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Dynamics in Logistics

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Papers

1. The Future of Manufacturing Utilizing Tagging Technology
Gisele Bennett

2. Fault Detection in Dynamic Vehicle Routing Operations
Antonio G. N. Novaes, Edson T. Bez, Paulo J. Burin

Part II. Transport Logistics and Dynamic Routing

3. Knowledge Sharing in Intermodal Transport: A Multi-Agent Based Perspective
Jiani Wu, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

4. Emissions Minimization Vehicle Routing Problem in Dependence of Different Vehicle Classes
Heiko W. Kopfer, Herbert Kopfer

5. Product Intelligence in Intermodal Transportation: The Dynamic Routing Problem
Vaggelis Giannikas, Duncan McFarlane

6. Cargo Telematics for Operational Transport Excellence and Strategic Knowledge Management
Matthias Klumpp, Christof Kandel, Erik Wirsing

Part III. Production Logistics and Job Shop Scheduling

7. Towards an Integrated Production and Outbound Distribution Planning Method
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Christian Meinecke

8. Supply Chain Integration by Human-Centred Alignment of Lean Production Systems
Yilmaz Uygun, Natalia Straub

9. The Multiple Batch Processing Machine Problem with Stage Specific Incompatible Job Families
Marc-Andrè Isenberg, Bernd Scholz-Reiter

10. Scheduling Multiple Batch Processing Machines with Stage Specific Incompatible Job Families
Marc-Andrè Isenberg, Bernd Scholz-Reiter

11. A Comparison of Network Characteristics in Metabolic and Manufacturing Systems
Till Becker, Mirja Meyer, Moritz E. Beber, Katja Windt, Marc-Thorsten Hütt

Part IV. Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Collaboration

12. Conflicting Optimization Goals in Manufacturing Networks: A Statistical Analysis Based on an Idealized Discrete-Event Model
Reik V. Donner, Jörg Hanke

13. Modeling the Basic Cause-Effect Relationship Between Supply Chain Events and Performance
Georg Heinecke, Jonathan Köber, Andreas Kunz, Steffen Lamparter

14. The Importance of Managing Events in a Build-to-Order Supply Chain: A Case Study at a Manufacturer of Agricultural Machinery
Jonathan Köber, Georg Heinecke

15. A Dynamic Approach to Measure the Effect of Postponement Strategy on the Performance of Manufacturing and Logistics Processes
Luiz Eduardo Simão, Mirian Buss Gonçalves

16. Event Management for Uncertainties in Collaborative Production Scheduling and Transportation Planning: A Review
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Yi Tan, Nagham El-Berishy, José B. S. Santos

17. Study on the Application of DCOR and SCOR Models for the Sourcing Process in the Mineral Raw Material Industry Supply Chain
Raul Zuñiga, Marcus Seifert, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

Part V. Identification Technologies

18. Service Oriented Platform for RFID-Enabled Real-Time Fleet Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Industrial Parks
L. Y. Pang, George Q. Huang, R. Y. Zhong

19. Towards Agile and Flexible Air Cargo Processes with Localization Based on RFID and Complex Event Processing
David Rüdiger, Moritz Roidl, Michael Hompel

20. Smart Agri-Food Logistics: Requirements for the Future Internet
C. N. Verdouw, H. Sundmaeker, F. Meyer, J. Wolfert, J. Verhoosel

21. Design and Implementation of a Virtual Reader for Generating Multiple Tag Data
Jiwan Lee, Wooseok Ryu, Joonho Kwon, Bonghee Hong

22. Dynamic Tag Identity-Based Encryption Scheme for Logistic Systems
Jongseok Choi, Howon Kim

23. Queuing Buffer Method for Enhancing Reliability of Capturing Application
Taewoo Nam, Inhwan Lee, Byeongsam Kim, Keunhyuk Yeom

Part VI. Mathematical Modeling in Transport and Production Logistics

24. Dynamic Optimization Model for Planning of Integrated Logistical System Functioning
Iryna V. Morozova, Mykhaylo Ya. Postan, Sergey Dashkovskiy

