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Table of contents

1. Social Innovation: A New Concept for a Sustainable Future?
René Schmidpeter

I. Perspectives and Considerations

2. Social Innovation to Drive Corporate Sustainability
Thomas Osburg

3. The Relation Between Ethics and Innovation
Joan Fontrodona

4. Humanitarian Perspective on Social Innovation
Michael Hopkins

5. Knowledge Creation and Transfer Effects on Decision Making
Waymond Rodgers, Arne Söderbom

6. A Social Capital Approach Towards Social Innovation
André Habisch, Cristian R. Loza Adaui

II. Related Business Concepts to Social Innovation

7. The Interdependence of CSR and Social Innovation
Stefan Crets, James Celer

8. Leading with Innovation: Transforming Corporate Social Responsibility
Bradley Googins

9. Inclusive Business Models as a Key Driver for Social Innovation
Jessica Scholl

10. Social Entrepreneurs as Main Drivers of Social Innovation
Mirjam Schöning

11. Institutional Theory as a Framework for Practitioners of Social Entrepreneurship
Anirudh Agrawal, Kai Hockerts

12. Design Strategy for the Bottom of the Pyramid
Deepa Prahalad

III. Instruments and Applications

13. The Importance of Marketing for Social Innovation
CB Bhattacharya

14. Accounting for Social Innovations: Measuring the Impact of an Emerging Intangible Category
Edeltraud Guenther, Thomas Guenther

15. Social Innovation Education
Peter Russo, Susan Mueller

16. The Life Cycle of Social Innovations
Filipe Santos, João Cotter Salvado, Isabel Lopo Carvalho, Uwe G. Schulte

17. Innovation Through Corporate Social Responsibility?
Eva Grieshuber

IV. Best Practices in Social Innovation

18. Education as Social Innovation
Shelly Esque, Martina Roth, Danny Arati

19. Entrepreneurship and Youth Unemployment
Caroline Jenner

20. Responsible Investing as Social Innovation
Stefanie Hiss

21. Social Innovation by Giving a Voice
Thomas Walker, Florian Beranek

22. Technology for the Environment to Drive Social Innovation
Raluca Oltean, Thomas Osburg, Lorie Wigle

23. Social Innovation for Decarbonisation: The Atlas School Project
Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Helen Spence-Jackson

24. Social Innovation and the Power of Technology
Peter A. Bruck, Martina A. Roth

V. Looking Ahead on Social Innovation

25. The Role of Business in Society
Mollie Painter-Morland

26. Interview: Social Innovation from the Perspective of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
Sue Bird

27. Sustainable Development: Social Innovation at the Interface of Business, Society and Ecology
Nigel John Roome

28. Sustainability and Social Innovation
Matthias S. Fifka, Samuel O. Idowu

29. Social Innovation: Quo Vadis?
Thomas Osburg, René Schmidpeter

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Non-Profit Enterprises/Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Strategy/Leadership, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Innovation/Technology Management, Management/Business for Professionals

Publication year
CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance
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19 pages

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