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Fringe 2013

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Table of contents

1. Holography Viewed from the Perspective of the Light Field Camera
Joseph W. Goodman

2. Invisibility, Perfect Imaging and More – Where Optics Meets Magic
Tomáš Tyc

3. Fourier Modal Method and Its Applications to Inverse Diffraction, Near-Field Imaging, and Nonlinear Optics
Jari Turunen, Jani Tervo

4. The Road towards Accurate Optical Width Measurements at the Industrial Level
Bernd Bodermann, Rainer Köning, Detlef Bergmann, Wolfgang Häßler-Grohne, Jens Flügge, Harald Bosse

5. Lowering the Cross Correlation between Different Shape Parameters of the Inverse Grating Problem in Coherent Fourier Scatterometry
S. Roy, N. Kumar, S. F. Pereira, H. P. Urbach

6. Fast Geometric Characterization of Gold Nanorod Ensembles Based on Inverse Scattering Spectroscopy
Ninghan Xu, Benfeng Bai, Qiaofeng Tan, Guofan Jin

7. Engineering Harmonic Content in Diffractive Optical Elements
Ignacio Moreno, Jorge Albero, Jeffrey A. Davis, Don M. Cottrell

8. Linear Theory of Optical Surface Measuring Instruments
Jeremy Coupland

9. Quasi Ellipse Method Enabling High Accuracy Phase Reconstruction with Random Phase Steps in Fizeau-Interferometers
Michael F. Küchel

10. Measurement of Aspheres and Free-Form Surfaces with the Tilted-Wave-Interferometer
Goran Bastian Baer, Johannes Schindler, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten

11. Correction of Errors in Polarization Based Dynamic Phase Shifting Interferometers
Bradley Kimbrough

12. Single Shot Shape Evaluation Using Dual-Wavelength Holographic Reconstructions and Regularization
Per Bergström, Davood Khodadad, Emil Hällstig, Mikael Sjödahl

13. Compressive Imaging and Spectroscopy – Beyond the Single Pixel Camera
Ting Sun, Yun Li, Lina Xu, Kevin F. Kelly

14. Wave-Optical Reconstruction of Plenoptic Camera Images
André Junker, Tim Stenau, Karl-Heinz Brenner

15. Iterative Phase Retrieval and the Important Role Played by Initial Conditions
Lysann Megel, Damien P. Kelly, Thomas Meinecke, Stefan Sinzinger

16. High Precision Single Beam Phase Retrieval Techniques
Konstantinos Falaggis, Tomasz Kozacki, Malgorzata Kujawińska, Michał Józwik, Arkadiusz Kuś

17. Comparison of Digital Holography and Transport of Intensity for Quantitative Phase Contrast Imaging
Chao Zuo, Qian Chen, Anand Asundi

18. Spatial Stationarity of Statistical Optical Fields for Correlation Holography
Mitsuo Takeda

19. Implementation of Image Inversion Microscopy by Using Digital Holography
Daniel Weigel, Andreas Stark, Holger Babovsky, Armin Kießling, Richard Kowarschik

20. Performance Evaluation of Phase Unwrapping Algorithms for Noisy Phase Measurements
Samia Heshmat, Satoshi Tomioka, Shusuke Nishiyama

21. Fast Fourier Virtual Fields Method for Determination of Modulus Distributions from Full-Field Optical Strain Data
Truong Tho Nguyen, Jonathan M. Huntley, Ian Ashcroft, Pablo D. Ruiz, Fabrice Pierron

22. Multi-wavelength Doppler Phase Shift Holography and Interferometry
Toyohiko Yatagai

23. Characterization of the Sound Field Generated by an Ultrasonic Transducer in a Solid Medium by Rayleigh-Sommerfeld Back-Propagation of Bulk Acoustic Waves Measured with Double-Pulsed TV Holography
Cristina Trillo, Ángel F. Doval, Lidia M. Fontán, José L. Fernández, Pablo Rodríguez-Gómez, J. Carlos López-Vázquez

24. Wavefront Reconstruction from Noisy Fringe Observations via Sparse Coding
Vladimir Katkovnik, José Bioucas-Dias, Hongxing Hao

