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Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

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Table of contents

1. Transformational Role of Lochiel Park Green Village
Stephen Robert Berry

2. Evaluation and Validation of an Electrical Model of Photovoltaic Module Based on Manufacturer Measurement
Giuseppe M. Tina, Cristina Ventura

3. Evolution of Environmental Sustainability for Timber and Steel Construction
Dimitrios N. Kaziolas, Iordanis Zygomalas, Georgios E. Stavroulakis, Dimitrios Emmanouloudis, Charalambos C. Baniotopoulos

4. Using the Energy Signature Method to Estimate the Effective U-Value of Buildings
Gustav Nordström, Helena Johnsson, Sofia Lidelöw

5. Two Case Studies in Energy Efficient Renovation of Multi-family Housing; Explaining Robustness as a Characteristic to Assess Long-Term Sustainability
Vahid Sabouri, Paula Femenías

6. Exploring the Courtyard Microclimate through an Example of Anatolian Seljuk Architecture: The Thirteenth-Century Sahabiye Madrassa in Kayseri
Hakan Hisarligil

7. Analysis of Structural Changes of the Load Profiles of the German Residential Sector due to Decentralized Electricity Generation and e-mobility
Rainer Elsland, Tobias Boßmann, Rupert Hartel, Till Gnann, Massimo Genoese, Martin Wietschel

8. The Impact of Hedonism on Domestic Hot Water Energy Demand for Showering − The Case of the Schanzenfest, Hamburg
Stephen Lorimer, Marianne Jang, Korinna Thielen

9. The Process of Delivery – A Case Study Evaluation of Residential Handover Procedures in Sustainable Housing
David Bailey, Mark Gillott, Robin Wilson

10. Sustainable Renovation and Operation of Family Houses for Improved Climate Efficiency
Ricardo Ramírez Villegas, Björn Frostell

11. Solar Collector Based on Heat Pipes for Building Façades
Rassamakin Boris, Khairnasov Sergii, Musiy Rostyslav, Alforova Olga, Rassamakin Andrii

12. ICT Applications to Lower Energy Usage in the Already Built Environment
Anna Kramers

13. Using Dynamic Programming Optimization to Maintain Comfort in Building during Summer Periods
Bérenger Favre, Bruno Peuportier

14. Assisting Inhabitants of Residential Homes with Management of Their Energy Consumption
Michael Kugler, Elisabeth André, Masood Masoodian, Florian Reinhart, Bill Rogers, Kevin Schlieper

15. Raising High Energy Performance Glass Block from Waste Glasses with Cavity and Interlayer
Floriberta Binarti, Agustinus D. Istiadji, Prasasto Satwiko, Priyo T. Iswanto

16. A New Model for Appropriate Selection of Window
Abdolsalam Ebrahimpour, Yousef Karimi Vahed

17. Improved Real Time Amorphous PV Model for Fault Diagnostic Usage
Mehrdad Davarifar, Abdelhamid Rabhi, Ahmed Hajjaji, Jerome Bosche, Xavier Pierre

18. An Investigation of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Heating Systems for Buildings: Combining Photovoltaics with Heat Pump
Arefeh Hesaraki, Sture Holmberg

19. Assessment of Solar Radiation Potential for Different Cities in Iran Using a Temperature-Based Method
Farivar Fazelpour, Majid Vafaeipour, Omid Rahbari, Mohammad H. Valizadeh

20. A Decision Support Framework for Evaluation of Environmentally and Economically Optimal Retrofit of Non-domestic Buildings
Taofeeq Ibn-Mohammed, Rick Greenough, Simon Taylor, Leticia Ozawa-Meida, Adolf Acquaye

21. Modeling, from the Energy Viewpoint, a Free-Form, High Energy Performance, Transparent Envelope
Luis Alonso, C. Bedoya, Benito Lauret, Fernando Alonso

22. A Mathematical Model to Pre-evaluate Thermal Efficiencies in Elongated Building Designs
Alberto Jose Fernández Trocóniz y Revuelta, Miguel Ángel Gálvez Huerta, Alberto Xabier Fernández Trocóniz y Rueda

