Yang, Yuhang

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 3

Yang, Yuhang - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 3, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Stochastic Insuring Critical Path Problem with Value-at-Risk Criterion
ZhenHong Li, YanKui Liu, WenJuan Zang

2. Research on Classification of Highway Emergency Telephone System
Xu Jia, Yuxin Liu, Liwei Zhu

3. Semantic Analysis Model of Chinese MMT Based on Hierarchical Network of Concepts in Chinese–English Machine Translation
Wen Xiong, YaoHong Jin

4. Study of University Students’ Psychological Warning Prevention and Control Based on Automatic Control
Jie Liang

5. Research of Toxic Gas Diffusion Simulation Technology Based on Arc Engine
Qing-long Zhang, Yi-ru Dai, Jiang Wang, Rong-yong Zhao

6. Network Security Evaluation Based on Support Vector Machine
Xiang Chen, Yun Li

7. Study on Nursing Safety and Quality Management
XiuFen Ma, Qingling Han, Lichun Zhou, Ying Hu

8. Study on Monitoring Mechanism of Micro-Blog
Yu Chen, Ming Xu

9. Knowledge Extension for Agent Learning in MAS
Zhiling Hong, Meihong Wu

10. A Survey of Cloud Computing
Yadong Gong, Zongquan Ying, Meihong Lin

11. Electric Power Client Credit Assessment Based on GA Optimized BP Neural Network
Xinli Wang

12. Study on Gaussian Priory Model for Space Time Adaptive Processing
Jiamou Wang

13. Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of Human Dent Facial Complex
Yi Deng, Xiaorong Zhang, Ji Yao, Haipeng Zhou

14. Study on Dynamic Prediction of Surplus Gas in Iron-Steel Plant
Jun Song, An-chao Zhang, Hai-kun Zheng

15. Study of Talent Resources Agglomeration During the Industrial Transformation and Upgrade
Xiaoxu Cai, Jia Zhang

16. Study of the Food Supply Capacity in Chengde
Yuecong Zhang, Fu-Wei Cheng

17. Modeling of Three-Dimensional Dynamical Behavior of Ropes Used in Fishery Based on R Language
Yuwei Li, Xinfeng Zhang, Xiaorong Zou, Min Zhang, Yingqi Zhou

18. Study on Specific Enzymes in Actinidia Arguta Fruit Softening
Shuqian Li, Changjiang Liu, Guang Xin, Bo Zhang

19. Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business Activities
Guoqiang Liao

20. Study on China’s Social Value in the Period of Transition
Ying Tong

21. Study on Locational Choice of FDI in the Middle Areas
Yu Liu

22. Study on Rural Social Security on Local Residents Developmental Consumption
Dan Li, Yingyao Wang

23. Study on Modern Service Industry Based on the Industrial Cluster
Xiaozhong Bai, Jing Hu

24. New Model of Logistics Development
Fu Rong Xiong

25. Study of Protection of Water Environment in the Three Gorges
Yanfang Zhang

26. Research of Core Strength Training in Taekwondo Training
Mingming Guo

27. Experimental Study of Tai Chi Competitive Push Training of Sanda Players Combat Ability
Hai Yu

28. Study of Basic Qualities of Good Coaches
Xiang Zhang

29. Research on College Sports Dance Lesson Teaching
Xuekai Liu

30. Study on Olympic Thinking of Physical Education of College Students
Xuekai Liu

31. Study on Ball Serving Techniques of Young Tennis Players
Chengguo Wang

32. Management Model of High-Level Athletes in General Colleges and Universities
Yikun Xu, Juhua Song

33. Study on College Sport Curriculum Evaluation Based on Network System
Feng Zeng

34. Research on Agricola Leisure Sports Under Business Ecosystem
Tiexiong Zhang, Hongmei Wen

35. Research of University PE Cultivation of Innovative Talents
Shengmin Cao

36. Study of the Fitness Status of Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges
Wankai Fu

37. Research of Analytical Framework of the Effect on the Athletes by Complex Social Network
Qian Huang, Xiaoli Zhang

38. Study of Stick Figures Teaching Skills for English Major Students
M Wei

39. Reform of College Advertising Teaching
Ying Guo

40. Curriculum Development of Comprehensive Training in Import and Export Business in Higher Vocational College
Yuying Zhu

41. Study of Undergraduate Tutorial Teaching System
Qianqian Yang, Wanqiu Cui, Yan Xiao, Ying Meng

42. Research on Vocabulary Learning Strategy Training on Top-Level Students of Non-English Majors
Jing Li, Shouyu Sun

43. Course Provision of Teacher Education Innovational and Technology Normal College Analysis
Zhongming Gao, Xiaoqin Guo

44. Study of Elements of Developmental Classroom Teaching Evaluation
Honglin Peng, Xuimin Zeng, Qianqian Yang, Zhenyi Wan

45. Study on Using Incentive Theory to Improve the Efficiency of Fiscal Funds’ Usage
Duanlian Peng

46. Performance Evaluation of Special Funds Based on Budget Management in Colleges and Universities
Hua Han, Zhongwei Sa

47. Research of Normalized Role of Law in the Field of Governing School Affairs Legally
Na Wang, Junqiang Song, Yanpeng Ning, Yan Xiao, Xin Gao

