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Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate

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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainable Construction

1. The Necessity and Feasibility Study for Private Capital Participation in Urban Redevelopment
Xia Qi, Bingcai Zhang, Xinbo Zhao

2. China’s Provincial Energy Efficiency of Construction Industry in 2005–2010: An Empirical Study Based on the DEA Model
You-zhi Zhang, Hong-chun Gu

3. Study on Sustainable Development Social Influence Elements of Construction Project
Jun Kou, Jun Shen

4. Sustainable Construction Project Life-Cycle Management Based on Building Information Modeling
Guiyou He, Guangbin Wang, Honglei Liu

5. BIM for Sustainable Construction: A Strategic Framework for Handling Challenges of the International Green Construction Code
Wei Wu, Hui Zhou

6. Measures of Developing Low-Carbon Building in China and Analysis of the Relative Evaluation Indexes
Jun Yang

7. Optimize Water Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness by Using the Alternative Sustainable Innovations in Residential Dwellings
Vivian W. Y. Tam, L. Y. Shen, Andrew Brohier

8. Corporate Social Responsibility on Global Construction Supply Chains
Xiao-Hua Jin, Jian Zuo, Yingbin Feng

9. Exploring Energy Efficient Procurement Options in Building Construction
Sandeep Shrivastava, Abdol Chini

10. The Future of Sustainable Building Assessment Tools: A Case Study in Australia
Jian Zuo, Bo Xia, George Zillante, Zhenyu Zhao

11. Sustainable Education Buildings in Australia: A Green Star Review
Bo Xia, Jian Zuo, Martin Skitmore, Albert Chan

12. Roadmap to Sustainable Road Construction in Hong Kong
Dan Chong, Yuhong Wang

13. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Stakeholders for Low-Carbon Building
Yan-yan Wang, Hong Ren, Chang-heng Li

14. Plan and Practice of the National Low Impact Development Demonstration Area
Nian Ding, Xinxin Ren, Aibing Hu, Weizhen Tang

15. A Multi-level Grey-Based Approach to Evaluating the Indicators for Sustainable Housing Development
Shichao Ma, Zhengdao Li

16. Impact of Labour Arrangements on Construction Material Waste Generation
Jeyaraja Jayamathan, Raufdeen Rameezdeen

17. Disaggregation of Household Energy Consumption Patterns in Australia
Patrick X. W. Zou, Rebecca J. Yang

Part II. Urban Construction and Land Use

18. Research on the Method of Urban Transportation Land Use Assessment Based on Low Carbon Transportation Model
W. M. Feng, Y. K. Chen

19. What’s the Effect of Urban Villages on Commercial Housing Price? An Analysis Based on Second-Hand Housing Transactions in Beijing
Yingjie Zhang, Siqi Zheng, Cong Sun

20. The Skyline Design Under Constraint of Natural Environment: A Case Study of Nanan City
De-yi Dai, Ying-xue Rao

21. Research on Land Use Classification of Land Change Survey for the Integration of Urban Planning and Land Resource Administration
Qi Liao, Mo Su, Ganghui Luo, Xiaowu Wei

22. Explorations and Practices of Land Change Survey in the Background of Unifying Planning Departments and Land Departments
Mo Su, Qi Liao, Ganghui Luo, Xiaowu Wei

23. Research on Allocation of Urban Land Based on the Fiscal Revenue of Local Governments
Xiaomeng Wang, Fenjie Long

24. Dilemmas Between the Protection of Lung and Stomach: Land Use Conflicts in Rapid Urbanization Process of Pearl River Delta
Xueguang Ma

25. A Review of Planning Support Systems for Urban Land Use Planning
Hao Wang, Qiping Shen, Bo-sin Tang

26. Analysis of Land Use Difference Among Enterprises in the Development Zones at Different Levels: A Case Study on the City of Wuhan
Jing Han, Qingling Yu, Xinhai Lu

27. Study on Spatial Differences of China’s Urban Land Price
Haojing Shen, Changchun Feng, Xiaojun Xiao

28. Research of Development Mode of Urban Renewal Unit of Shenzhen
Honglei Lv, Changchun Feng

29. On the External Driving Force of Industrial land Prices in the Pearl River Delta: A Game Model Analysis
Bibo Zheng, Yuzhe Wu, Xiaoling Zhang

30. Shenzhen Urban Renewal Mode Choice and Suitability Study
Zhigang Zhou

31. Cultural Relics Preservation and Sustainable Land Use in the Central City
Mingxuan Yu, Yu Gu

32. Carbon Emission Trading Scheme to Reduce Emission in the Built Environment of China
Faye D. F. Ni, Edwin H. W. Chan

Part III. Housing Policy and Real Estate Market Development

33. Study of Land Price Game Equilibrium and Countermeasure Based on Combination Selling Style Regulation
Xia-Zhong Wang, Wen-Dan Zhang

