Yang, Yuhang

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 4

Yang, Yuhang - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 4, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Research of Food and Medicine Brand Crisis Administration
Huan Cheng Gao

2. On Business Model Innovation of Service Industry in Post-Crisis Era
Min Fang

3. Uncertainty Reasoning in Education Evaluation Forecast
Bo Wu, Tuo Ji

4. Research on College Students’ Safe Educational System
Shao-rang Wang, Xiao-yun Xu

5. Study on E-Government Information Security Management
Haicheng Zhang

6. Bayesian System Reliability Assessment Under Uncertain Environment
Lu Jin, Huanbin Liu

7. System Reliability Evaluation Based on Intuitionistic Uncertain Set
Shaohua Dang, Huanbin Liu

8. Safety Assessment of Equipment Software Based on Fuzzy Petri Nets
Jiao He, Hou-Xiang Wang, Kai Nie

9. Study of Wood Marketing Management System Based on Workflow
Dan Li, Meng Gao, Yukun Cao

10. Study on Measurement of Class Coupling in Object-Oriented Software
Bo Yang, Fangting Zhao

11. Research on Coding for Objects Oriented to Modular Product Platform
Pinglu Chen, Jing Xu

12. Artificial Intelligence Design for Tropical Storm Surge Disaster Prevention and Reduction
Bo Lin

13. Study on the Electronic Payment Technology in E-Commerce
Qidong Wang, Jun Zhu

14. Greenhouse for Temperature Monitoring System Based on Fuzzy Control
Xianghua Lin

15. Management and Control System of Tobacco Factory Warehouse
Lili Wang, Tao Wang, Defang Zhao, Xin Zhang, Li Ding

16. Design of Granary Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Based on STM32 and Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
Tao Wang, Defang Zhao, Xin Zhang, Lili Wang, Li Ding

17. Study on Role of Information Systems in Supply Chain Management
Hemin Da

18. Optimization on Multimedia Video Service in Mobile Internet Environment Based on Cloud Computing
Weihao Ouyang

19. Virtual Infrastructure Management Framework for Cloud Computing
Guang He, KaiTian Chen, XuXiang Chen, ShiGui Cai, ShiWen Mao

20. A Cloud Computing Data Model
Hua-Zuo Ying

21. Study on New Mode of Higher Education Information Based on Cloud Computing
Yi Gao

22. An Optimal Production Scheduling Method Based on Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm
Ling Qin, Shulin Kan

23. Study of Augmented Reality Registered Technology Based on Particle Swarm Algorithm
Jun Dai, Li-fen Zhang

24. Study of Protocol in Automated Negotiation
Kexing Liu

25. Tread Patterns Noise-Reduction Based on Self-Adaptive Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm
Xiaohui Li, Huiyu Yang

26. Design of Campus Micro-Cloud Service System
Guanzhao Wu, Hejiang Pan, Peile Zhang, Junfei Zhuo, Min Yao

27. Posture Error Correction of a Six-DOF Serial Manipulator Based on Genetic Algorithms
Kun Wang, Minzhou Luo, Tao Mei, Xin Lin, Yi Cao

28. Study
of Coal Consumption Intensity Based Energy Conservation
Guangming Li

29. Study on Color in Landscape Architecture
Honglei Xu

30. Efficient Scheme of Reducing Carbon Emissions in Export Trade
Yumei Ding

31. Research on Sole Proprietorship of Transnational Corporations in China
Yu Liu

32. Efficient Scheme to Improve the Technological Innovation Abilities of Special Industrial Bases
Chang Li, Hong Qing Rong