25. Fast Adaptive Processing of Low Quality Fringe Patterns by Automated Selective Reconstruction and Enhanced Fast Empirical Mode Decomposition
Krzysztof Patorski, Maciej Trusiak, Maciej Wielgus

26. Use of Generalized N-dimensional Lissajous Figures for Phase Retrieval from Sequences of Interferometric Images with Unknown Phase Shifts
Armando Albertazzi, Analucia V. Fantin, Allison F. Maia, Daniel P. Willemann, Mauro E. Benedet, Matias Viotti

27. Quantitative Analysis of Static and Vibratory Displacements by Holographic Processing of Projected Fringes
Karl A. Stetson

28. Experimental Analysis of n-Butanol Solubilization in Seawater by Pure-Phase Digital Holography
Pierre Slangen, Laurent Aprin, Frédéric Heymes, Pascal Picart

29. Spatiotemporal Phase-Shifting Method for Robust Phase Analysis of Noisy Fringe Pattern
Shien Ri, Hiroshi Tsuda

30. Axial Decorrelation of Paraxial Wavefields: Theory and Experiment
Damien P. Kelly, Lysann Megel, Thomas Meinecke, Stefan Sinzinger

31. Phase Extraction by Spiral Phase Transform in Digital Shearography
Jiancheng Xu, Jianxin Gao

32. Real-Time Fringe Evaluation for Displacement Measurement by Exploiting Multi-core Capabilities of Modern Computers
Alexander Schöch, Sabine Linz-Dittrich, Carlo Bach, Andreas Ettemeyer

33. Comprehensive Fringe Pattern Processing Using Continuous Wavelet Transform
Krzysztof Pokorski, Krzysztof Patorski

34. Comparison of Unwrapping Strategies for a 3D Measurement System Based on a Tailored Free-Form Mirror for Fringe Generation
Christian Bräuer-Burchardt, Stefan Heist, Peter Kühmstedt, Gunther Notni

35. High Resolution Wavefront Measurement with Phase Retrieval Using a Diffractive Overlapping Micro Lens Array
Xiyuan Liu, Karl-Heinz Brenner

36. Automated Defect Detection Algorithm Applied to Shearography in Composites
Jean-François Vandenrijt, Marc Georges

37. Design of a Chromatic Fringe Projector for 3D Object Reconstruction
Francoise Torner, Jörg Seewig, Thomas Fahlbusch, Günter Beichert, Thomas Böttner

38. Coherence Length Measurement for Ultra-short Laser Pulses Using Digital Holography and Statistical Fringe Analysis
Esmerando Escoto, Joselito Muldera, Lean Dasallas, Elmer Estacio, Percival Almoro

39. A TVSOOPDE Model for Denoising Fringe Pattern in Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
Si Yan, Xinjun Zhu, Chen Tang, Haiqing Yan

40. Phase Profiling Using Single Shot Digital Holography
P. T. Samsheerali, Kedar Khare, Joby Joseph

41. Digital Speckle Correlations in Coherent Surface Metrology and Imaging
Ichirou Yamaguchi

42. A Robust Method for Full Chromatic Error Compensation in Digital Color Holography
Mathieu Leclercq, Pascal Picart

43. High-Accuracy Characterisation of Spheres Using PTB’s Sphere Interferometer with an Enhanced Stitching Procedure
Guido Bartl, Michael Krystek, R. Arnold Nicolaus

44. Fiber Polarization Mode Excitation Applied to Confocal Microscopy
Christoph Zeh, Thomas Härtling

45. Multi-level Spiral Phase Filtering in Speckle Interferometry Using Spatial Light Modulators
Alberto Aguilar, Abundio Dávila, Enrique Landgrave

46. Fractional Vortex Dipole Spatial Filtering
Manoj Kumar Sharma, Joby Joseph, Paramasivam Senthilkumaran

47. Measuring the Complex Amplitude of Wave Fields by Means of Phase Retrieval Using Partially Coherent Illumination
Mostafa Agour, Khaled Elshaffey, Christoph Kopylow, Ralf B. Bergmann, Claas Falldorf

