded T-Stiffeners
József Farkas

2. Feature-Based Cost and CO2 Equivalent Optimization of Semi-rigid Steel Frames
Jaakko Haapio, Timo Jokinen, Markku Heinisuo, Mauri Laasonen

3. Optimization of the Cross-Section of a Beam Subjected to Bending Load
Olli-Pekka Hämäläinen, Timo Björk

4. Tubular Truss Optimization with Eccentric Joint Modelling
Markku Heinisuo, Karol Bzdawka

5. Minimum Cost Design of a Rectangular Box Column Composed from Cellular Plates with Welded T-Stiffeners
Károly Jármai, József Farkas

6. Optimal Design of Inelastic Cylindrical Shells with Elastic Supports
Jaan Lellep, Annika Patsepp

7. Optimization of Elastic Plastic Plates Made of Homogeneous and Composite Materials
Jaan Lellep, Boriss Vlassov

8. On Member Buckling in Truss Topology Optimization
Kristo Mela

9. Design and Optimization of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Housing to Standards
H. D. Morgan, S. A. Rolland, J. Sienz, A. J. Gil, D. C. Bould, R. Ellis

10. Optimum Design of Steel Built-Up Compression Members
Ferenc Orbán, József Farkas

11. Reliability-Based Optimum Design of a Square Box Column Constructed from Cellular Plates
Luis M. C. Simões, József Farkas, Károly Jármai

12. Optimization of a Welded Main Frame of Freight Bogies Considering the EN 13749 Standard
Imre Timár, Tamás Kulcsár

13. Optimum Design of Transportation Tube Elements
Z. Virág, K. Jármai

14. Hierarchical Product Design Optimization Strategies Incorporating Cost Evaluations
Masataka Yoshimura

15. Optimization of a Locomotive Fuel Tank
A. Karkhaneh Yousefi, H. Nahvi

16. Parametric Optimization of Steel Truss with Hollow Structural Members Based on Update Gradient Method
Vitalina Yurchenko, Ivan Peleshko, Nikita Beliaev

17. Resistance of Compressed Thin-Walled Cold-Formed Steel Members with Regard to the Influence of Initial Imperfections
Mohamad Al Ali, Michal Tomko, Ivo Demjan

18. Solution of Torsion Locally Stiffened Continuous I-members Using Mathematica Package
Bronisław Gosowski, Michał Redecki

19. Numerical Simulation of Large-Displacement Behaviour of Thin-Walled Frames Incorporating Joint Action
Goran Turkalj, Stojan Kravanja, Edin Merdanović

20. Flexural Behaviour of Cold-Formed Steel Beams
Luís Laím, João Paulo C. Rodrigues, Luís S. Silva

21. Vibration Mode Decomposition from Finite Element Analysis of Axially Compressed Thin-Walled Members
Mihai Nedelcu, Nicolae Chira, Hortensiu L. Cucu

22. The Breathing Phenomenon in Thin-Walled Steel Girders – Experimental Investigation and Impact on Design
Miroslav Škaloud, Marie Zörnerová, Shota Urushadze

23. Influence of Restrained Torsion on the Bearing Capacity of I-Beam
Alexander Tusnin

24. Design of Thin-Walled Z-Purlin Connections with Sandwich Panels in Roofs Made by Rivets
Olga Tusnina

25. Strength and Durability of Thin-Walled Cross-Sections
Nikolay I. Vatin, Alexey S. Sinelnikov

26. Efficiency of Corrugated Sheets in Resisting Membrane Forces
M. Youssef, A. M. Sanad, A. Salem, A. H. Badawy

27. Generalization of the Ayrton-Perry Formula Based Method for Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Members
Bettina Badari, Ferenc Papp

28. Cyclic Buckling Analysis of Steel Plate Elements
Viktor Budaházy, László Dunai

29. Steel Members with Variable I Cross Sections under Bending and Compression with Lateral Restraints – Behavior by Experimental Test
Ionel M. Cristutiu, Daniel L. Nunes, Adrian I. Dogariu

30. Snap-through Phenomenon of Imperfect Steel Structures
Marcin Chybiński, Andrzej Garstecki, Katarzyna Rzeszut

31. Wavy Corrugated Web Stiffness Influence on Plate Girders Flange Local Stability
Krzysztof Ryszard Kuchta

32. Structural Appraisal of Two Steel Tanks Filled at Low Liquid Level
Chrysanthos Maraveas, Konstantinos Miamis

33. Experiments of Corroded Angle-Section Compressive Members with Bolted Connections
Katalin Oszvald, László Dunai

34. Buckling Strength of Lipped Channel Column Considering Local, Distortional and Global Eigenmode Imperfections
Zoltán Sadovský, Jozef Kriváček