23. Effect of Reaction Conditions on the Catalytic Performance of Ruthenium Supported Alumina Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Piyapong Hunpinyo, Phavanee Narataruksa, Karn Pana-Suppamassadu, Sabaithip Tungkamani, Nuwong Chollacoop, Hussanai Sukkathanyawat

24. Integration of Wind Power and Hydrogen Hybrid Electric Vehicles into Electric Grids
Stephen J. W. Carr, Kary K. T. Thanapalan, Fan Zhang, Alan J. Guwy, J. Maddy, Lars-O. Gusig, Giuliano C. Premier

25. Analysis of Thermal Comfort and Space Heating Strategy
Oliver Kinnane, M. Dyer, C. Treacy

26. Protection of Ring Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation Based on Petri Nets
Haidar Samet, Mohsen Khorasany

27. Real-Time Optimization of Shared Resource Renewable Energy Networks
Stephen Treado, Kevin Carbonnier

28. Evaluation of the LCA Approaches for the Assessment of Embodied Energy of Building Products
Ayşen Ciravoğlu, Gökçe Tuna Taygun

29. Exergetic Life Cycle Assessment: An Improved Option to Analyze Resource Use Efficiency of the Construction Sector
Mohammad Rashedul Hoque, Xavier Gabarrell Durany, Gara Villalba Méndez, Cristina Sendra Sala

30. Methodology for the Preparation of the Standard Model for Schools Investigator for the Sustainability of Energy Systems and Building Services
Hisham ElShimy

31. Latin-American Buildings Energy Efficiency Policy: The Case of Chile
Massimo Palme, Leônidas Albano, Helena Coch, Antoni Isalgué, José Guerra

32. Thermal Performance of Brazilian Modern Houses: A Vision through the Time
Leônidas Albano, Marta Romero, Alberto Hernandez Neto

33. Energetic and Exergetic Performance Evaluation of an AC and a Solar Powered DC Compressor
Orhan Ekren, Serdar Çelik

34. Effectiveness of Sustainable Assessment Methods in Achieving High Indoor Air Quality in the UK
Gráinne McGill, Menghao Qin, Lukumon Oyedele

35. A Comprehensive Monitoring System to Assess the Performance of a Prototype House
Oliver Kinnane, Tom Grey, Mark Dyer

Smart Consumers, Smart Controls, Smart Grid
Catalina Spataru, Mark Barrett

37. A Qualitative Comparison of Unobtrusive Domestic Occupancy Measurement Technologies
Eldar Nagijew, Mark Gillott, Robin Wilson

38. Review of Methods to Map People’s Daily Activity – Application for Smart Homes
Stephanie Gauthier, David Shipworth

39. Optimizing Building Energy Systems and Controls for Energy and Environment Policy
Mark Barrett, Catalina Spataru

40. Towards a Self-managing Tool for Optimizing Energy Usage in Buildings
Naveed Arshad, Fahad Javed, Muhammad Dawood Liaqat

41. A Library of Energy Efficiency Functions for Home Appliances
Hamid Abdi, Michael Fielding, James Mullins, Saeid Nahavandi

42. Smart Energy Façade for Building Comfort to Optimize Interaction with the Smart Grid
Wim Zeiler, Rinus Houten, Gert Boxem, Joep Velden

43. Building for Future Climate Resilience
Lucelia Rodrigues, Mark Gillott

44. Exploring Indoor Climate and Comfort Effects in Refurbished Multi-family Dwellings with Improved Energy Performance
Linn Liu, Josefin Thoresson

45. Occupancy-Driven Supervisory Control Strategies to Minimise Energy Consumption of Airport Terminal Building
D. Abdulhameed Mambo, Mahroo Efthekhari, Thomas Steffen

46. An Investigation into the Practical Application of Residential Energy Certificates
Alan Abela, Mike Hoxley, Paddy McGrath, Steve Goodhew

47. Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Mixed-Use Academic Office Building
Katharine Wall, Andy Shea

48. The Human as Key Element in the Assessment and Monitoring of the Environmental Performance of Buildings
Wim Zeiler, Rik Maaijen, Gert Boxem