48. Some Characteristics of Doubly Scattered Speckle Fields
Dayan Li, Damien P. Kelly, John T. Sheridan

49. Improving of Zero Order Fringe Detection in Full-Field Low Coherence Interferometry by Light Source Spectrum Shaping
Anna Pakula, Leszek Salbut

50. Non Ripple-Effect Discrete Fourier Integration Method
Juan Campos, Josep Nicolas, José Luis Martínez

51. Novel Analytical Method of Wavefront Tracing and Its Application in Ophthalmic Optics
Stephan Trumm, Gregor Esser, Wolfgang Becken, Werner Müller

52. Imaging and Quantitative Microscopy in Turbid Microfluidic Channels by Digital Holography
Vittorio Bianco, Melania Paturzo, Andrea Finizio, Pasquale Memmolo, Pietro Ferraro

53. Phase and Polarization Measurement of a Spatially Varying Linear Polarization Distribution
Sergej Rothau, Vanusch Nercissian, Andreas Berger, Irina Harder, Klaus Mantel, Norbert Lindlein

54. Dynamic Fringe Analysis in Spectral Interferometry and Optical Coherence Tomography Based on Recurrence Computational Algorithms
Igor P. Gurov, Maxim Volynsky

55. Filtering ESPI Fringe Images with Non-local Means Algorithm
Maciej Wielgus, Krzysztof Patorski

56. Сomputational Simulation of the Light Propagation Process through Nonlinear Media
Sergey Nalegaev, Nikolay Petrov, Victor Bespalov

57. Measurement of All Orthogonal Components of the Displacement Field in the Volume of Scattering Materials Using Tilt Scanning Interferometry
Pablo D. Ruiz, Jonathan M. Huntley, Bona S. H. Burlison

58. Positional Accuracy of Optical Vortex Metrology (OVM)
Vivien Beyer, Wei Wang, Andrew J. Moore

59. Fringe Processing Methods for Adaptive Interferometry
János Kornis

60. Optimized Phase Retrieval Algorithm with Multiple Illuminations
Ni Chen, Jiwoon Yeom, Byoungho Lee

61. White-Light Interferometer-Micro-profile Measurement Based on Higher Steps Phase-Shifting Algorithm
Ming-Hsing Shen, Wei-Chung Wang, Chi-Hung Hwang

62. Increasing Scatterometric Sensitivity by Simulation Based Optimization of Structure Design
Valeriano Ferreras Paz, Karsten Frenner, Wolfgang Osten

63. Estimating the Accuracy of Different Parametric Freeform Surface Descriptions
Johannes Schindler, Goran Bastian Baer, Christof Pruß, Wolfgang Osten

64. An Inverse Measurement Strategy to Determine Phase Errors Introduced by Rigorous Effects in CGH
Sandy Peterhänsel, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten

65. Rigorous Speckle Simulation Using Surface Integral Equations and Boundary Element Methods
Liwei Fu, Karsten Frenner, Wolfgang Osten

66. Programmable Microscopy
Malte Hasler, Tobias Haist, Wolfgang Osten

67. Phase Retrieval with Resolution Enhancement by Using Random-Phase Illumination
Peng Gao, Giancarlo Pedrini, Wolfgang Osten

68. Illumination Optics in Phase Space
Denise Rausch, Alois Herkommer

69. Holographic Imaging of a 3D Object Hidden behind a Diffuser or around a Corner
Alok Kumar Singh, Dinesh Narayana Naik, Giancarlo Pedrini, Mitsuo Takeda, Wolfgang Osten

70. Ultra High-Precision Wavefront Metrology Using EUV Low Brightness Source
Katsura Otaki, Naoki Kohara, Katsumi Sugisaki, Yoshinori Ichikawa, Yucong Zhu, Katsuhiko Murakami, Chidane Ouchi, Seima Kato, Masanobu Hasegawa, Tokuyuki Honda, Mitsuo Takeda

71. Interferometric Homogeneity Test Using Adaptive Frequency Comb Illumination
Klaus Mantel, Johannes Schwider

72. Wafer-Based Aberration Metrology for Lithographic Systems Using Overlay Measurements on Targets Imaged from Phase-Shift Gratings
Sven Haver, Wim M. J. Coene

