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Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change

Nautiyal, Sunil - Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change: Prologue
Sunil Nautiyal, K. S. Rao, H. Kaechele, K. V. Raju, R. Schaldach

2. Accepting Climate Change Challenges: Gambling with the Future or Path-Finding for Long-Term Sustainability?
J. P. Kropp

3. Ethics of International Action on Climate Change: How Would Mahatma Gandhi Have Looked at it?
M. V. Nadkarni

4. Ethical Analysis of the Global Climate Dilemma
S. L. Rao

5. Ecosystem-Resilience: A Long Journey to Nature Policy
Giridhari Lal Pandit

6. Climate Change Induced Coral Bleaching and Algal Phase Shift in Reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, India
J. Joyson Joe Jeevamani, B. Kamalakannan, N. Arun Nagendran, S. Chandrasekaran

7. Economic Valuation and Sustainability of Dal Lake Ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir
M. H. Wani, S. H. Baba, Shahid Yousuf, S. A. Mir, F. A. Shaheen

8. Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change: A Complex Interrelationship
I. S. Bisht

9. The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Insect Pests in Cultivated Ecosystems: An Indian Perspective
A. K. Chakravarthy, B. Doddabasappa, P. R. Shashank

10. Arsenic Groundwater Contamination Related Socio-Economic Problems in India: Issues and Challenges
Barun Kumar Thakur, Vijaya Gupta, Utpal Chattopadhyay

11. Climate Change and Tomography
Manish Kumar Bajpai, Brajesh Pande, Phalguni Gupta, Prabhat Munshi

12. Rethinking Sustainable Development in the Context of Climate Change: Self-Development, Social Transformations and Planetary Realizations
Ananta Kumar Giri

13. Biofuels Utilisation: An Attempt to Reduce GHG’s and Mitigate Climate Change
Ashwani Kumar

14. Impact of Forestry Products on Climate Change Mitigation in India
C. N. Pandey, S. K. Nath, D. Sujatha

15. Climate Change Impact in Cold Arid Desert of North–Western Himalaya: Community Based Adaptations and Mitigations
F. A. Shaheen, M. H. Wani, S. A. Wani, Chewang Norphel

16. Conservation of Multipurpose Tree Species to Ensure Ecosystem Sustainability and Farmers Livelihood in Indian Arid Zone
S. K. Malik, D. C. Bhandari, Susheel Kumar, O. P. Dhariwal

17. Exploring the Impacts of Climate Variability on Traditional Agricultural Practices in the Villages of THAR
Aditi Phansalkar

18. Bt Cotton Cultivation in Gujarat: Emerging Issues and Environmental Challenges
N. Lalitha, P. K. Viswanathan

19. Water Conservation in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Rain Water Harvesting Initiative in Bangalore City
S. Manasi, K. S. Umamani

20. Mining-Induced Desiccation of Water Bodies and Consequent Impact on Traditional Economic Livelihood: An Analytical Framework
Lekha Mukhopadhyay, Bhaskar Ghosh

21. Water Pollution Impacts on Livelihoods: A Case Study of Fishing Communities in Tungabhadra Sub Basin
S. Manasi

22. Pollution Caused by Agricultural Waste Burning and Possible Alternate Uses of Crop Stubble: A Case Study of Punjab
Parmod Kumar, Laxmi Joshi

23. Bioremediation of Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) Pollution at HCH Dump Sites
Shailly Anand, Jaya Malhotra, Neha Niharika, Devi Lal, Swati Jindal, Jaspreet Kaur, Aeshna Nigam, Nidhi Garg, Pushp Lata, Jasvinder Kaur, Naseer Sangwan, Amit Kumar Singh, Ankita Dua, Anjali Saxena, Vatsala Dwivedi, Udita Mukherjee, Rup Lal

24. Habitat Characteristics of the Critically Endangered Pigmy Hog (Porcula salvania) of Manas National Park and Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park in Assam, Northeast India
P. P. Mary, Radha Raman Sinha, Awadhesh Kumar, Mintu Medhi, Gautam Narayan, Parag Deka

25. Conservation, Restoration, and Management of Mangrove Wetlands Against Risks of Climate Change and Vulnerability of Coastal Livelihoods in Gujarat
P. K. Viswanathan

26. Land Acquisition and Land Diversion for Mining Towards Industrial Growth: Interest Conflict and Negotiation Game for Sustainable Development
Lekha Mukhopadhyay, Bhaskar Ghosh

27. Sustainable Land Use Planning Using Geospatial Technology
S. P. S. Kushwaha, Suchismita Mukhopadhyay

28. Exergy: A Useful Concept for Ecology and Sustainability
Göran Wall, Dilip G. Banhatti

29. A Model Based Method to Assess Climate Change Impacts on Rain-Fed Farming Systems: How to Analyze Crop-Yield Variability?
Benjamin Stuch, Rüdiger Schaldach, Jan Schüngel

30. Mitigating the Water, Energy and Food Crisis: A Humane Solution
S. Subramanian, G. Bhalachandran

31. Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme on Livelihood Security and Eco-Restoration in Andhra Pradesh
P. Leelavathi

32. Promoting and Enhancing Sustainable Livelihood Options as an Adaptive Strategy to Reduce Vulnerability and Increase Resilience to Climate Change Impact in the Central Himalaya
R. K. Maikhuri, L. S. Rawat, Sunil Nautiyal, Vikram S. Negi, D. S. Pharswan, P. Phondani

33. Emerging Technological Intervention Models with Scalable Solutions for Adaptation to Climate Change and Livelihood Gains in Indian Himalayan Region: Case Studies on Action Research at the Grassroots Level
Sunil K. Agarwal

34. Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change in the Sundarban Delta and the Need for Green Management
Udayan De

35. EMPRI’s Approach Towards Development of State Action Plan on Climate Change, Karnataka
Papiya Roy, Felix Nitz

36. Challenges Faced by South Africa When Adapting to Climate Change
Ernst Uken

37. Tourism, Environment and Economic Growth in Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan
Komol Singha

38. Green Buildings; Benefits to Our Environment
Tejaswini B. Yakkundimath

39. Impact of Education, Age and Land Holding on Understanding the Aspects in Climate Change: A Case Study
M. B. Rajegowda, H. S. Padmashri, N. A. Janardhana Gowda, C. N. Shilpa, B. V. Pavithra, D. V. Soumya

40. Rural India as Key Factor to Cope with Climate Change
H. Kaechele, T. Kutter, K. Specht, S. Nautiyal, T. S. Amjath-Babu, K. Müller, K. V. Raju

41. Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change: Epilogue
Sunil Nautiyal, K. S. Rao, H. Kaechele, K. V. Raju, R. Schaldach

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Climate Change Management and Policy, Cultural Studies

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Environmental Science and Engineering
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