49. The Effects of Weather Conditions on Domestic Ground-Source Heat Pump Performance in the UK
Anne Stafford

50. Asset and Operational Energy Performance Rating of a Modern Apartment in Malta
Charles Yousif, Raquel Mucientes Diez, Francisco Javier Rey Martínez

51. Low Carbon Housing: Understanding Occupant Guidance and Training
Isabel Carmona-Andreu, Fionn Stevenson, Mary Hancock

52. Embodied Energy as an Indicator for Environmental Impacts – A Case Study for Fire Sprinkler Systems
Tom Penny, Michael Collins, Simon Aumônier, Kay Ramchurn, Terry Thiele

53. Understanding the Gap between ‘as Designed’ and ‘as Built’ Performance of a New Low Carbon Housing Development in UK
Rajat Gupta, Dimitra Dantsiou

54. Preliminary Evaluation of Design and Construction Details to Maximize Health and Well-Being in a New Built Public School in Wroclaw
Magdalena Baborska-Narozny, Anna Bac

55. Comparison of Design Intentions and Construction Solutions Delivered to Enhance Environmental Performance and Minimize Carbon Emissions of a New Public School in Wroclaw
Magdalena Baborska-Narozny, Anna Bac

56. An Exploration of Design Alternatives Using Dynamic Thermal Modelling Software of an Exemplar, Affordable, Low Carbon Residential Development Constructed by a Registered Social Landlord in a Rural Area of Wales
Simon Hatherley, Wesley Cole, John Counsell, Andrew Geens, John Littlewood, Nigel Sinnett

57. Basic Energy and Global Warming Potential Calculations at an Early Stage in the Development of Residential Properties
Nils Brown

58. Passive Cooling Strategies for Multi-storey Residential Buildings in Tehran, Iran and Swansea, UK
Masoudeh Nooraei, John Littlewood, Nick Evans

59. An (un)attainable Map of Sustainable Urban Regeneration
Linda Toledo, John R. Littlewood

60. LCA in The Netherlands: A Case Study
Wim Zeiler, Ruben Pelzer, Wim Maassen

61. Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of Residential Heating Systems, Focused on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Alba Cánovas, Rainer Zah, Santiago Gassó

62. A Sustainable Energy Saving Method for Hotels by Green Hotel Deals
Hamid Abdi, Doug Creighton, Saeid Nahavandi

63. The Role of Building Energy and Environmental Assessment in Facilitating Office Building Energy-Efficiency
Emeka E. Osaji, Subashini Suresh, Ezekiel Chinyio

64. Improved Personalized Comfort: A Necessity for a Smart Building
Wim Zeiler, Gert Boxem, Derek Vissers

65. Reducing Ventilation Energy Demand by Using Air-to-Earth Heat Exchangers
Hans Havtun, Caroline Törnqvist

66. Reducing Ventilation Energy Demand by Using Air-to-Earth Heat Exchangers
Hans Havtun, Caroline Törnqvist

67. The Green Room: A Giant Leap in Development of Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions for Datacenters
Hans Havtun, Roozbeh Izadi, Charles Azzi

68. The Impacts of Contributory Factors in the Gap between Predicted and Actual Office Building Energy Use
Emeka E. Osaji, Subashini Suresh, Ezekiel Chinyio

69. Improving Multiple Source Power Management Using State Flow Approach
Aziz Naamane, Nacer Msirdi

70. Technical-Economic Analysis of Solar Water Heating Systems at Batna in Algeria
Aksas Mounir, Zouagri Rima, Naamane Aziz

71. Design and Control of a Diode Clamped Multilevel Wind Energy System Using a Stand-Alone AC-DC-AC Converter
Mona F. Moussa, Yasser G. Dessouky

72. Analyzing the Optical Performance of Intelligent Thin Films Applied to Architectural Glazing and Solar Collectors
Masoud Kamalisarvestani, Saad Mekhilef, Rahman Saidur

73. A Sunspot Model for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Yosr Boukhris, Leila Gharbi, Nadia Ghrab-Morcos

74. Towards 24/7 Solar Energy Utilization: The Masdar Institute Campus as a Case Study
Mona Aal Ali, Mahieddine Emziane

75. Effect of Selective Emitter Temperature on the Performance of Thermophotovoltaic Devices
Mahieddine Emziane, Yao-Tsung Hsieh