73. ISO Definition of Resolution for Surface Topography Measuring Instruments
Richard Leach, Claudiu Giusca, Andrew Henning, Ben Sherlock, Jeremy Coupland

74. Measurement Uncertainty of Optical Methods for the Measurement of the Geometrical Shape of Objects
Pavel Pavliček

75. Random Phase Shift Interferometer for the Measurement of Spherical Surfaces
Hagen Broistedt, Rainer Tutsch

76. New Definition of the SI Unit Kilogram – Spherical Interferometry as the Limiting Factor
R. Arnold Nicolaus

77. A Synchronized Stroboscopic Holography Setup for Traveling Wave Analysis on Biomechanical Structures
Daniel Greef, Joris J. J. Dirckx

78. Polarization State Detection by Using Multiplexing Digital Holography
Caojin Yuan, Jun Ma, Shaotong Feng

79. Non Diffractive Beam Configurations for Optical Trapping
Stephan Stürwald, Robert Schmitt

80. Biospeckle PIV and Applications
Roberto Alves Braga, Graham William Horgan, Ellem Walleska N. Fonseca, Rodrigo Reis Soares, Lucas Tiago Silva, Henrique Coelho Barbosa, Murilo Risso

81. The Connection between Rays and Waves
Miguel A. Alonso

82. Object Depending Measurement Uncertainty of Confocal Sensors
Florian Mauch, Wolfram Lyda, Wolfgang Osten

83. Survivability of MEMS Packages at High-g Loads
Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz

84. Novel Industry Ready Sensors for Shape Measurement Based on Multi Wavelength Digital Holography
Markus Fratz, Daniel Carl

85. Positioning Errors in Coherence Scanning Interferometers: Determination of Measurement Uncertainties with Novel Calibration Artifacts
Sebastian Boedecker, Christian Rembe, Rolf Krüger-Sehm, André Felgner

86. Traceable Quasi-dynamic Stroboscopic Scanning White Light Interferometry
Ville Vili Heikkinen, Anton Nolvi, Tor Paulin, Jeremias Seppä, Ivan Kassamakov, Antti Lassila, Edward Hæggström

87. Measurement of Temperature Profile around Heated Wire Using Digital Holography
Varun Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Shobhna Sharma, Chandra Shakher

88. Experimental Study on the Absolute Measurement of Flats
Wenchuan Zhao, Weihong Song, Gaofeng Wu, Yongqian Wu

89. Optical Measurements of Nonlinearity in the Middle Ear
John Peacock, Rik Pintelon, Joris J. J. Dirckx

90. Efficient Optical Metrology for Industrial Inspection
Yongkai Yin, Xiang Peng, Dong He, Meng Wang

91. Three-Dimensional Measuring of Immersed Objects in Transparent Media
Ramon Rodriguez-Vera, Jesus E. Pinto, Daniel D. Aguayo, Juan A. Rayas, Fernando Mendoza-Santoyo

92. Fault Detection by Shearography and Fringes Projection Techniques
Angel Georgiev Baldjiev, Ventseslav Christov Sainov

93. Measurement of Temperature and Temperature Profile of Axi-symmetric Butane Torch Burner Flame Using Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry (DSPI)
Manoj Kumar, Varun Kumar, Gufran Sayeed Khan, Chandra Shakher

94. High Speed Fringe Pattern Topography for Detection of the Arterial Pulse Wave in Vivo
Adriaan Campo, Joris J. J. Dirckx

95. 6D-Measurement System for the Position Determination of a Robot End-Effector
Alexej Janz, Christian Pape, Eduard Reithmeier

96. Interference Microscopy for Clean Air – How Optical Metrology Is Improving Quality Control of Fuel Injection Systems
Robert Sachs, Frank Stanzel

97. Extending the Capabilities of PTB’s Ultra-Precision Interferometer towards the Measurement of Piezoelectric Strain at High Temperatures
Tatjana Quast, Guido Bartl, René Schödel

