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Accounting Information Systems for Decision Making

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Table of contents

1. Trends in Accounting Information Systems
Daniela Mancini, Eddy H. J. Vaassen, Renata Paola Dameri

2. Are Auditors Interested in XBRL? A Qualitative Survey of Big Auditing Firms in Italy
Fabio La Rosa, Carlo Caserio

3. Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Quality and Information Technology Control Frameworks
Stefano Azzali, Tatiana Mazza

4. Determinants of Internet-Based Performance Reporting Released by Italian Local Government Authorities
Luigi Lepore, Sabrina Pisano

5. Mandatory Compliance in Transparency of Public Administration
Massimo Angelis, Maria Guerra

6. The Current Environmental Strategy Reporting Model: What can be Learned from Corporate Reports?
Stefano Garzella, Raffaele Fiorentino

7. The Role of Continuous Monitoring of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting: A Case Study of an Italian Medium-Sized Company
Giuseppe Ianniello, Marco Mainardi, Fabrizio Rossi, Miklos Vasarhelyi

8. Accounting Information Systems and Knowledge Management Systems: An Integrated Approach for Strategic Control
Roberto Del Gobbo

9. Current Changes in Executive Work and How to Handle Them by Redesigning Executive Information Systems
Jörg H. Mayer

10. Strategic Enterprise Management in the Taps and Fittings Sector: Application of the Balanced Scorecard Methodology to Business Intelligence Systems
Roberto Candiotto, Silvia Gandini

11. Defining Accounting Information Systems Boundaries
Iacopo Ennio Inghirami

12. Break-Up Analysis: A Method to Regain Trust in Business Transactions
Bruno Maria Franceschetti, Claudia Koschtial, Carsten Felden

13. Hierarchical and Relational Database Accounting Systems: Critical Aspects and Trade-Offs
Carlo Caserio, Luciano Marchi, Gabriele Pulcini

14. Interactive Data: Technology and Cost of Capital
S. Sarah Zhang, Ryan Riordan, Christof Weinhardt

15. Integrated-Multi-Layered Information Systems in Engineer-to-Order Multinational Business Processes: Managerial, Accounting and Organizational Aspects
Katia Corsi, Daniele Rizzo, Sara Trucco

16. IS to Support Project Management: Implications for Managerial Accounting
Giuseppina Iacoviello, Arianna Lazzini

17. Putting IS and Organizational Change into Context: The Pros and Cons in Kibernetes
Daniela Rupo

18. Analysing Flexibility and Integration Needs in Budgeting IS Technologies
Wipawee Uppatumwichian

19. Port Authorities and Water Concessionaires: The Role of Reporting in Management Control and Information Systems
Assunta Di Vaio, Gabriella D’Amore

20. The Impact of e-Invoicing on Businesses Eco-Systems: Evidences from Italian Supply Chains and Suggestions for a Research Agenda
Francesco Bellini, Fabrizio D’Ascenzo, Alessandra Ghi, Francesca Spagnoli, Valeria Traversi

21. The Didactic Challenge of Accounting Information Systems and ERPs for Business Schools: A Proposal for the Italian Universities
Renata Paola Dameri, Roberto Garelli, Francesca Ricciardi

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Accounting/Auditing, Business Information Systems, Computer System Implementation, Innovation/Technology Management, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation
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12 pages

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