33. Study on Technical and Economic Integration Assessment Based on Transmission Planning
Ding Yi Cen

34. Study on the Knowledge Economy’s Growth Model in Resource-Oriented Enterprises
Peng Li, Xiaochuan Guo

35. Study on Merger and Acquisition Strategy of China’s Enterprises in Post-Financial Crisis
Yu Liu

36. Teaching Reforming Methods in the Volley Curriculum

Yue Jia, Xiaofang Wang

37. Research of Network on Physical Education Teaching Reform
Weifeng Kong

38. Study on Protection and Inheritance of Traditional Sports Culture
Guangtian Qian

39. College Sports Management Model Based on System Science
Mingqiang Wang

40. Training and Reform Scheme of Football Talents in China

Ronglin Wang

41. Reform of College Sport Education Curriculum Goals System

Yejun Zhan

42. Research on Physical Education of Higher Vocational Colleges
Ye Zhang

43. Research on Rural Sports Development in the Construction of Powerful Sports Country
Hongxue Zhang

44. An Adolescent Physical Exercise Ability Evaluation Method in Sports Training
Xiaokun Zhang, Tao Cheng, Yan Liu

45. College Sport Education Reform Based on Learning Organizational Theory
Xiaoqing Dong

46. Interaction Between Specialty Curriculum-Setting of Physical Education and Rural School Sports
Yuanjin Tang

47. Study on Physical Quality Education
Libin Zhang

48. Communicative Language Teaching in Ordinary Universities in China
Pan Heng

49. Stability of a Predator Prey Model with Stage Structure and Intra-Specific Competition
Huan Tao Zhu, Hong Shi Wang

50. Study on the Scientific Development and Brand Strategy of Police Education
Zhang Kai

51. Efficient English Teaching Scheme Based on Combination of Grammar Method and Communicative Approach
Liang Tianzhu

52. Innovative Education of the Universities of Finance and Economics
Jun Li

53. How to Cultivate the Students’ Motivation in English Teaching?
Kun Han, Xianmei Wei

54. Study on Cultivation of Talented Foreign Languages Personal with Multi-Abilities Regional
Bin Li

55. Innovative Scheme in College Ideological and Political Education
Long Li

56. Study on Aesthetic Education Method in Chinese Teaching
Zhanrong Liu

Part VII. Knowledge Management Engineering

57. Study on Ecotourism Product Development in Lingyan Mountain
Changtai Lu, Yu Li, Ju He, Meitao Lan

58. Study of Marketing Quantitative Theory

Shufeng Xiao

59. Positioning Method for Automated Warehouses Based on RFID
Xin Zhang, Lili Wang, Tao Wang, Defang Zhao, Li Ding

60. On the Ideological Theory in the Institutional Economics
Yue Zhang

61. Study on International Trade of China’s Agricultural Products
Shehua Qin

62. Study on Industrial Information Service of Libraries of Higher Vocational Colleges
Yun Zhou

63. Effective Managing Approaches in Student Management Work
Qiaoyuan Wei

64. Study of Pricing Strategy of Hotel Prices in Less Developed Regions
Li Huang

65. Study of Superficies System of Germany and Japan
Cheng peng Ye

66. Game Analysis on Service Recovery of the Retail Company
Qingwen Li

Part VIII. Bioinformatics and Applications

67. Study of Biochemistry Experimental Teaching Reform
Xiangke Cao, Qingzeng Qian, Qian Wang, Chunyan Meng, Nan Liu

68. Nutrition and Food Hygiene Experimental Teaching Reform and Construction
Qingzeng Qian, Xiangke Cao, Qian Wang, Dong Ma, Guoying Zheng

69. Research on Constructing Innovative Experimental Platform for Public Health
Qian Wang, Yuping Bai, Fumin Feng, Weijun Guan, Yanshu Zhang, Qingzeng Qian, Nan Liu, Dong Ma, Guoying Zheng

70. Research on Sleeping Quality of Medical College Students in Tangshan
Zheng Wang, Yu Su

71. Study on Win–Win Doctor Training System Based on Subject Construction
Liqun Yu, Fumin Feng

72. Research on Life Quality of Old Cataract Patients Based on Variance Analysis
Qi Ren, Weijun Guan, Yun Li, Lihua Cui

73. Forecasting Incidence Seniority of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Based on BP Neural Network

Jianhui Wu, Xiaohong Wang, Xinlei Guo, Guoli Wang, Yu Su, Lei Zhou

74. Microscopic Evaluation of Emulsion Stability and Formula Optimization for Emulsified Acid
Honglan Zou, Xugang Wang, Yandong Chen

75. Study on Random Walk-Based Protein Function Prediction Method
Yuxin Zhou, Yinan Lu, Zhili Pei, Xiaolong Deng

76. Creation of the Beauty of Product Functions
Jisheng Chen

77. Research of the Beauty of the Laws of Product Forms
Jisheng Chen

78. Study on Integrated Visualization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Decision-Making Information
Qingyu Xie, Qinggang Meng

79. Heterogeneous Institutional Investors’ Stock Investment Return Effect
FangFei Ding, JinHua Chen, Chan Gu

80. Teaching Quality Evaluation Based on Intuitive Fuzzy Information
Dan Su

81. Study of Improving Accounting Teaching for Non-Accounting Majors
Qunli Qiang

82. Numerical Simulation Method for Surrounding Rock Stability Analysis of Surge Chamber Under Seismic Conditions
Xin Li, Lin Zhang, Jiawen Zhou, Xingguo Yang, Yuanyuan Lin

83. Study on the Pricing Model of Equity-Indexed Annuities
Yang Yu

84. Dynamics Analysis of the MRF Rectangular Sandwich Plate Based on ANSYS
ZhengXin Zhang, FangLin Huang

85. A Mathematical Model for Sugar Refineries Acidification Process Based on Masses Balances
Yingji Luo

86. Study of Analysis Data Mart in Library Borrowing
Jishen Tang

87. A Mathematical Model for Higher Education Input–Output Efficiency Analysis
Fengan Wen

88. Mathematics Education and Employment Quality Cultivation
Dongmei Song, Xiaoqian Zhang

89. Research of PE Information Teaching Design System
Jian Ping Xi

90. Study on Effect of Internet on English Learning
Peng Jing

91. Cultivation of Technology Talents in Network English Teaching Mode
Li-min Su, Mi-qian Zhai

92. Flash-Based Multimedia Courseware’s Production and Implementation
Huixin Zhang

93. Sports Research and Sports Economy Based on Computer
Xing-Dong Yang

94. Efficient Technological Talents Cultivation Scheme Based on Network English Teaching Mode
Dong Zhang, Dinghui Wang, Xiquan Ren, Yingqi Hou

95. Efficient Modern Physical Education Scheme Based on Network Application
Lin Gao

96. Computer-Assisted Instruction Scheme of Basketball Special Course in Sport Major
Ling-feng Meng, Li-jun Kang, Qi-hua Zhang

97. Sport Theory Exam Scheme Based on Computer Questions Database
Yi Bie

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Information Systems and Communication Service

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