98. Spatial-Frequency Filtering of Images by Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Peter P. Maksimyak, Andrey Nehrych

99. Temperature Measurement of Diffusion and Pre-mixed Flames under the Influence of Magnetic Field Using Digital Holographic Interferometry
Chandra Shakher, Shobhna Sharma, Manoj Kumar, Varun Kumar, Shilpi Agarwal

100. Interference Measurement of Surfaces Roughness
Oleg V. Angelsky, Andrew P. Maksimyak, Peter P. Maksimyak

101. Holographic Three-Dimensional Tracking of Micro-objects Exploiting Their Morphological Properties
Pasquale Memmolo, Andrea Finizio, Melania Paturzo, Lisa Miccio, Maria Iannone, Maurizio Ventre, Paolo Antonio Netti, Pietro Ferraro

102. Measurements of Three-Dimensional Freeform and Aspheric Geometries
Denis Dontsov, Enrico Langlotz, Walter Schott

103. Comparison of Two Methods to Design Computer Generated Holograms of Discrete Points Objects
Pablo Marín, Ángel Lizana, Alba Peinado, Miguel Mora-Gonzalez, Juan Campos

104. Wide-Field, Low-Cost Mapping of Power Ultrasound Fields in Water by Time-Average Moiré Deflectometry
Lidia M. Fontán, José L. Fernández, Ángel F. Doval, José L. Meniño, Cristina Trillo, J. Carlos López-Vázquez

105. Model-Based Deflectometric Measurement of Transparent Objects
Marc Fischer, Marcus Petz, Rainer Tutsch

106. Digital Holographic Setup for Measurement of Fast Developing Phenomenon in Wide Area
Vít Lédl, Pavel Psota, Tomáš Vít, Roman Dolećek

107. White Light Phase-Shifting Interference Microscopy for Quantitative Phase Imaging of Red Blood Cells
Dalip Singh Mehta, Vishal Srivastava

108. Instantaneous Impact Measurements of an Anodised Aluminium Surface Using a Birefringent Phase Sensitive High Speed Camera
Peter John Bryanston-Cross, Brenda H.Timmerman, Jo Nawsasra

109. Towards Grating Reconstruction in Coherent Fourier Scatterometry
Nitish Kumar, Sarathi Roy, Omar Gawhary, Silvania F. Pereira, Wim M. J. Coene, H. Paul Urbach

110. Contrast Enhancement in 3D Microscopic Imaging of Microorganisms Immersed in a Liquid Medium
Ahmad Faridian, Giancarlo Pedrini, Wolfgang Osten

111. 3-Dimensional Quantification of Surface Shape and Acoustically-Induced Vibrations of TM by Digital Holography
Morteza Khaleghi, Cosme Furlong, Jeffrey Tao Cheng, John J. Rosowski

112. Nanoscale Precision Measurements of Magnetic and Electric Fields by a Magneto-optical Sensor
Jörg Wrachtrup, Bernhard Grotz

113. Transverse Polarization Structure of an Optical Vortex Beam around the Unfolding Point in a Birefringent Crystal
Maruthi Manoj Brundavanam, Yoko Miyamoto, Mitsuo Takeda, Ken’ichi Nakagawa

114. Ultra High Speed 3D Measurement with the Focus Variation Method
Franz Helmli, Reinhard Danzl, Manfred Prantl, Markus Grabner

115. Topography Measurements of High Gradient and Reflective Micro-structures by Digital Holography
Michał Józwik, Tomasz Kozacki, Kamil Liżewski, Maciej Barański, Christophe Gorecki

116. Interference Technique for Experimental Observation of the Spin Flow
Oleg V. Angelsky, Andrew P. Maksimyak, Peter P. Maksimyak, Claudia Yu Zenkova

117. High Dynamic Range Digital Holographic Method for Very Small Amplitude Measurement
Pavel Psota, Vít Lédl, Roman Doleček

118. The Metrology of Optical Fields Using Nanomanipulation
Claudia Yuriivna Zenkova, Iryna Soltys, Pavlo Angelsky

119. Interferometry with Stabilization of Wavelength within a Fixed Measuring Range
Josef Lazar, Miroslava Holá, Jan Hrabina, Zdeněk Buchta, Ondřej Číp, Jindřich Oulehla