35. Effect of Bracing Systems on Overall Stability and Deformability of Cold-Formed Steel Roofing Structures
V. Semko, D. Prokhorenko

36. Longitudinally Stiffened Girders Subjected to Bending Moment
Franc Sinur, Matija Brecelj, Darko Beg

37. The Ad Hoc Nature of Weld Quality and Welding Procedures for Fatigue
Erik Åstrand

38. Process Methodology of Parameter Finding with an Enhanced Lifetime Model Used for Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue
Patrik Huter, Gerhard Winter, Florian Grün

39. Influence of FSW Process Parameters on Fatigue Strength of Aluminum Alloy 6082 Joints
Krzysztof Krasnowski

40. Remnant Life Estimation for Repair Welding in Thermal Power Generation
Stan T. Mandziej

41. Estimation of the Stress Intensity Factor for 3D Cracked T – Joint
Niculai Pasca, Liviu Marsavita, Radu Negru, Sebastian Muntean

42. Effects of Welding Repairs on the Load Bearing Capacity and on the Fatigue Life of Fillet Welds of Normal and Low Alloy High Strength Steels
Hartmut Pasternak, Agnieszka Chwastek, Ádám Sebők

43. On Estimating Service Life of Steel Structures
Michal J. Pazdanowski

44. Controlled Ageing of High Voltage Pylons
Peter Polák, Martin Kasenčák, Michal Novoveský

45. Numerical Design Model of Joints
Lukáš Gödrich, Zdeněk Sokol, František Wald

46. Use of Steel Slit Dampers in Beam to Column Connections of Steel Frame Structures
Ali Köken, Mehmet Alpaslan Köroğlu

47. On the Stiffening the Shear Panels of Beam-to-Column Joints
Balázs Kövesdi, László Dunai

48. Modelling of End-Plate Connections in Fire
Shuyuan Lin, Zhaohui Huang, Mizi Fan

49. Stiffness and Strength of Single Bearing Bolt Connections
Primož Može, Darko Beg

50. Experimental Investigation of Welded T- Stubs with Four Bolts
Zdzisław Pisarek

51. Interaction between Over-Turning Moment and Shear Capacity of Seismic Light Gage Bearing Wall
Atsushi Sato, Tetsuro Ono, Hisayuki Okada, Shigeaki Tohnai, Honami Nishizawa

52. Finite Element Modelling of the Flange Cleats
Davor Skejic, Darko Dujmovic, Boris Androic

53. Effect of Partial Horizontal Support on the Columns of Steel Frames
László Radnay, Miklós Iványi

54. Random Initial Twist Angle of Steel Multistory Building Frames
Izabela Alicja Tylek

55. Fire Design of Bolted End-Plate Beam-to-Column Connections
A. Erdélyi, L. Horváth

56. Travelling Fire in Full-Scale Experimental Building
Kamila Horová, František Wald, Abdelhamid Bouchair

57. High Temperature Thermal Properties of Vanadium Steel
Wasim Khaliq

58. Correctly, But Not Safe: On Questionable Prescriptive Method of Assessing Building Fire Safety – An Exemplary Case Study
Paweł A. Król, Krzysztof Łącki

59. Critical Temperature Evaluation for Steel Load-Bearing Structure Exposed to Fire by Means of Probability-Based Approach
Mariusz Maślak

60. Numerical Assessment of the Fire Resistance of Tubular Steel Columns Filled with Concrete
Tiago A. C. Pires, João Paulo C. Rodrigues, José Jéferson Rêgo Silva

61. Experimental Investigation on One Most Used Steel Joint with Intumescent Paint
János Száva, Károly Jármai, Sorin Vlase, Péter Dani, András Kakucs, Botond-Pál Gálfi, Sebastian Dinu, Sorin-Codrel Popa

62. Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of Butt-Welded Connections Made with High Strength Steel Grades S355 and S460M
Emmanuel Ufuah, John Ikhayere

63. Axial Behaviour of Post-Fire RC Columns Strengthened with Post-Compressed Steel Plates
Lu Wang, Ray Kai-Leung Su

64. Recent European Tendencies in the Passive Fire Protection of Steel Constructions
János Zellei

65. Cost Affecting Factors Related to Fillet Joints
Erik Åstrand, Anna Ericson Öberg, Bertil Jonsson

66. Analysis of Forging Process in 7075 Aluminium Alloy of Innovative Bicycle Stem Using Taguchi Method
Dyi-Cheng Chen, Wen-Hsuan Ku

67. Reinforcing Solutions on Existing Crane Runway Beams in a Steel Warehouse
Alina V. Haupt-Karp, Gabriel Urian, Cristina Campian, Maria Pop

