Fakhfakh, Mourad

Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Circuit Systematic Design

Fakhfakh, Mourad - Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Circuit Systematic Design, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Towards Automatic Structural Analysis of Mixed-Signal Circuits
Michael Eick, Helmut Graeb

2. Efficient Synthesis Methods for High-Frequency Integrated Passive Components and Amplifiers
Bo Liu, Georges Gielen

3. Self-Healing Circuits Using Statistical Element Selection
Vanessa H. -C. Chen, Gokce Keskin, Lawrence T. Pileggi

4. Improving Design Feature Reuse in Analog Circuit Design through Topological-Symbolic Comparison and Design Concept Combination
Cristian Ferent, Alex Doboli

5. Graph-Based Symbolic and Symbolic Sensitivity Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits
S. Rodriguez-Chávez, A. A. Palma-Rodriguez, E. Tlelo-Cuautle, S. X. -D. Tan

6. A Designer-Assisted Analog Synthesis Flow
Farakh Javid, Stéphanie Youssef, Ramy Iskander, Marie-Minerve Louërat

7. Analog Circuit Design Based on Robust POFs Using an Enhanced MOEA with SVM Models
Nuno Lourenço, Ricardo Martins, Manuel Barros, Nuno Horta

8. Applications of Symbolic Analysis in the Design of Analog Circuits
Francesco Grasso, Antonio Luchetta, Maria Cristina Piccirilli

9. Synthesis of Electronically-Controllable Signal Processing/Signal Generation Circuits Using Modern Active Building Blocks
Raj Senani, D. R. Bhaskar, A. K. Singh, V. K. Singh

10. Synthesis of Generalized Impedance Converter and Inverter Circuits Using NAM Expansion
Ahmed M. Soliman

11. Fractional Step Analog Filter Design
Todd Freeborn, Brent Maundy, Ahmed Elwakil

12. The Flipped Voltage Follower: Theory and Applications
Jaime Ramirez-Angulo, Maria Rodanas Valero-Bernal, Antonio Lopez-Martin, Ramon G. Carvajal, Antonio Torralba, Santiago Celma-Pueyo, Nicolás Medrano-Marqués

13. Synthesis of Analog Circuits Using Only Voltage and Current Followers as Active Elements
Raj Senani, D. R. Bhaskar, A. K. Singh, R. K. Sharma

14. Design of Setable Active Lossy Inductors
Marian Pierzchała, Mourad Fakhfakh

15. MIDAS: Microwave Inductor Design Automation on Silicon
Luca Aluigi, Federico Alimenti, Luca Roselli, Domenico Pepe, Domenico Zito

16. LC-VCO Design Challenges in the Nano-Era
Pedro Pereira, Helena Fino, Mourad Fakhfakh, Fernando Coito, Mário Ventim-Neves

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Computing Methodologies

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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