120. Speckle Noise Reduction in Michelson Digital Holography Using Known or Unknown Reference Linear Phases and Image Processing
Tomi Pitkäaho, Thomas J. Naughton

121. Generalized Phase Unwrapping for Multi-Wavelength Interferometry
Konstantinos Falaggis, David P. Towers, Catherine E. Towers

122. Acousto-mechanical Response of the Human TM Characterized by High-Speed Digital Holographic Methods
Ivo Dobrev, Cosme Furlong, Jeffrey Tao Cheng, John J. Rosowski

123. Performance Limits for Computational Photography
Kaushik Mitra, Oliver Cossairt, Ashok Veeraraghavan

124. Problems and Solutions in Tomographic Analysis of Phase Biological Objects
Malgorzata Kujawinska, Björn Kemper, Arkadiusz Kus, Michal Dudek, Wojciech Krauze, Julianna Kostencka, Tomasz Kozacki

125. 3D-Optical Interference Microscopy at the Lateral Resolution Limit
Peter Lehmann, Jan Niehues, Stanislav Tereschenko

126. Coherent Pattern Projection for Highspeed 3D Shape Measurements
Martin Schaffer, Marcus Große, Bastian Harendt, Richard Kowarschik

127. Multiwavelength Ptychography
Daniel Claus, John M. Rodenburg

128. Preliminary Comparison of DUV Scatterometry for CD and Edge Profile Metrology on EUV Masks
Johannes Endres, Bernd Bodermann, Gaoliang Dai, Matthias Wurm, Mark-Alexander Henn, Hermann Gross, Frank Scholze, Alexander Diener

129. Results of a Sensitivity Analysis for the Tilted-Wave Interferometer
Ines Fortmeier, Manuel Stavridis, Axel Wiegmann, Michael Schulz, Goran Bastian Baer, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten, Clemens Elster

130. Application of Combined GI/DSPI Technique in Displacement Measurements of Cylindrical Objects
Dariusz Lukaszewski, Leszek Salbut

131. Automated Multi-sensor Inspection of 3D Objects
Marc Gronle, Wolfram Lyda, Wolfgang Osten

132. Recording of 3D Spatial and Spectral Information of Self-luminous Objects Using a Mach-Zehnder Radial Shearing Interferometer
Dinesh Narayana Naik, Giancarlo Pedrini, Mitsuo Takeda, Wolfgang Osten

133. Preservation of Cultural Heritage: The Bridge between Inspection and Conservation
Christoph Krekel, Niclas Hein, Heide Skowranek

134. Precise Optical Metrology Using Computational Shear Interferometry and an LCD Monitor as Light Source
Claas Falldorf, Aleksandar Simic, Gerd Ehret, Michael Schulz, Christoph Kopylow, Ralf B. Bergmann

135. Potentials of Endoscopic Fringe Projection – A Differentiation of Measuring Video-, Fiber- and Borescopy
Christoph Ohrt, Andreas Pösch, Markus Kästner, Eduard Reithmeier

136. Digital Holographic Imaging Based on Shearing Interferometry
Pascal Picart, Mokrane Malek

137. High-NA Interferometrical Stylus for Free Form Surface Measurement in Optical and Automotive Industry
Matthias Fleischer, Gerald Franz, Pawel Drabarek

138. The Value of Fringes: How Interferometry Made Money
Chris L. Koliopoulos

139. Mid-infrared Interferometer Operating at 4.41μm: Design, Fabrication and Application
Qun Yuan, Zhishan Gao, Rihong Zhu, Jun Ma

140. Dynamic Measurements by Interferometry Based on High-Speed Camera and Photodetector
Yu Fu, Min Guo, Huan Liu, Keyu Yan, Yingjun Xu

141. Shape Measurements of Fast Rotating Objects with Enhanced Speckle Correlation Coefficient
Jürgen W. Czarske, Robert Kuschmierz, Philipp Günther

