Yang, Yuhang

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 2

Yang, Yuhang - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 2, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Research on Calculation of Rover’s Coverage on the Lunar Surface
Yasi Hu, Xin Meng, Zhongshi Pan, Dalin Li, Yi Yang

2. Research on Information Technology Driven Creative Industries Business Model
Hongyuan Wang

3. Research on Science and Technology and Finance Scientific Positive Feedback Mechanism Based on Ceramic Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
Yong Huang, Funian Zheng, Zhijian Huang

4. Study on Role of Art in Information Age Based on Role Income Ratio
Ning Song, Jing Wang

5. Study of Electronic Commerce Maturity of Nantong Home-Textile Enterprises Based on AHP and Fuzzy Theory
Hongyao Ni

6. Water Content Prediction in Geophysical Exploration Based on BP Network
Yanrong Niu

7. Study on Training of Computer Science and Technology
Xiaobo Xiong

8. On the Features of Computer Collaborative Workflow
Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu, Zheng Chen

9. Research on Position-Oriented Guidance Teaching Mode of Computer Assembly and Maintenance
Li Qian

10. Analysis of Application of Modern Network Technology in Teaching
Wei Ma

11. Financial Market Model Based on Heterogeneous Agent Interacting
Yang Yu

12. Intellective Applied Thermometer Design Based on DS1420
Jianlin Zhang

13. Simulation of Computer Monitoring and Controlling System for Automated Multilayer Garage
Defang Zhao, Xin Zhang, Lili Wang, Tao Wang, Li Ding

14. A Distributed System for Independent Acoustic Source Positioning Using Magnitude Ratios
Wensheng Zou

15. Improved Electric Power Training Scheme Based on Memory Curve and Application
Ying Wang, Bin Huang, Yi Yang, Yuping Luo, Quanchao Zheng

16. Modal Analysis of a Two Mass Feeder
Qingrui Meng, Chuwen Guo, Jie Quan, Zhipeng Hu

17. Multiple Attribute Evaluation and Control Method of Social Scientific Research Achievements
Xiaomin Huang

18. Research on the Measurement of Coupling Degree of Facing to Objects
Xianmei Fang, Xiaobo Gao

19. Semantic Description Framework of Product Concept Based on How Net
Lin Yu, Zhengming Zhang, Lie Zhao

20. Research of Data Mining in Customer Relationship Management
Ying Wang, Ting Zhou

21. Management and Analysis Based on Data Mining
Han Zheng, Xiaobo Gao

22. Network Security Awareness Modeling Based on Data Mining Method
Yunhong Guo, Guangyao Lu

23. Study on Geographic Information Database Updating Approach
Hongmin Liu

24. Accounting Lending Attributes Sinking Based on the Metadata and Cloud Data
Siping Bai

25. On the Construction of Internet Data Center in Colleges
Xiangya Tao, Cheng Yang

26. Study of Composing Web Service Based on SOA
Rongwang Yin

27. Research on Parallel Association Rules Mining on GPU
Qingmin Cui, Xiaobo Guo

28. Study on Development of Electronic Information Industry Based on Statistical Data
Jian Lu, Yuan-Yuan Liu, Hui An, Chun-Tao Lu

29. Web Data Mining Technology and Instrument Research
Yunli Lei

30. Measurement of Customer Equity from the Perspective of Data Mining
Pengfei Wang, Manyu Huang

31. Study on Development Strategy of China’s Foreign Project Contracting
Hao Li

32. Study on Publication and Distribution of Agricultural Science and Technology Journal
Jihua Sun

33. E-Learning Training Based on Found Learning-Oriented Enterprise
Hui Wang, Dongsheng Zou

34. Study on Municipal Facilities Development in Jilin Province
Guangjie Liu

35. Study on Private Express Enterprises in Yunnan Province
Yuanchun Xia

36. Study on China’s Import and Export Growth Rate Based on VAR Model
Kai Fan, Guanghai Nie

37. A Cross-Level Framework of Relational Governance Between Chinese Agricultural Firm and Farmers
Can Chen, Shiyan Huang

38. Study of Public Works Based on Asset Replacement
Lijun Fan

39. Study on Coupling Model Between Anaerobic Exercise and Fitness Weight Loss Based on Bioelectrical Impedance Method
Yushu Li, Bo Zhang, Qiang Guo

40. Treadmill’s Adjustment Mechanism Based on User Exercise Experience
Lili Yang, Nan Xiang

41. Rationality Evaluation Model of Volleyball Tournament Ranking
Ping Sun

42. Study on Colleges Outdoor Sports Development in China
Hongwei Wan, Lajiao Wang, Ying Jiang, Yongna Xin, Huibing Sun

43. Study on Item-Group Competition Olympic Gold Athlete’s Success Factor in China
Daling Shi, Xuehong Wang, Yiliang Sun, Jie Zhang, Bo Sun

44. Study on Sport Industry of Traditional Chinese Sport Based on National Intangible Cultural Heritage
Jianjun Wang

45. Study on College Basketball Teaching Based on Cooperative Learning Mode
Jian Yu, Wentong Liu

46. Study on Badminton Smash for Training Based on Sensor
Jian Yu, Guojin Zhao

47. Study on College Sport Teaching Based on Modern Sports Training Theory
Guojin Zhao, Jian Yu

48. SEM Model of the Tai Chi Course Based on the Tai Chi Course Sports Education Pattern
Wankai Fu

49. Research on the University Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Ability in the Sports Teaching
Xiang-ling Wang

