Dillmann, Andreas

New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics VIII

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Table of contents

1. Investigation of the Impact of Simplifying the Aircraft Geometry on the Characteristics of the Vertical Tailplane
Anna Kröhnert, Lutz Gebhardt

2. Aerodynamic Optimization of a High-Lift System with Kinematic Constraints
Dirk M. Franke

3. Simulation of Store Separation Scaling Requirements for Wind Tunnel Experiments and Validation of Numerical Simulations
N. Schade

4. Aerodynamic Optimal Engine Integration at the Fuselage Tail of a Generic Business Jet Configuration
Arno Ronzheimer, Martin Hepperle, Joël Brezillon, Olaf Brodersen, Jan Lieser

5. Analytical Design of an Inlet Distortion Generator and Its Experimental and Numerical Validation
Andreas Lesser, Sonja Schulze, Reinhard Niehuis, Christian Kähler, Jan Lieser

6. Wake Measurements to Assess the Flow-Structure Interaction of an Elasto-flexible Morphing Wing Configuration
B. Beguin, C. Breitsamter, N. Adams

7. Aerodynamic Characteristics of the Blended Wing Body ACFA2020
Michael Meyer, Christian Breitsamter

8. Development of the Adjoint Approach for Aeroelastic Wing Optimization
Mohammad Abu-Zurayk, Joël Brezillon

9. Application of a Coupling of Flight Mechanics and Aerodynamics to Predict the SHEFEX I Ascent Phase
J. Bartolomé Calvo, S. Wolkow, Th. Eggers

10. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of SHEFEX-II
Tarik Barth, Rolf Gehre, Thino Eggers, Jan Martinez Schramm, Alexander Wagner, Klaus Hannemann, Rene Kaufmann, Hannah Böhrk

11. Investigation on Turbulence Structures in the Wake of a Generic Rocket Configuration
C. Christian Wolf, Rolf Henke, Ralf Hörnschemeyer

12. Thermal Fluid-Structure-Interaction on a Flat-Plate Model in Hypersonic High-Enthalpy Flow
M. Costantini, B. Esser, A. Gülhan

13. Numerical Generation of a Flush Air Data System for the Hypersonic Flight Experiment HIFiRE 7
C. Bode, Th. Eggers, M. Smart

14. Characterization of a Free-Molecular Pressure Probe Employing Gas-Kinetic Simulation
Martin Grabe, Georg Dettleff, Rolf-D. Boettcher, Klaus Hannemann

15. Wind Tunnel and Flight Tests with Active Flow Control on a S10 Glider Configuration
T. Grund, W. Nitsche

16. Evaluation of Passive and Active Secondary Flow Control in a High Speed Compressor Cascade with Different Measurement Techniques
Karsten Liesner, Robert Meyer

17. Parameter Study for a Slatless 2D High-Lift Airfoil with Active Separation Control Using a URANS Approach
V. Ciobaca

18. Influence of the Actuator Jet Angle on the Reattachment Process with Pulsed Excitation
M. Hecklau, D. Pieren Salazar, W. Nitsche

19. Optimal Control of a Plane Jet Using the Adjoint Method
Daniel Marinc, Holger Foysi

20. Investigation of Active Flow Control Using a Differential Reynolds Stress Model
V. Togiti, V. Ciobaca, B. Eisfeld

21. Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Flow around Perforated Stabilizing Devices
P. A. Chernukha, M. Raffel, V. T. Kalugin

22. Investigations on Active Drag Control on a Bluff Body with Cross-Wind
Daniel Krentel, Wolfgang Nitsche

23. Investigation of the Wear Properties of a Riblet Paint Structure on an Airbus A300-600ST Beluga
Wolfram Hage, Volkmar Stenzel, Taras Vynnyk

24. Experimental Investigation of Oscillating Riblets for Turbulent Drag Reduction
René Grüneberger, F. Kramer, Wolfram Hage, R. Meyer, F. Thiele, E. Wassen

25. Preliminary Numerical Assessment of Turbulent Flow Control with Plasma Actuators
A. Criscione, B. Frohnapfel, C. Tropea

26. Performance Reduction of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators at Higher Mach Numbers
Jochen Kriegseis, Sven Grundmann, Cameron Tropea

27. Investigation of Transitional Flow Structures Downstream of a Backward-Facing-Step by Using 2D-2C- and High Resolution 3D-3C- Tomo- PIV
A. Schröder, D. Schanz, B. Heine, U. Dierksheide

28. Direct Numerical Simulation of Tollmien-Schlichting Waves to Support Linear Stability Analysis
Heinrich Lüdeke, Viola Wartemann, Arne Seitz

29. Direct Numerical Simulation of Crossflow-Transition Control Using Pinpoint Suction
Tillmann A. Friederich, Markus J. Kloker