34. Trends in Chinese Academic Real Estate Research and the Review of Hot Topics
Ke Fu

35. A Review on Housing Tenure Choice
Ke Fu

36. The Impact of Inflation Expectations on Housing Price: Based on the Economic Indicator of Consumer Confidence Index
Wenhong Li, Kun Qiu

37. The Application of PFI Mode in Low-Income Housing
Ya-Chen Liu, Jin-Xing Yang, Shuai Dong

38. An Survey of Young Faculties’ Living Condition and Problem Solutions
Qing Wu

39. Empirical Study on Relationship Between China’s Real Estate Price Growth and Market Power-Based on Statistics from the Nation, 30 Provinces and 35 Cities
Bianjiang Zheng, Wei Dai

40. Analysis of the Investment Evaluation of the Uncertain Real Estate Project
Xingfang LI, Shiqiang ZHAO

41. The Changing Real Estate Supply and Investment Patterns in China: An Institutional Perspective on Affordable Housing
Yigang Wei, Patrick T. I. Lam, Y. H. Chiang, Barbara Y. P. Leung

42. An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Real Estate Investment and Economic Growth in Shenyang
Yachen Liu, Jiaxin Xu, Ning Liu

43. High Vacancy Rate of Public Rental Housing and Its Diversified Solution
Quan Chen, Dalu Tan, Xueyuan Peng, Xiaoxue Yang

44. Research on Real Estate Sales Outsourcing of China
Feng Yang, Baihai Guan

45. The Formation Mechanism and Reform Measures of the “Hollow Villages” in Peri-Urban Areas
Xiaolu Dou

46. The Effects of Subway Construction on Housing Premium: A Micro-data Analysis in Chengdu’s Housing Market
Cong Sun, Siqi Zheng, Rikang Han

47. Discussion on Problems and Countermeasures in Indemnificatory Housing Management in China
Yu Fan, Hong Zhang

48. An Empirical Study of the House with Limited Property Rights: A Case of Shenzhen
Guoliang Ou, Zhongyuan Zhou

49. Airport Noise and Residential Property Values: Evidence from Beijing
Antoine Nguy, Cong Sun, Siqi Zheng

50. Made to Order Real Estate Mode Based on Stackelberg Model and Cooperative Game Theory
Lianfu Jiang, Yang Zhang

51. Housing Policy Impact on Affordable Housing Production in Lagos Nigeria
Olatunji Olagunju, David Oloke, Felix Hammond

52. Policy Responses to Improve the Quality of Housing for the Urban Poor: Case Study Delhi, India
Alpana Sivam

53. The Real Estate Investment Strategy on the Case of SUNING Appliance Group
Mingxuan Yu, Zilong Wang

Part IV. Project Management and Facility Management

54. Investigating the Underlining Factors of Critical Project Success Criteria for Public Housing Delivery in Ghana
E. Adinyira, E. Botchway, T. E. Kwofie

55. Research on Life Circle Environmental and Social Costs of Construction Projects Based on Emergy Analysis: An Example from Xiamen
Hong Zhou, Wangshu Yang

56. Evaluation Research of the Maturity Level of the Organizational Project Management of Supervision Enterprise in Transition Period
Yucheng Pang

57. Review and Research on PPP Pattern in China
Xiaosu Ye, Chunmei Xu

58. The Life-Cycle Management of Indemnificatory Apartment Projects
Peng Mao, Lifei Wang

59. The Benefits and Implied Costs of JIT Sourcing to Chinese Contractors: A Review of Literature
Peng Wu, Josua Pienaar, Yingbin Feng

60. Negotiation Scheme for a High-Speed Railway Station Redevelopment Project
Di Wu, ShouQing Wang, Sheng-hua Ma

61. The Impact of Project Stakeholders’ Relationships on Project Performance
Jingru Li, Lan Qiu

62. Stakeholders Management in Construction Project: A Case of Hydropower Station Project
Dong-bing Huang, Junfang Liu, Chengjun Tang

63. Agent Construction System on the Management of Government Investment Project
Yu Fan, Meng Wang, Hong Zhang

64. Discussion the Connection Between Trust and Relationship Characteristics of Construction Project Participants
Weiping Jiang, Qian Zhang, Yun Le, Jian Fang

65. Discussion on Mechanism Reconstruction of Construction Supervision Industry for Its Sustainable Development
Qian Zhang, Weiping Jiang, Yun Le

