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Trends in Veterinary Sciences

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Table of contents

Part I. Biology and Reproduction

1. Seasonal Effect on Hematological and Innate Immune Parameters in Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)
Francesco Pascoli, E. Negrato, C. Poltronieri, G. Radaelli, D. Bertotto

2. Effect of Altitude on Plasma Serotonin Levels in Horses
G. Bruschetta, P. Di Pietro, M. Miano, C. Cravana, A. M. Ferlazzo

3. Identification of Aquaporin 1 in Diplodus sargus

G. Zanghì, S. Campo, A. D’Ascola, A. Germanà, A. M. Ferlazzo

4. Effect of Dephosphorylation on Donkey Milk Caseins
S. Vincenzetti, A. Vita, F. M. Carpi, D. Micozzi, P. Polidori

5. Distribution Pattern and Chemical Coding of Sympathetic Trunk Ganglia Neurons Supplying the Boar Urinary Bladder Trigone
F. Gazza, M. Botti, L. Ragionieri, C. Sorteni, D. Russo, P. Clavenzani, R. Chiocchetti, L. Bo Minelli, R. Panu

6. In Vivo Applications of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma to Improve Tendon Regeneration in Sheep
M. Patruno, I. Bronzini, L. Maccatrozzo, A. Perazzi, I. Iacopetti, G. M. Benedictis, S. Testoni, A. Negro, F. Mascarello, T. Martinello

7. Plasma Fatty Acid Profiles During the First Year in Dogs with and without Hip Dysplasia: Preliminary Results
L. Tidu, N. Bacciu, G. Rucco, S. Nardi, M. Santoro, B. Renaville

8. Signaling in Sperm Activation: A Common Strategy for Different Organisms
I. Saponaro, N. Bernabò, M. Mattioli

9. Tenogenic Differentiation of Ovine Amniotic Stem Cells Co-Cultured with Tenocytes
Valentina Curini, V. Russo, O. Di Giacinto, A. Mauro, E. Galiffa, A. Pomante, B. Barboni

10. Cortisol Changes in Pregnant and Post-Partum Ewes: Effects of Single or Twin Births
E. Fazio, M. Manera, S. Mignacca, P. Medica, A. Ferlazzo

Part II. Animal Pathology

11. Papillary and Chordoid Meningioma in the Dog: Morphological Findings and Histological Grading
S. Pavone, M. T. Mandara

12. Detection of Neutralizing Antibodies in Pigs Inoculated with an Inactivated Vaccine Against Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2)
S. Petrini, M. Paniccià, V. Silenzi, F. Ciuti, M. Bresaola, M. Fortunati, G. M. De Mia, G. Perugini, M. Ferrari

Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis as an Emergent Pathogen in Raw Ovine Milk Produced in Central Italy
A. R. Attili, V. Ngu Ngwa, L. Pacifici, S. Preziuso, A. Domesi, V. Cuteri

14. Canine Filariosis in Sardinia: Epidemiological Findings in the Ogliastra Region
A. Scala, C. Solinas, A. P. Pipia, G. Sanna, A. Varcasia, G. Tosciri

15. Comparison of Serum and Meat Juice for Detection of Anti-Toxoplasma gondii Antibodies in Hunted Wild Boars (Sus scrofa)
D. Ranucci, F. Veronesi, I. Di Matteo, R. Branciari, D. Miraglia, C. Marini, D. Piergili Fioretti

Eucoleus aerophilus (syn. Capillaria aerophila) and Other Trichinelloid Nematodes in Dogs from Liguria (Northwest Italy)
F. Macchioni, L. Guardone, M. C. Prati, M. Magi

17. Helminths in Sheep on Farms of the Basilicata Region of Southern Italy
A. Bosco, L. Rinaldi, V. Musella, D. Pintus, M. Santaniello, M. E. Morgoglione, G. Zacometti, G. Cringoli

Part III. Pharmacology and Clinical Science

18. Effects of Veterinary Drugs on Swimming Activity in Two Freshwater Organisms
M. Dalla Bona, V. Leva, M. Liguoro

19. Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Toxicity in Ostreopsis Ovata: Algal Biotoxins
A. Ferrari, I. Schiavetti, C. Bolognesi, D. Pavino, B. Vivaldi

20. Aflatoxin M1 Contamination and Antibacterial Residues in Milk in Kosovo
G. Gallina, A. Rama, L. Lucatello, C. Benetti, D. Bajraktari, K. Uka, C. Montesissa

21. Heavy Metal Levels in Dog Liver and Kidney in Naples (Campania, Italy)
F. P. Serpe, R. Russo, R. Luna, S. Florio, M. Esposito, L. Severino

22. Ultrasonographic Assessment of Abdominal Lymph Nodes in Normal Puppies: Preliminary Results
A. La Pietra, M. Majo

23. Changes in the Metabolic Profile and Performance of Dairy Cows Fed Two Dietary Crude Protein Concentrations
D. Bernardini, S. Segato, G. Marchesini, A. L. Stefani, G. Gerardi, I. Andrighetto

24. Impact of Physical Exercise on Release of Cardiac Troponins: Evaluation in Healthy and Cardiopathic Dogs
M. Pugliese, A. Seminara, M. Majo, A. La Pietra, P. P. Niutta

25. Canine Erythrocyte Morphology: Observations of a New Pattern, the “Quatrefoil” Erythrocyte
George Lubas, Alessandra Gavazza, Biancaurora Gugliucci, Anna Pasquini, Marianna Ricci

26. Pain Management in Companion Animals: Medical–Legal Aspects
V. Quartarone, A. Fazio, G. della Rocca, M. Russo, A. Passantino

Part IV. Food Inspection

27. Increase of TVBN and TMA-N in Skin and Gills of Sparus aurata During Storage
A. Giuffrida, F. Giarratana, D. Signorino, G. Ziino, A. Panebianco

28. Actin Proteolysis in San Daniele Dry-Cured Ham
M. L. Stecchini, A. Fabbro, M. Spaziani, E. Venir, G. Lippe

Part V. Husbandry and Zootechnic

29. The Donkey Milk Food Chain: Quality and Certification
Stefano Simonella, Cristina Panetta, Biagina Chiofalo

30. Effect of Different Rates of Postmortem pH Decline on the Technological Quality of Calabrian Capocollo
L. Nanni Costa, F. Tassone, S. Dall’Olio, S. Carpino, V. Russo

31. Preliminary Investigation of the Incidence of Obesity in a Canine Population in the USA
G. Biagi, I. Cipollini, M. Grandi, D. Sarti, G. Zaghini

32. Administration of Essential Oils Cinnamaldehyde, Eugenol, and Capsicum to Beef Cattle: Effects on Health Status and Growth Performance
R. Compiani, C. A. Sgoifo Rossi, A. Pizzi, V. Dell’Orto

33. Extruded Linseed in the Diet of Grazing Goats: Effects on Milk Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Raffaella Tudisco, S. Calabrò, M. I. Cutrignelli, M. Grossi, N. Musco, V. Piccolo, F. Infascelli

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Animal Biochemistry, Animal Physiology, Zoology

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