30. Introduction of Initial Seeds for Subharmonic Resonance by Modulation of T-S Waves in an Airfoil Boundary Layer
I. B. Paula, W. Würz, E. Krämer, V. I. Borodulin, Y. S. Kachanov

31. Active Tollmien Schlichting Wave Control with a Membrane Actuator in Compressible Flows
Ralf Erdmann, Janin Leuckert, Henning Rosemann, Wolfgang Nitsche

32. Active Transition Delay by Spatial Surface Actuation with Model Predictive Control
A. Pätzold, I. Peltzer, W. Nitsche, N. Goldin, R. King, D. Haller, P. Woias

33. Probability of Occurrence of the Turbulent Flow Structures in Transitional Pipe Flows
J. Krauss, Ö. Ertunç, Ch. Ostwald, H. Lienhart, A. Delgado

34. Development of a Numerical Simulation Platform to Improve the Prediction of Helicopter Blade Vortex Interaction (BVI)
S. Schneider

35. Numerical Investigation of Pulsed Air Jets for Dynamic Stall Control on the OA209 Airfoil
A. D. Gardner, T. Knopp, K. Richter, H. Rosemann

36. CFD Calculation of a Helicopter Rotor Hovering in Ground Effect
Benjamin M. Kutz, Felix Bensing, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer

37. Numerical Simulation of a Complete Helicopter Configuration in Forward Flight Using Fluid-Structure Coupling
Walid Khier

38. RANS-Based Laminar-Turbulent Transition Prediction for Airfoil and Rotary Wing Applications Using Semi-empirical Criteria
C. C. Heister, A. Klein, E. Krämer

39. Visualization and Computation of Quantified Density Data of the Rotor Blade Tip Vortex
R. Hernandez, B. Heine, O. Schneider, P. Chernukha, M. Raffel

40. CFD Based Methods for the Computation of Generalized Aerodynamic Forces
Dietmar Fleischer, Christian Breitsamter

41. Nonlinear Numerical Flight Dynamics of Flexible Aircraft in the Time Domain by Coupling of CFD, Flight Mechanics, and Structural Mechanics
Markus Ritter

42. Numerical Experiments on Aerodynamic Resonance in Transonic Airfoil Flow
Jens Nitzsche, Rogier H. M. Giepman

43. Extension of an Aeroelastic Coupling Environment to Aircraft Configurations with Rigid-Body Degrees of Freedom
Georg Wellmer, Marek Behr, Josef Ballmann

44. Coupled CFD-CSM Simulations of Aerostabil Windtunnel Experiments, Considering Structural Shell Modelling
Bernd Stickan, Johannes Dillinger, Günter Schewe

45. Lax-Wendroff and Cell-Vertex Upwind Discretizations
C. -C. Rossow

46. Accuracy in a Finite Volume Godunov Type Method
Maria Bauer, Philipp Birken, Volker Hannemann, Kai Oßwald

47. Conservative, Skew–Symmetric Discretization of the Compressible Navier–Stokes Equations
Julius Reiss, Jörn Sesterhenn

48. Grid–Induced Uncertainties in Wake Regions and a Local Refinement Method for Hexahedral Layers
Ekrem Mazlum, Axel Probst, Rolf Radespiel

49. Continuous Formulation of Wall Function with Adverse Pressure Gradient
Thomas Röber

50. Point and Line Implicit Methods to Improve the Efficiency and Robustness of the DLR TAU Code
Stefan Langer

51. Accuracy of the Cell-Centered Grid Metric in the DLR TAU-Code
Axel Schwöppe, Boris Diskin

52. Vortical Modeling in the DLR TAU Code
K. A. Weinman

53. A Discrete Adjoint Approach for Unsteady Optimal Flow Control
Anil Nemili, Emre Özkaya, Nicolas R. Gauger, Angelo Carnarius, Frank Thiele

54. An Algebraic Sensor for the RANS-LES Switch in Delayed Detached-Eddy Simulation
Tobias Knopp, Axel Probst

55. A Zonal RANS/LES Method for the Flow Around an Airfoil at High Angle of Attack
K. J. Geurts, M. Meinke, W. Schröder

56. Fluid-Structure-Interaction Applying a Ghost-Cell Immersed Boundary Method
Eike Hylla, Frank Thiele

57. A Level-Set Based Cartesian Grid Method to Simulate In-Cylinder Flow
Claudia Günther, Daniel Hartmann, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

58. Aerodynamic Inverse Design Framework Using Discrete Adjoint Method
Joël Brezillon, Mohammad Abu-Zurayk

59. Higher-Order and Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Applied to Turbulent Delta Wing Flow
Ralf Hartmann