50. Research of University Athletics and Teaching Reform
Xinbao Du

51. Practice and Experience of Teaching Reform for Landscape Architecture Design
Ling-mei Zhang

52. Study on Independent College’s Practical Teaching System
Yaoxi Wu

53. Study on Higher Vocational Hotel Management Teaching Reform Based on People-Oriented Management Philosophy
Xiurong Wang, Jian Zhang

54. Practice-Based Characteristic Examination Methods of Students in Independent College
Hong Yan Liu

55. Study on Teaching Methods Between NIT and VUW
Shuying Liu

56. Research on the Academic Burnout of Chinese University Students
Shiguang Ni, Haiying Ma, Hong Li

57. Research on Financial Management Connotation of Colleges and Universities Based on Management Innovation
Li Liu

58. Study on Management Innovation of Higher Vocational Colleges
Li Song

59. Research on Human Capital Input of Applied Colleges and Universities Students
Di Yu

60. Framework of Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements Based on Social Physics
An Liu

61. College Innovative Talents Training Mode Based on Practical Teaching Reform
Jinghong Hu, Yongqing Zhang

62. Study of Harmonious University Traffic Safety Education System
Qichun Zhong

63. Study on Pathway of Administrative Discretion Standard
Yang Yang

64. Study of Occupational Stress and Influence Factor
Xinliang Ju, Xinming Qian

65. Two-Tier Quality Supervision Mechanism for Education of Military Academies Based on System and Relationship Arrangement in New Period
Yidong Ma, Xuehong Yuan, Dongxu Li

66. Study on Organization’s Service Ability Based on Innovation Model of Colleges and Local Grass-Root Organizations
Yufeng Jiang, Zengliu Xu

67. Study of China’s Personal Income Tax Reform Chain Based on Balanced Scorecard Strategic Map
Tuanye Yu, Rui Chen, Qin Liu

68. Study of Optimal Allocation of China’s Poverty Reduction Resources
Xiao Ye Shang

69. Research on the Multiple Meanings of Multicultural Teaching Education Based on Conceptual Model
Yi Tang, Yuefei Deng, Xiaoqin Xu

70. Research on Emerging Land Market Based on Surveying and Mapping
Qiquan Pan

71. Networking Integration of Enterprise Services System Based on Service-Oriented Architecture
Rong Deng

72. Study of Network Media on Art Design Education Based on Demand Model and Dynamics Theory
Jing Wang, Ning Song

73. Study on Improved Teaching Quality of Undergraduate Education
Mengchun Yao, Min Dong

74. Study of Demonstration Center for Driving Interest Based on Independent Experiment and Exploring Innovation
Peiyun Luo, Shuying Qu, Cuiling Li, Fanbo Meng

75. Study on Personnel Training for Public Administration in Local Universities
Yanping Li, Huan Li

76. Research on Wide-Area Mal-Operation Prevention in Power Network Based on the GPRS
Hong Yang

77. Study on Training of Application-Oriented Customs Declaration Personnel
Liping Sun

78. Image Enhancement Algorithm Using Brightness Preserving Multiple-Interval Histogram Equalization
Haifeng Wang, Yi Zhang

79. A New Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Additive Operator Splitting
Jin-Ping Song, Zhan-Jiang Zhi, Yu-Xia Liu

80. Remote Visualization System Technology in the Plan Approval in the Project Design
Lisun Zhang

81. Study on the Popularity Phenomenon of Digital Media Art
Bo Jin, Jing Xie

82. Algorithm for Estimating Mountainous Surface Area Based on GPS Data
Guopeng Song, Yifan Chen, Yunfeng Zhou

83. Research on Network Learning Process from Perspective of Communication
Yuehui Zhou

84. Research of Medical Image Registration Based on RMI-SAPSO Algorithm
Danyang Zhao, Benqiang Yang, Libo Zhang, Xiangrong Zhou, Yenwei Chen, Hiroshi Fujita, Huiyan Jiang

85. Beam Width Performance of the Adaptive Beam Former Based on Pseudo-Interference Technique
Yi Chu, Wei-Yau Horng, Shinn-Fwu Wang, Yuan-Fong Chau, Jeng-Hua Wei

86. Innovative Monitoring and Evaluation System of Chinese Cities Based on GIS
Chuanglin Fang, Jing Qin, Xiong Shu

87. Power Dispatch Security Management Training Based on Multimedia Animation Technology
Yigang Liu, Sizhe Liao, Bingbing Liao, Zhiwen Zhao, Quanchao Zheng

88. Power Dispatch Communication Training Based on Multimedia Animation
Ying Wang, Bingbing Liao, Ying Zeng, Zanhong Wu, Quanchao Zheng

89. National Geological Map WebGIS System Based on MapViewer
Yi Xiao, Yuxin Li, Qun Wang

90. Study on Characteristics of Sports Network Course
Xiaoli Zhang

91. Positioning Method for Automated Warehouses Based on RFID
Xiaoli Zhang

92. Computer-Aided Sport Training Management Method for College Sports Team
Wenjie Zhu

93. Web-Based Top-Quality Course System Design
Xinyan Liu, Zhe Wang, Zhenkai Xie

94. Study on the Value Orientation of the Students in Colleges Under the Negative Network Environment
Yufen Wang, Fangfang Sun, Minglai Yu

95. Web Animation Design Teaching Based on Reverse Analysis Method
Ying Gao

96. New Pattern of College English Teaching Based on Networked Multimedia
Jing Wang

97. Research of Interactive Media Techniques in Undergraduate Distance Education
Ning Zhang

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Information Systems and Communication Service

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