142. A Traceable Nanometre Sensor Based on FP Feedback Cavity
Zhaoli Zeng, Shulian Zhang

143. Revelations in the Art of Fringe Counting: The State of the Art in Distance Measuring Interferometry
Peter J. Groot, Vivek G. Badami

144. Novel Parabolic Mirror Microscope Illuminated with Cylindrical Vector Beams for Confocal and Tip Enhanced Super Resolution Imaging
Kai Braun, Dai Zhang, Xiao Wang, Josip Mihaljevic, Alfred J. Meixner

145. Longitudinal-Differential Interferometry: Axial Phase Study of Light for Micro- and Nano-optical Problems
Myun-Sik Kim, Toralf Scharf, Hans Peter Herzig, Reinhard Voelkel

146. Digital Holographic Recording of a Diffusely Reflecting Object without Speckle Noise
You Seok Kim, Taegeun Kim, Sung-soo Woo, Hoonjong Kang, Ting-Chung Poon, Changhe Zhou

147. Handheld 3D Scanning with Automatic Multi-view Registration Based on Optical and Inertial Pose Estimation
Christoph Munkelt, Bernhard Kleiner, Torfi Torhallsson, Peter Kühmstedt, Gunther Notni

148. Heterodyne Common-Path Interference Microscope with a Wavelength-Tunable Diode Source
Shunpei Yukita, Yukihiro Ishii, Kosuke Kiyohara, Jun Chen, Eiji Tokunaga

149. Automatic 3D Imaging and Modelling System with Color Information for Cultural Heritage Digitization
Xiaoli Liu, Xiang Peng, Dong He, Xingming Liu, Ameng Li, Yongkai Yin, Jiwang Ye, Yabin Ding

150. Fabrication of Square-Lattice Crossed Gratings Based on Diffraction of a Reference Grating
Lijiang Zeng, Lifeng Li

151. Using LED Illumination in Fringe Projection Profilometry with a Sinusoidal Phase Grating
Elena Stoykova, Hoonjong Kang, Natalia Berberova, Branimir Ivanov, Sung-soo Woo

152. High-Speed 3D Shape Measurement Using an Array Projector
Stefan Heist, Marcel Sieler, Peter Kühmstedt, Gunther Notni

153. Spectral Properties of Saturation Pressure Filled Iodine Absorption Cells
Jan Hrabina, Miroslava Holá, Josef Lazar, Martin Sarbort, Ondřej Číp

154. Spectroscopic Traceability Route for Variable Synthetic Wavelength Absolute Distance Interferometry
Günther Prellinger, Karl Meiners-Hagen, Florian Pollinger

155. System and Method for Cylindrical Error Measurement with Interferometry
Dongbao Ge, Junzheng Peng, Yingjie Yu, Mingyi Chen, Asundi Anand

156. Comparison of System Properties for Wave-Front Holographic Printers
Hoonjong Kang, Elena Stoykova, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Sunghee Hong, Youngmin Kim

157. Multidimensional Mueller Matrices Microscopy of Biological Crystal Networks Structure
Yuriy A. Ushenko, Alexander V. Dubolazov, Artem O. Karachevtsev, Mikhail Yu. Sakhnovskiy, Liliya I. Bizer, Olena B. Bodnar

158. Double-Ended Interferometer for Measuring Gauge Blocks without Wringing
Katharina Rau, René Schödel

159. The New Sphere Interferometer for Diameter Determination of the Si-spheres for a Redefinition of the Kilogram
Torsten Mai, Guido Bartl, R. Arnold Nicolaus, Andreas Peter

160. Thickness Measurement with Multi-wavelength THz Interferometry
Thi-Dinh Nguyen, J. D. Valera, Andrew J. Moore

161. An Innovative Multi-headed Camera Network: A Displacement-Relay Videometrics Method in Unstable Areas
Yang Shang, Qifeng Yu, Yong Xu, Guangwen Jiang, Xiaolin Liu, Sihua Fu, Xianwei Zhu, Xiaochun Liu

162. Stereophotogrammetric Image Field Holography
Holger Babovsky, Markus Hanemann, Marcus Große, Armin Kießling, Richard Kowarschik