60. Development of a Parallel Fluid-Structure Coupling Environment and Application to a Wind Tunnel Model under High Aerodynamic Loads
Frank Spiering, Ralf Heinrich, Stefan Keye

61. Influence of Wing Elasticity on the Experimental and Numerical Determination of Dynamic Derivatives
A. -R. Hübner, T. Kilian, F. Spiering

62. Numerical Simulation of Wind Tunnel Wall Effects on the Transonic Flow around an Airfoil Model
K. Richter, H. Rosemann

63. Aspects of the Industrialization of Automatic Transition Prediction for Three-Dimensional Configurations with the e

Normann Krimmelbein, Andreas Krumbein, Vamshi Togiti

64. Comparison of a Local Correlation-Based Transition Model with an eN-Method for Transition Prediction
Cornelia Seyfert, Andreas Krumbein

65. Simulations of a Compressor Cascade with Steady Secondary Flow Suction
M. Lemke, C. Gmelin, F. Thiele

66. Influence of a Hub-Groove on the Unsteady Losses of a Transonic Compressor Stage
Stefan Rochhausen, Georg Kröger, Eberhard Nicke, Stefan Stollenwerk

67. Numerical Simulation of Engine-Inlet Stall with Advanced Physical Modelling Compared to Validation Experiments
Axel Probst, Sonja Schulze, Rolf Radespiel, Christian J. Kähler

68. Numerical Investigation of Hot and Cold Side Jet Interaction with a Supersonic Cross-Flow
Roland K. Höld, Marcus Engert, Klaus Weinand, Dirk Stern

69. Lattice-Boltzmann Solutions with Local Grid Refinement for Nasal Cavity Flows
A. Lintermann, G. Eitel-Amor, M. Meinke, W. Schröder

70. Numerical Simulation of the Oscillatory Ventilation in Simplified Human Lung Models
Daniel Feldmann, Claus Wagner

71. Direct Numerical Simulation of Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq Effects in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection of Water
Susanne Horn, Olga Shishkina, Claus Wagner

72. Turbulent Convection in a Rayleigh-Bénard Cell with Solid Horizontal Plates of Finite Conductivity
T. Czarnota, C. Wagner

73. Computations of Mixed and Displacement Ventilation in an Aircraft Cabin
O. Webel, M. Rütten, C. Wagner

74. Particle Reconstruction with Optical Transfer Functions Applied to Tomo-PIV-Experiments
D. Schanz, S. Gesemann, A. Schröder, B. Wienecke

75. Comparison of PIV Measured Flow Structures in Two Four-Valve Piston Engines
I. Bücker, D. Karhoff, J. Dannemann, K. Pielhop, M. Klaas, W. Schröder

76. Transition Measurement with Microstructured Hot Film Sensor Arrays on a Laminar Flow Airfoil Model
X. Riedl, J. Leuckert, M. Engert, W. Kupke, R. Wagner, W. Nitsche, A. Abbas, K. Bauer

77. Comparative Imaging Pressure and Wall Shear Stress Measurements on a Circular Cylinder
Ilka Rudolph, Christoph Dobriloff, Jan Domhardt, Wolfgang Nitsche

78. Investigation of Circular Cylinder Flow in Water Using Temperature-Sensitive Paint
U. Fey, C. Klein, T. J. Möller, J. Pöttner, R. Radespiel, V. Ondrus, U. Beifuß

79. Investigation of Aero-Optical Effects in Model Deformation Measurements in a Transonic Flow
Tania Kirmse, Anthony Gardner, Christian Krombholz

80. A Method for Optical Measurements of Height Distributions in Transparent Media
Sebastian Lenk, Andreas Westhoff, Claus Wagner

81. Experimental Investigation of Flow Structure Formation in a Heated Duct Flow
Tobias Mey, Andreas Westhoff, Claus Wagner

82. Cavity Simulations Using an Explicit Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme with Local Time-Stepping
Arne Taube, Gregor Gassner, Claus-Dieter Munz

83. Advances in Numerical Aeroacoustics with the Discontinuous Galerkin Solver NoisSol
Andreas Birkefeld, Claus-Dieter Munz

84. Optimal Control to Reduce Supersonic Jet Noise
J. Schulze, J. Sesterhenn

85. Pylon Trailing Edge Blowing for the Control of CROR Unsteady Blade Loads
Arne Stuermer, Jianping Yin

86. Particle Image Velocimetry of the Underbody Flow of Generic High-Speed Trains
Mattias Jönsson, Sigfried Loose, Claus Wagner

87. Scaling of the Aeroacoustics of High-Speed Trains
Andreas Lauterbach, Sigfried Loose, Klaus Ehrenfried

88. Numerical Simulation of Train-Tunnel Entry Using a BEM in Time Domain
Sebastian Wagner, Klaus Ehrenfried, Andreas Dillmann

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

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