25. A Graph Model for the Integrated Scheduling of Intermodal Transport Operations in Global Supply Chains
Willian Chaves Mates, Enzo Morosini Frazzon, Jens Hartmann, Sérgio Fernando Mayerle

26. Exploitation of Due Date Reliability Potentials: Mathematical Investigation of the Lead Time Syndrome
Mathias Knollmann, Katja Windt

27. A Multi-Level Programming Model and Solution Algorithm for the Location of Distribution Centers with Uncertainty Demand
Patareeya Lasunon, Raknoi Akararungruangkul

28. A Method to Estimate the Accumulated Delivery Time Uncertainty in Supply Networks
Mehdi Safaei, Safir Issa, Marcus Seifert, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Walter Lang

29. An LMI Approach to Exponential Stock Level Estimation for Large-Scale Logistics Networks
Hamid Reza Karimi

Part VII. Information, Communication, Risk, and Failure

30. Characterization of Thermal Flow Sensors for Air Flow Measurements in Transport Containers
Safir Issa, Walter Lang

31. Design and Implementation of Location-Based Handoff Scheme for Multimedia Data
Dong Hyun Kim, Jong Deok Kim

32. Reconfiguring Multi-Rate Wi-Fi Mesh Networks with Flow Disruption Constraints
Yafeng Zhou, Sang-Hwa Chung, Han-You Jeong

33. Maintenance Work Order Based on Event-Driven Information of Condition-Monitoring Systems—A Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling and Rescheduling of Dynamic Maintenance Orders
Marco Lewandowski, Oliver Siebenand, Stephan Oelker, Bernd Scholz-Reiter

34. A Procedure for the Selection of a Supply Network Risk Mitigation Strategy in Relational Arrangements
José B. S. Santos Júnior, Sérgio A. Loureiro, Orlando F. Lima Júnior

35. Optimization of Failure Behavior of a Decentralized High-Density 2D Storage System
Kai Furmans, Kevin R. Gue, Zäzilia Seibold

Part VIII. Autonomous Control

36. Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Resource Allocation in Autonomous Logistics Processes
Jan Ole Berndt, Otthein Herzog

37. Improving Returnable Transport Equipment Management with an Autonomous Approach
Rebecca Aggarwal, Ming K. Lim

38. Stability Analysis Scheme for Autonomously Controlled Production Networks with Transportations
Sergey Dashkovskiy, Michael Görges, Lars Naujok

39. Towards the Learning Behaviour and Performance of Artificial Neural Networks in Production Control
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Florian Harjes

Part IX. Global Supply Chains and Industrial Application

40. A Framework of the Forces Influencing the Adaptation of the SCOR Model to the Situation of the Manufacturing Industry in Developing Countries
Fasika B. Georgise, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Marcus Seifert

41. The Impact of Near Sourcing on Global Dynamic Supply Chains: A Case Study
Anna Corinna Cagliano, Alberto Marco, Carlo Rafele

42. Simulation-Based Analysis of Integrated Production and Transport Logistics
Enzo Morosini Frazzon, Joarez Pintarelli, Thomas Makuschewitz, Bernd Scholz-Reiter

43. Logistics Integrated Product Development in the German Automotive Industry: Current State, Trends and Challenges
Ingrid Göpfert, Matthias Schulz

44. Efficient and Safe Transporting of Steel Sheets with Permanent Magnets
Johannes Schröck, Bernd Orlik

Part X. Considerations for a Future Internet of Things

45. The Effective Method for Distributed Information Gain in EPC Network
Taewoo Nam, Byeongsam Kim, Keunhyuk Yeom

46. Man–Machine-Interaction in the Field of Logistics: Example “Internet of Things”
Lars Windelband, Georg Spöttl

47. Sensor Reader Emulator for Integrating Sensor Networks into EPCglobal Network
Joo-Ho Lee, Oh-Heum Kwon, Ha-Joo Song

48. A Design of Distributed Discovery Service of EPCglobal
Gihong Kim, Bonghee Hong, Joonho Kwon

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Computer Applications, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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