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Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty

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Table of contents

Part I. Anatomy

1. Embryology and Anomalies of the External Ear
Jeremiah C. Tracy, Arnold S. Lee, Andrew R. Scott, Collin S. Karmody

2. Anatomy of the External Ear
Peter M. Prendergast

3. Anatomy, History, and Utility of the Posterior Auricular Fascia in Otoplasty
Kayvan Shokrollahi, James P. Taylor

Part II. Preoperative

4. The Timing of Otoplasty
Patrick M. Spielmann, Michel Neeff

Part III. Techniques

5. History of Otoplasty: Review of Literature
Melvin A. Shiffman

6. Current Trends in Otoplasty
Rajanya S. Petersson

7. Hair Preparation in Otoplasty
Esta S. Bovill

8. Practical Perioperative Otoplasty Preparation
Richard A. J. Wain

9. Practical Tips for Otoplasty
Ahmad F. Bhatti, Antonio Orlando

10. Nuances of Otoplasty
Nathan T. N. Schreiber, Steven R. Mobley

11. Anterior Versus Posterior Approach to Otoplasty
Rosa Maria Echarri, Mónica Hernando, Guillermo Plaza

12. Minimally Invasive Otoplasty: Technical Details and Long-Term Results
Antonio Fuente, Gustavo Sordo

13. Treatment of Prominent Ear Anomalies
Amy S. Xue, Edward I. Lee, Shayan Izaddoost, Samuel Stal

14. Precision and Suture Positioning in Otoplasty: Aspiring to the “Virgin” Ear
Kayvan Shokrollahi

15. Otoplasty with Mustarde Suture Cartilage Scratching and Rasping
Kutlu Sevin, Asuman Sevin

16. The Négrevergne Otoplasty Technique
Murat Songu

17. Island Technique for Prominent Ears
Ivo Pitanguy, Henrique N. Radwanski

18. Otoplasty and Earlobe Repair
David J. Archibald, Edward H. Farrior

19. The Bauer Otoplasty Technique
Ahmed M. S. Ibrahim, Samuel J. Lin, Bruce S. Bauer

20. Use of Multiple Techniques for Otoplasty (Stenstrom, Mustarde, Furnas)
Jack A. Friedland, Jack A. Friedland, Renata Souza Maricevich

21. Combined Technique in Aesthetic Otoplasty
Marzia Salgarello, Giuseppe Visconti

22. Incisionless Otoplasty
Yaşar Çokkeser

23. Incisionless Otoplasty
Michael H. Fritsch

24. Carbon Dioxide Laser-Assisted Cartilage Reshaping Otoplasty for Prominent Ears
Ahmed Ragab

25. Sutureless Otoplasty: Anterior Scoring of the Antihelical Fold
Asif Zubair Bhatti, Muhammad Ijaz

26. Anterior Scoring of the Upper Helical Cartilage as a Refinement of the Chong-Chet Technique in Otoplasty
Corrado Rubino, Franceso Farace, Mario Faenza

27. Anterior Scoring Technique in Otoplasty
Louise Caouette-Laberge, Patricia Bortoluzzi

28. Prevention of Intra-Auricular Deformity in Prominent Ear Correction
Tomohisa Nagasao

29. Can Diathermy Enhance Scoring in Otoplasty?
Terry Gourlay, Ekpemi Irune

30. Diamond Burr Drill Use in Otoplasty
Yogesh Bajaj, Natasha Choudhury

31. Conchal Setback Without Resection in Prominent Ear Deformity
Naci Karacaoglan, Mustafa Keskin, Bulent Cigsar

32. Cartilage Folding Technique in Otoplasty
Cristina Isac, Aurelia Isac

33. Cartilage-Sparing Aesthetic Otoplasty
Fernando D. Burstein

34. Posterior Suturing with Postauricular Fascial Flap Otoplasty
Mark V. Schaverien, Kenneth J. Stewart

35. The Role of the Postauricular Fascia in Otoplasty: A Complete System for Otoplasty
Kayvan Shokrollahi

36. Posterior Auricular Muscle Flap with Otoplasty
Ilker Yazici

37. Various Applications of Retroauricular Advancement Skin Flap to Treat the Surgical Defect of the Ear
Peter Kim

38. The Tubular Technique in Otoplasty
Vladimir Kljajic, Ljiljana Vlaski, Jovan Radmanovic, Slobodan Savovic

39. The Deep Conchal Bowl: Accentuation of the Helical Crus
Sapna Patel, Kathleen C. Y. Sie

40. Otoplasty for the Treatment of Protuberant Ears
Payal Patel, Emil Bisaccia, Dwight A. Scarborough

41. Separating the Helix from the Antihelix: A New Concept in Prominent Ear Correction
Augusto Sette Câmara Valente

42. Balanced Otoplasty: Dividing the Ear into Vertical Thirds
Samuel M. Lam

43. Reduction Otoplasty for Correction of the Large or Asymmetrical Ear
Christopher J. Coombs, Alex Yuen

44. Correction of the Protruding Lobule
Cristina Isac, Aurelia Isac

45. Repair of Split Earlobe with Free Conchal Cartilage Sandwich Graft
Rajiv Agarwal

46. Prominent Lobule Correction in Otoplasty: With Step-by-Step Description of the “Y to V Setback” Technique
Yigit Ozer Tiftikcioglu, Ufuk Bilkay

47. Compression Treatment of Ear Keloids by a Modified Oyster Splint Technique
Jessica C. Hassel, Alexander Kreuter, Alexander J. Hassel

Part IV. Postoperative

48. A New Postoperative Otoplasty Dressing Technique Using Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesives
Volker Wedler, Miriam Vetter, Matthias Foehn

49. Head Bandage After Otoplasty
Ahmad A. Orabi

50. Postoperative Care Using a Silicone-Based Occlusive Dressing
Jonathan K. Frankel, Diana C. Ponsky

Part V. Complications Of Otoplasty

51. Otoplasty Complications
Melvin A. Shiffman

52. Understanding and Correcting the Unfavorable Results After Otoplasty
Ashley K. Lentz, Bruce S. Bauer

53. Solving Sharp Edges of the Antihelix After Otoplasty
Renato da Silva Freitas, Maria Cecilia Closs Ono, Nivaldo Alonso

54. Prophylactic Z-Plasty to Prevent the Notch Deformity of the Helical Rim Following the Wedge Excision of the Ear
Peter Kim

55. Otoplasty Revision
Philip A. Young

Part VI. Outcomes

56. Sensibility of the Ear After Otoplasty
Pedro Soler Coltro, Marcus Castro Ferreira

57. Measurement of Postoperative Cephaloauricular Distance to Evaluate and Compare Results of Otoplasty
Stuart D. Richards

58. Otoplasty: Focusing on Patient Benefit and Health-Related Quality of Life
Thomas Braun, Alexander Berghaus, John Martin Hempel

59. Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Emotional Effects Following Otoplasty
Raquel Aguilar Cuesta, Carmen Soto Beauregard

Part VII. Miscellaneous

60. Evolution of Consent and Alternatives to Traditional Consent Forms
Kayvan Shokrollahi, Adeyinka Molajo

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Plastic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology

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