66. The Use and Non-use of Time in New Construction of Residential Buildings: The Case of Sweden
Per-Erik Josephson, Chao Mao

67. Meta-network Based Fitness Measurement of Projects Organization and Tasks Assignment
Yong-kui Li, Li-li Qian, Qing-hua He, Yun-feng Duan

68. Documentation Quality in Construction Projects: A Qualitative Inquiry
George Zillante, Marek Mikucki, Jian Zuo, Xiao-Hua Jin

69. Precautions for Project Managers in Public Tendering
Yuen F. Tony Ma

70. An Analysis of International Case Law for Process Contract in Public
Yuen F. Tony Ma

71. Building an Effective Interfirm Networks for Enhancing Contractors’ Project Competitiveness
Calvin C. W. Keung, Li-Yin Shen

72. Spatial Econometric Analysis of the Energy Efficiency of the Chinese Regional Construction Industry
Bingsheng Liu, Xueqing Wang, Tengfei Huo

73. Experience of the Post-Disaster Housing Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Wudu District, Longnan City
Leitao Liu, Jian Liu

74. The Causes of Delays in the Delivery of Construction Projects: A Review of Literature
X. Shivambu, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

75. Compensation Approaches for Early Termination of PPP Projects
Wei Xiong, Xueqing Zhang

Part V. Safety, Risk and Value Management in Construction

76. Safety Investments and Safety Climate in Construction Sites
Yingbin Feng, Peng Wu, Xiaohua Jin

77. An Assessment on Critical Risk Factors for Chinese Engineering Firms in Ghana
Martin Henry Asare, Yousong Wang

78. Tools to Prevent Waste in Material Flow in Housing Projects
Tobias Karlsson, Per-Erik Josephson

79. Construction Project Cost Management Under the Mode of Bill of Quantities
Qingli Li, Zhifang Tian

80. Design of Safety Exit Route of Public Buildings
Fuliang Guo, Gui Fu, Chanlong Luo, Yan Gao

81. Construction Safety Management Related Dominant Issues in the Construction Sector of Pakistan
M. Haseeb, Xinhai Lu, Aneesa Bibi

82. Identification of Major Duration Delay Risks in Infrastructure Projects: Viewpoints from Different Stakeholders
Jiayuan Wang, Hongping Yuan

Part VI. Construction Innovation and Knowledge Management

83. A Study on a New Method for Training Building Work Process Supervisors Through Internships in Japan
Hitoshi Mihara, Takuro Yoshida, Masato Urae

84. A Research of Knowledge Transfer Between Construction Consulting Project Teams from the Sociology Perspective
Weijia Song, Yali Du

85. Innovation and Patent Knowledge Management in the Construction Industry
Zhikun Ding, Jiayuan Wang, Fungfai Ng

86. An Exploration Study of Construction Innovation Principles: Comparative Analysis of Construction Scaffold and Template Patents
Zhikun Ding, Jiapeng Ma

87. The Application of the Earned Value Management in the Last Planner System for Project Performance Control
Lianying Zhang, Yanwei Li, Jiawei Tang

88. Innovative Design of a Suite of Low Impact Development Facilities in Civil Structure Experimental Building Complex
Jian Liu, Shicong Chen, Lingyi Wu, Nian She, William Lucas, Benchi Li

Part VII. Traffic Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

89. Study on Multi-Resolution and Multi-Objective Site Selection Model for Logistics Distribution Centre
Lian-fu Jiang, Yong-jie Cui

90. Analysis of the Problems Existing in the Logistics Management of Construction Enterprises in China
Hong Zhang, Meiling Yang

91. Methods of Traffic Impact Analysis for Large-Scale Residential and Commercial Construction Project
Lv Shen, Tian Feng

92. A Critical Review of Vulnerability of Transport Networks: From the Perspective of Complex Network
Zhiru Wang, Albert P. C. Chan, Qiming Li

93. Logistics Costs Control Model Based on Fuzzy Mathematics Analysis
Hongyan Li, Xiaojie Wu

Part VIII. Informatization and Information Technology in Construction

94. Research on General Framework of Digital Railway
Ying Zhou, Yi-sheng Liu, Chong-yi Zhou

95. IT Governance on the Move Towards Construction Sector
Sureerat Saetang, Abrar Haider

96. IT Governance, Risk Management and Value Delivery in Construction Organizations: Literature Review Analysis
Sureerat Saetang, Abrar Haider

97. Research on the Practice Traits of BIM and Its Relationship with Construction Organization
Guiyou He, Wenjuan Zhang, Guangbin Wang