68. Economic and Ecologic Aspects of Using Modern Steels in Steel Construction
Tobias Lehnert, Falko Schröter

69. Welding of Thick Plates under Site Conditions–Evaluation of the Influence on the Structure Behaviour of Welded Assembly Joints
Hartmut Pasternak, Thomas Krausche, Benjamin Launert

70. Efficient Increase of the Productivity of GMA Welding of AHSS Using Flux Cored Wire
Marcell Gáspár, András Balogh

71. Optimal Way of Bridge Crane Track Welding
Csaba Kiss

72. The Effect of Electrode Negative (EN Ratio) in GMA Welding on the Structure and Properties of the Joints Made of High Strength Steels with Protective Coatings
Agnieszka Kiszka, Tomasz Pfeifer

73. Influence of Technological Flaw Occurred during Welding of Header-Nozzle Joint Using SAW Welding Process on the Strength of Welded Joint
Pejo Konjatić, Dražan Kozak, Ivan Samardžić, Božo Despotović

74. Investigation of the Contact and Wear of the Welding Wire and MIG-Welding Contact Tips
Dániel Kristóf, Levente Németh

75. Welding New Generation Steel PB2 Using Conventional Welding with and without PWHT with Use of Temper Bead Technique
Krzysztof Kwieciński, Mirosław Łomozik, Michał Urzynicok, Paola Mariani

76. Effect of Welding Wire and Torch Weaving on GMAW of S355MC and AISI304L Dissimilar Welds
H. Tasalloti, P. Kah, J. Martikainen, E. Hiltunen

77. First Ukrainian Cost Study Experience of Commercial Multistory Buildings with Concrete and Steel Frame
Artem Bilyk, Roman Kurashev, Bassam Burgan, Anna Khmelnitska

78. Kopitnari International Airport – Structure of Terminal Building – Design, Fabrication, Erection
Henrik Gazdus, Tamás Futó

79. Analysis of Tensegrity Structures
Stanislav Kmet’, Peter Platko

80. Analysis of Cable Domes
Stanislav Kmet’, Marek Mojdis

81. Aerodynamic Research of Wind and Snow Loads on the Cylinder Tank Roofs
Ilya Poryvaev, Aleksandr Semenov, Marat Safiullin

82. Simulation of Elastic Vibration of Bus Frames
Péter Toman, Pál Mihálffy, István Bíró

83. Applied Virtual Technology (VT) on Bus Superstructure Roll-Over Tests
Sándor Vincze-Pap, András Csiszár

84. Comments on the Seismic Behaviour Factor for Steel – Concrete Composite Columns
Cristina Campian, Alina Haupt-Karp, Nicolae Chira, Maria Pop

85. Behaviour of Hollow and Solid Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubular Simple Beams
A. K. Kvedaras, G. Šaučiuvėnas, E. Jarmolajeva

86. Study of Moderately Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened by Bolted-Side Steel Plates
Lingzhi Li, S. H. Lo, Ray Kai-Leung Su

87. Partial Shear Interaction in Deconstructable Steel-Concrete Composite Beams with Bolted Shear Connectors
Megan Rowe, Mark A. Bradford

88. Preconfined Circular Steel Tubed Concrete under Axial Compression
Sittichai Seangatith, Nantika Namvijitr

89. Steel Retrofitting Solutions for Collective Buildings by Interior Repartitioning
A. A. Botici, V. Ungureanu, A. Ciutina, A. Botici, D. Dubina

90. Structural Integrity of Damaged Steel Pipelines – Integrity Improving Using External and Internal Reinforcing
Péter Chován, János Lukács

91. Skill Development and Education Options in Welding Technology in India
Gouranga Lal Datta

92. The Subjective Judgement of Weld Quality and Its Effect on Production Cost
Anna Ericson Öberg, Erik Åstrand

93. Vibration Analysis of Layered Curved Arch
Béla Kovács

94. Application of Conditional Fracture Toughness Values for Reliability Assessment Calculations
János Lukács

95. Surface Hardening of Ductile Cast - Iron Using Pulsed Laser Beams
Adel K. Mahmoud

96. Management of the Production of Metal Structures: Computer Application –“MERP”
Filipe Santos, Luis Simões Silva

97. Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Steel Structures
Danielle Densley Tingley, Buick Davison

98. Measurement of Corroded Gusset Plate Connection of Steel Truss Bridge and Evaluation for Its Corrosion State
Nguyen Xuan Tung, Kuniei Nogami, Norio Yamamoto, Tetsuya Yamasawa, Teruhiko Yoda, Hideyuki Kasano, Jun Murakoshi, Naoki Toyama, Mamoru Sawada

99. On the Application of the Limit Drawing Ratio to Complex Geometries
Martin Vetr, Martin Schagerl, Kai-Uwe Schröder, Christian Chimani

Keywords: Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Metallic Materials, Engineering Design

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