Cuadrado-Roura, Juan R.

Service Industries and Regions

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Objectives, Approach and Main Lessons Learned
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura

Part I. Service Industries: Growth Factors, Globalization and Innovation

2. Towards Increasingly “Tertiarised” Economies: Facts, Factors and Prospects
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura

3. The Service Sector in the New Globalization Phase: Evidence from European Regions
Roberta Capello, Ugo Fratesi

4. Patterns and Trends in Services Related Activities in OECD Regions
Enrique Garcilazo, Florence Mouradian, Joaquim Oliveira-Martins

5. Global Innovation Networks, Territory and Services Innovation
Philip Cooke

6. Reconfiguring the Global Service Economy? The Case of the BRICs
Peter Daniels

Part II. Regional Aspects of FDI in Services, Export Decisions, Productivity and Employment

7. FDI in Services in European Regions: An Overview
Laura Resmini

8. Export Decisions of Services Firms Between Agglomeration Effects and Market-Entry Costs
Henk L. M. Kox

9. Do Services Play a Role in Regional Productivity Growth Across Europe?
Andrés Maroto-Sánchez, Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura

10. Service Employment and Unemployment in the Great Recession: Trends in OECD Countries and U.S. States
William B. Beyers

Part III. Location of Service Industries: Cities, Internationalization, the Case of Some Specific Activities and Regional Development Policies

11. The Location of Service Industries
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura

12. European Cities in Globalization: A Comparative Analysis Based on the Location Strategies of Advanced Producer Services
Peter J. Taylor, Michael Hoyler, Simón Sánchez-Moral

13. Geographical Distribution and Regional Specialization of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: An Empirical Investigation Across European Regions
Blanca L. Delgado-Márquez, Marcos M. García-Velasco

14. A New Service Typology: Geographical Diversity and Dynamics of the German Service Economy
Johannes Glückler, Ingmar Hammer

15. On the Difficulty of Comparing the Spatial Distribution of Service Industries Across Nations: Contrasting Spain and Canada
Mario Polèse, Fernando Rubiera-Morollón

16. The Importance of Creative Services Firms in Explaining the Wealth of European Regions
Rafael Boix, Blanca De-Miguel-Molina, José Luis Hervas-Oliver

17. Managing the Japanese Service Industry: Location, Competitiveness and Internationalization
Patrik Ström

18. Services in Regional Development Policies: The French Case
Camal Gallouj, Faïz Gallouj

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Regional/Spatial Science, Economic Geography, Industrial Organization

Publication year
Advances in Spatial Science
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10 pages

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