48. Improved Reading Scheme for Engineering Students
Lianwei Lu

49. A Model of Protocol for Automated Negotiation System
Kexing Liu

50. Economic Theory Analysis on the Unique Development of Private Colleges and Universities
Ran Li

51. Research of Tourism Showtime Products in the Urban Tourism Development
Ling Guo, Di Zhu, Xiaorong Wang

52. Innovation of Souvenir Design of Red Museums in Jiangxi Province
Liqin Ji

53. Study on China’s Rural Bank Credit Risk Prevention
Jinli Kang

54. Empirical Analysis of Stock Futures Arbitrage
Chang Li

55. Study on Preschool Children’s Nutrition Influencing Factors
Shuqian Li

56. Study of Interpretation System in Pingle Ancient Town
Changtai Lu, Dezhi Wang

57. Strategies for Colleges and Universities to Train the Art Design Personnel Based on Market Demands
Wenkai Xing

58. Adaptation of Foreign Language Education in Higher Education System
Lin Li

59. Study on Obstacles Encountered by Higher Vocational Colleges in Order-Oriented Education Mode
Jianhua Tan

60. Study on Hotel IEQ Based on the Theory of IPA
Yan Hu, Zhong Hong Sheng, Yin Shi

61. Evaluation System of Tutorial System Based on Balanced Scorecard
Jing Li

62. Study of Low-Income Housing System in China
Qun Gao

63. Study on Development of Local Colleges
Mei-liang Xiao

64. Study on Demand for Foreign Language Professionals in Economics and Trade
Xuemei Sun, Zhonghui Jia

65. Study on Intercultural Teaching for EFL Teachers in China
NianLiang Ding

66. Multidimensional Evaluation Platform for Call Center Speech Service Quality Based on Keyword Spotting
XinYu Zhou, DongLiang Dai, Bo Xie, XiaoJun Li

67. Wireless Node Design in Smart Home System
Baorong Zhan, Xichang Yu

68. Study on Weak Signal Detection Methods
Shikun Zhu

69. Study on Theory of Signal and System in Modern Communication Technology
Yandi Li, Zheng Ma, A’hui Yang

70. Algorithm of the Realization of High Frequency Channel Simulator Based on Simulink
Yandi Li, Yu Chen, Xun Zhang

71. Fast Handover Scheme Named ESMIPv6 for Mobile Wireless Network
Liqiu Pei, Lixun Zhu

72. Physical Layer Network Coding Transmission Technique in Unidirectional Linear Flow Networks
Kaiming Qu, Peilu Fu

73. Performance Analysis of Mobile Communication in Picocell and Femtocell
Lili Tang

74. A Network Connectivity Preventing Disruption Algorithm Based on Agents
Lin Yang

75. Study of Proxy Re-cryptography in Group Key Management for Group Communications System
Qichen Wang

76. Incompatibility Between WCETT Route Metric and Flooding Control of AODV in Wireless Mesh Networks
Bin Zhu, Junguo Liao, Yong He, Zhigang Li

77. System Capacity of Unorganized Co-channel AP in High Density Area
Jiansen Zhang, Sheng Zhang

78. Study of TD-SCDMA Employing Virtual MU-MIMO
Yang Zhang, Jian Bo Hu, Li Yan

79. Reliability and Validity Evaluation Based on Monte Carlo Simulations in Two-Stage Cluster Sampling on Sensitive Question Survey
Zongda Jin, Hongru Zhu, Qiaoqiao Du, Xiangyu Chen, Ge Gao

80. Study on Suitable Exception of National Anti-Monopoly Law Based on Economics Curves
Xia Yue

81. Identifying Method of University Poor Students Based on Ethics and Score Statistics of Index Weight
Linlin Li, Dongchao Jia

82. Research on Relationship Between Prefabricated Chunks and Expression Quality Based on Mathematical and Physical Statistics
Chunyan Luo

83. Study on New Teaching Pattern of College Music Art Major Based on Equations of Mathematical Physics and Statistical Regularity
Yiwen Zhu

84. Distributed Computing Method Based on Mathematical Morphology
Yanbo Wang

85. Study on Rural Residents Income Growth Based on Quasi-Stepwise Regression Model
Lingbo Cong, Jihua Cai

86. Encryption Based on Encoding Partial Algorithm
Lei Liang, Maoyan Fang

87. A Pharmacokinetics Parameter Estimation Mathematical Model Based on Grey Theory
Jiamou Wang

88. Study on the Mathematics Course Teaching Model Combining Majors and Strengthening Application in Higher Vocational Colleges
Haifei Xiang

89. Study of Primary and Secondary Online Schools Based on ASP and PPT Producer Technology
Ning Zhang

90. Study of Humanistic Education on English Majors Based on Multi-media Network Teaching
Xiaohong Wang

91. Study of Course Resource Construction and Innovation in Distance Education
Feng Wang

92. Research Online Sports CAI Teaching
Hua Zhang

93. Study on the Integration of Information Literacy Education and PBL Teaching
Tian Min Sun, Bai Chun Yao, Jin Cheng He, Ping Chen, Jun Wang

94. Efficient English Teaching Scheme Based on Multimedia
Pingping Liu

95. Study on Teaching Reform for University Computer Information Technology Curriculum
Bin Zhang

96. Study on Integrated Problem Centered Higher Education System Based on Information Technology
Wen Ying Li

97. Study on the School-Enterprise Cooperation Teaching Model for Digital Media Major in Scientific and Engineering Programs
Li He, Hai Cao, Yun Deng, Changyou Fu

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Information Systems and Communication Service

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