76. New Tandem Device Designs for Various Photovoltaic Applications
Mahieddine Emziane

77. GIS-Based Decision Support for Solar Photovoltaic Planning in Urban Environment
Antonio Gagliano, Francesco Patania, Francesco Nocera, Alfonso Capizzi, Aldo Galesi

78. Infrared Thermography Study of the Temperature Effect on the Performance of Photovoltaic Cells and Panels
Zaoui Fares, Mohamed Becherif, Mahieddine Emziane, Abdennacer Aboubou, Soufiane Mebarek Azzem

79. Integrating Solar Heating and PV Cooling into the Building Envelope
Sleiman Farah, Wasim Saman, Martin Belusko

80. Risk and Uncertainty in Sustainable Building Performance
Seyed Masoud Sajjadian, John Lewis, Stephen Sharples

81. Potential Savings in Buildings Using Stand-alone PV Systems
Eva Maleviti, Christos Tsitsiriggos

82. The Application of LCCA toward Industrialized Building Retrofitting − Case Studies of Swedish Residential Building Stock
Qian Wang, Ivo Martinac

83. A Proposal of Urban District Carbon Budgets for Sustainable Urban Development Projects
Aumnad Phdungsilp, Ivo Martinac

84. A Study of the Design Criteria Affecting Energy Demand in New Building Clusters Using Fuzzy AHP
Hai Lu, Aumnad Phdungsilp, Ivo Martinac

85. Cooling Coil Design Improvement for HVAC Energy Savings and Comfort Enhancement
Vahid Vakiloroaya, Jafar Madadnia

86. Sustainable Integration of Renewable Energy Systems in a Mediterranean Island: A Case Study
Domenico Costantino, Mariano Giuseppe Ippolito, Raffaella Riva_Sanseverino, Eleonora Riva_Sanseverino, Valentina Vaccaro

87. Mobile Motion Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition and Energy Expenditure Estimation in Building Environments
Tae-Seong Kim, Jin-Ho Cho, Jeong Tai Kim

88. Cost and CO2 Analysis of Composite Precast Concrete Columns
Keun Ho Kim, Chaeyeon Lim, Youngju Na, Jeong Tai Kim, Sunkuk Kim

89. A Field Survey of Thermal Comfort in Office Building with a Unitary Heat-Pump and Energy Recovery Ventilator
Seon Ho Jo, Jeong Tai Kim, Geun Young Yun

90. An Analysis of Standby Power Consumption of Single-Member Households in Korea
JiSun Lee, Hyunsoo Lee, JiYea Jung, SungHee Lee, SungJun Park, YeunSook Lee, JeongTai Kim

91. A Classification of Real Sky Conditions for Yongin, Korea
Hyo Joo Kong, Jeong Tai Kim

92. Influence of Application of Sorptive Building Materials on Decrease in Indoor Toluene Concentration
Seonghyun Park, Jeong Tai Kim, Janghoo Seo

93. Perceived Experiences on Comfort and Health in Two Apartment Complexes with Different Service Life
Mi Jeong Kim, Myung Eun Cho, Jeong Tai Kim

94. Impact of Different Placements of Shading Device on Building Thermal Performance
Hong Soo Lim, Jeong Tai Kim, Gon Kim

95. Daylighting and Thermal Performance of Venetian Blinds in an Apartment Living Room
Ju Young Shin, Yoon Jeong Kim, Jeong Tai Kim

96. Environmentally-Friendly Apartment Buildings Using a Sustainable Hybrid Precast Composite System
Ji-Hun Kim, Won-Kee Hong, Seon-Chee Park, Hyo-Jin Ko, Jeong Tai Kim

97. A System for Energy Saving in Commercial and Organizational Buildings
Hamid Abdi, Michael Fielding, James Mullins, Saeid Nahavandi

98. A Comparative Analysis of Embodied and Operational CO2 Emissions from the External Wall of a Reconstructed Bosphorus Mansion in Istanbul
Fatih Yazicioglu, Hülya Kus

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Chemistry, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis

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