163. Broad Area Laser Diode Coherence Measurement and Modeling
Henri Simo Partanen, Sandy Claudia Peterhänsel, Christof Pruss, Wolfgang Osten, Jani Tervo, Jari Turunen

164. SLM-Based Fringe Projection Profilometry under Coherent Illumination
Natalia Berberova, Elena Stoykova, Hoonjong Kang, Joo-Sup Park, Branimir Ivanov

165. New Sensor for Small Angle Deflectometry with Lateral Resolution in the Sub-millimetre Range
Gerd Ehret, Susanne Quabis, Michael Schulz, Birk Andreas, Ralf D. Geckeler

166. Displacement Interferometry within a Passive Fabry-Perot Cavity
Miroslava Holá, Jan Hrabina, Antonín Fejfar, Jan Kočka, Jiří Stuchlík, Ondřej Číp, Jindřich Oulehla, Josef Lazar

167. Flying Triangulation – Towards the 3D Movie Camera
Florian Willomitzer, Svenja Ettl, Christian Faber, Gerd Häusler

168. 3D Scanning System for In-Vivo Imaging of Human Body
Miguel Ares, Santiago Royo, Jordi Vidal, Laia Campderrós, David Panyella, Frederic Pérez, Sergio Vera, Miguel A. González Ballester

169. A Novel Form Measurement System for Precision Components Using Interferometric Sub-aperture Stitching
Sören Laubach, Gerd Ehret, Holger Knell, Peter Kühnhold, Peter Lehmann

170. Quantitative Deflectometry Challenges Interferometry
Evelyn Olesch, Christian Faber, Roman Krobot, Ralf Zuber, Gerd Häusler

171. Looking beyond Smoke and Flames by Lensless Infrared Digital Holography
Vittorio Bianco, Melania Paturzo, Massimiliano Locatelli, Eugenio Pugliese, Andrea Finizio, Anna Pelagotti, Pasquale Poggi, Lisa Miccio, Riccardo Meucci, Pietro Ferraro

172. Simultaneous Temperature and Deformations Measurements Using Long-Wave Infrared Speckle Interferometry: A Novel Hybrid Technique for Industrial Nondestructive Testing
Marc Georges, Jean-François Vandenrijt, Cédric Thizy, Igor Alexeenko, Giancarlo Pedrini, Jonathan Rochet, Birgit Vollheim, Iagoba Jorge, Pablo Venegas, Ion Lopez, Wolfgang Osten

173. Digital Holographic Interferometry in the Long-Wave Infrared for the Testing of Large Aspheric Space Reflectors
Jean-François Vandenrijt, Cédric Thizy, Yvan Stockman, Patrick Queeckers, Frank Dubois, Dominic Doyle, Marc Georges

174. VIS-NIR Full-Field Low Coherence Interferometer for Surface Layers Non-destructive Testing and Defects Detection
Leszek Salbut, Slawomir Tomczewski, Anna Pakula

175. Fringe Projection Based Real-Time Three-Dimensional Measurement System
Cong Liu, Zhenning Chen, Xiaoyuan He

176. In-Vivo Skin Roughness Measurement by Laser Speckle
Tim K. Lee, Lioudmila Tchvialeva, Harvey Lui, Haishan Zeng, David I. McLean

177. Surface Reaction under Climate Impact: A Direct Holographic Visualisation of Assumed Processes
Vivi Tornari

178. Technology, Business, and Ethics in the Age of Open Access
Nadya Reingand, Yan Hankin

179. Design of a Hybrid Miniaturized Zoom Imaging System
Simon Thiele, Marc Blattmann, Hans Zappe, Andreas Seifert, Alois Herkommer

180. Optical Methods for the Assessment of Transport and Age Induced Defects of Artwork
Michael Morawitz, Niclas Hein, Igor Alexeenko, Marc Wilke, Giancarlo Pedrini, Christoph Krekel, Wolfgang Osten

itom – An Open Source Measurement, Automation and Evaluation Software Suite
Marc Gronle, Christian Kohler, Marc Wilke, Wolfram Lyda, Heiko Bieger, Wolfgang Osten

Keywords: Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Image Processing and Computer Vision

Publication year
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24 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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