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Table of contents

1. Neuroeconomics—An Introduction
Martin Reuter, Christian Montag

Part I. Games in Experimental Economics

2. Game Theory in Neuroeconomics
Claudia Civai, Daniel R. Hawes

Part II. Molecular Basis of Human Decision Making

3. Hormones and Economic Decisions
Amos Nadler, Paul J. Zak

4. Genes and Human Decision-Making
Martin Reuter, Christian Montag

5. Monoamines and Decision-Making Under Risks
Hidehiko Takahashi

Part III. Environmental/Situational Factors Influencing Human Decision Making

6. Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
Dominik R. Bach

7. Emotion Regulation and Economic Decision-Making
Renata M. Heilman, Andrei C. Miu, Daniel Houser

8. How the Experience of Time Shapes Decision-Making
Marc Wittmann, Martin P. Paulus

9. Framing Effects: Behavioral Dynamics and Neural Basis
Xiao-Tian Wang, Lilin Rao, Hongming Zheng

10. The Influence of Costs, Benefits and Their Interaction on the Economic Behaviour of Consumers
Luca Panzone, Deborah Talmi

Part IV. Decision Making in Social Contexts

11. Individual Differences in Decision-Making: A Neural Trait Approach to Study Sources of Behavioral Heterogeneity
Kyle Nash, Daria Knoch

12. Altruistic Punishment
Alexander Strobel

Part V. Translational and Developmental Approaches to Neuroeconomics

13. Brain SEEKING Circuitry in Neuroeconomics: A Unifying Hypothesis for the Role of Dopamine-Energized Arousal of the Medial Forebrain Bundle in Enthusiasm-Guiding Decision-Making
Jaak Panksepp, Cristina G. Wilson

14. The Psychology and Psychobiology of Simple Decisions: Speeded Choice and Its Neural Correlates
David K. Sewell, Philip L. Smith

15. A Neurocognitive Perspective on the Development of Social Decision-Making
Geert-Jan Will, Berna Güroğlu

16. Neuroeconomic Approaches in Mental Disorders
S. Lis, P. Kirsch

Part VI. Applied Neuroeconomics

17. Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing
Bernd Weber

Part VII. Neuroscience Methods in Neuroeconomics

18. Skin Conductance Measures in Neuroeconomic Research
Dominik R. Bach

19. Electroencephalography: Current Trends and Future Directions
Stefan Debener, Cornelia Kranczioch, Maarten Vos

20. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
Sebastian Markett

21. Structural MRI: Morphometry
Christian Gaser

22. Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and Tractography
Theodor Rüber, Christian Erich Elger, Bernd Weber

23. Molecular Genetics
Martin Reuter, Andrea Felten, Christian Montag

24. Hormones
Robert Miller, Clemens Kirschbaum

25. Eye Movements
Ulrich Ettinger, Christoph Klein

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods, Neurosciences

Publication year
Studies in Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavioral Economics
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11 pages
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