98. The Research on Management Informationization of Railway Construction Project
Ying Zhou, Chong-yi Zhou, Yi-sheng Liu

99. Lessons Learned from Case Projects and Enterprises Where BIM Was Utilized
Honglei Liu, Lei Zhang

100. Survey of BIM Application Status and Characteristics in China
Lei Zhang, Guangbin Wang, Tianmin Chen, Guiyou He

101. The Development Trend and Government Policies of Open BIM in China
Lei Zhang, Guangbin Wang, Honglei Liu

102. The Optimal Strategy of Using BIM in Construction Management
Cong Liang, Rong Zhang, Weisheng Lu

103. Development of Building Information Modelling Enabled Code Checking Systems for Australia
Shan-Ying Shih, Willy Sher

104. Monitoring Construction Projects Using Information Technologies
Xiao-Hua Jin, Yun Le

Part IX. Professional Education for Real Estate and Construction Management

105. Applied Research of Integrated Project Teaching Method in Applied Engineering Management Major Teaching
Huanchang Fu

106. A New Way to Teach Structural Steel to Construction Management Students
Ajay Shanker

107. Developing Students’ Intercultural Competence
Patrick Zou, Liz Shek-Noble

108. The Internationalisation of UK’s HE in Construction Department: The Success Factors of Exporting Education to China
Gang Wu, Sammy Chung

Part X. Green Construction Materials and Construction Waste Recycling

109. The Conceptual Model of the Design for Construction Waste Minimization Based on System Dynamics
ZhengDao Li, XiFu Wang, PengPeng Li

110. A Model for Quantification of Construction Waste in New Residential Buildings
Jingkuang Liu, Yousong Wang, Bilei Yang, Yiyong Lin

111. What Affects Implementation of Green Buildings? An Empirical Study in Hong Kong
Vivian W. Y. Tam

112. Modeling Effective Construction Waste Management Through Causal Loop Diagrams
Hongping Yuan, Jianli Hao, Shaokai Lu

113. Exploring a Long-Term Mechanism of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling: A Case of Chongqing
Qiong He, Shiying Shi, Mingming Hu

Part XI. Other Themes

114. Government Financial Subsidies in the Influence of Public Housing Under the PPP Financing Model
Yongfang He, Bing Li

115. Research Trend of Collusion in Top Construction Journals
Yun Le, Ming Shan

116. A Reference Value Analysis of Macao’s Public Construction Works Laws for Mainland China
Wenjie Yang, Yan Zhang

117. Financial Distress Early Warning Model for Listed Real Estate Companies of China Based on Multiple Discriminant Analysis
Yang Li, Hong Zhang, Shuo Huang

118. Research on Negotiating the Transfer Price for T0T Project Financing Mode Based on Game Theory
Weichao Li

119. Strategy Selection of the Government in Monitoring the Quality of the Economical Housing Project: Based on the Research on the Economical Housing Market in Xi’an
Donglang Yang, Qiaowei Fu

120. A Combination Forecasting Model for Fast Cost Estimating in Civil Engineering
Xun Liang

121. Universities Capital Construction Project Cost Estimation Method for Practical Research in Decision-Making Stage
Renwei Pen, Xun Lian, Xuemiao Wu, Daohui Liao

122. Spatial Analysis and Spatial House Price Index Construction: Evidence from Chengdu Housing Market
Lei Xin, Siqi Zheng

123. Identification and Structural Evolution of Real Estate Enterprises’ Growth Ability
Xiayan Lin

124. A Study on Farmers’ Concentrated Living Under the Background of Urban-Rural Integration: A Case of Beiwujiayuan Community in Beijing
Xiao Wei, Changchun Feng

125. Comparative Study on Chinese and U.S. Evaluation Standards for Green Building
Jiamin Huang, Jian Liu, Cong Xiong

126. Analysis of the Value and Price of Real Estate and Concurrently on the Appraisal of Mortgage Value
Wen Wang

127. Maintenance of Public Schools Infrastructure in South Africa
Wilda Mojela, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

128. The Relationship Between Construction Sector and the National Economy of Sri Lanka
Thanuja Ramachandra, James Olabode Bamidele Rotimi, Raufdeen Rameezdeen

129. Empirical Study on Influence Mechanism of Specialty, Transaction Cost and Legitimacy to Career Development of Construction Supervision Industry
Gang Wang

130. Analysis of Causes and Countermeasures for Rising Labor Costs in International Construction Projects
Yong Wu, Zhouya Wang, Jun Guan, Zhihui Zhang

131. Innovative Australian Public Sector Construction Management: Effectively Engaging the Private Sector
John Douglas Thomson

132. The Diversification Discount Research of Supervision Enterprise
Gang Wang, Shucheng Liu

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Business/Management Science, general

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