Yang, Yuhang

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 1

Yang, Yuhang - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 1, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Selection Model Based on Trust Domain and Personality Preference of Grid Service
Xiaoxue Ma, Zixian Wang, Fei Liu, Jing Bian

2. Study on Relationship Between Network Public Opinion and New Function Mode of Ideological Education Based on Equations of Mathematical Physics
Dongchao Jia, Linlin Li

3. Web-Based Cross-Country E-Pal Enhance Writing Teaching
Shaojuan Zhang, Xitao Gu, Yuanyuan Zhang

4. Internet Marketing Strategy Based on E-Commerce
Feng Xiao Shun

5. VNA Time-Domain Technology Analysis Based on Virtual Instrument
Ying Liu, Rongyi Duan, Jiayu Xie

6. Campus Network Data Integration Based on XML
Zhijian Yang, Xianyang Li, Bifeng Liao

7. Design and Research of Embedded Gateway Based on CAN Bus
Ru Xue

8. Study on Mobile Internet in the Integration of Tourism Industrial Chain
Gefen Zhou

9. An Improved Routing Algorithm Based on End-to-End Packet Reception Rate in Wireless Sensor Networks
Wensheng Zou

10. Study on Networking of Internet of Things
Feng Zhang

11. Study on the Risk Management of Floodwater Utilization Based on the Internet of Water Affairs
Wen An, Jing Yu

12. Feature of Gender in Computer-Mediated Communication
Xiaoyi Zheng

13. Concurrency Control of Real-Time Distributed Web Applications Based on J2EE Multi-Tier Architecture
Chang-e Dong

14. Petri Net-Based Workflow Technology in Office Automation
Cuiping Wang

15. Study of Partition Speed Method in Stock Forecasting
Guobin Chen, Nanying Luo

16. Topic Information Collection Based on the Hidden Markov Model
Haiyan Jiang, Xingce Wang, Zhongke Wu, Mingquan Zhou, Xuesong Wang, Jigang Wang

17. AMI Information Fusion Based on MAS
Xianji Jin, Lei Lu, Weiming Tong

18. Control Strategies of the Health Hazards of Wood Dust to the Woodworking
Junwei Lou

19. Modeling on Sensitivity of Influential Factors to City Water Demand Based on System Dynamic Mechanics Method
Guang-Hui Wei, Feng Liu, Liang Ma, Liang-Liang Chen

20. Agent-Based Risk Simulation System Design Model for Generation-Side Electricity Market
Xian Li, Cunbin Li

21. 3D Simulation of Rock Fractures Distribution in Gaosong Field, Gejiu Ore District
Chunzhong Ni, Chunxue Liu, Shitao Zhang, Chunming Fu

22. Application-Oriented Designing for Remote Control Scheme of Robot Integrated Machine
Wenming Wang

23. Network Intrusion Detection Based on Dynamic Self-Organizing Map
Baoping Gu, Hongyan Guo

24. An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for QoS Anycast Routing
Yanyun Zhou, Zhenhong Jia, Xizhong Qin, Xiaoyan Xia, Lei Deng

25. Asymptotic Distribution of Makespan in Permutation Flowshops
Gengcheng Liu, Shiji Song, Cheng Wu

26. Optimized BP Neural Network Model Based on Niche Genetic Algorithm
HaoDong Zhu, HongChan Li

27. Alphabet Recognition Based on Scaled Conjugate Gradient BP Algorithm
Feiyan Zhou, Xiaofeng Zhu

28. Research on Rumors Spread Based on Cellular Automata
Yiran Gu, Jinzhu Ding

29. Dynamic Method of Secure Access Cloud in Mobile Environment
Rong Ouyang, Yunfa Li, Zujie Ren, Jian Wan

30. Intrusion Detection Engine Design Based on Immune
Zong Jiang Wang

31. Research on Tourism Economic Early Warning Model
Jiagui Wang, Jianhua He

32. One Commutativity Condition of Jacobson Semi-Simple Ring
Hui Zhao, Xin Song Yang

33. Economic Forecasting Based on Time Series Analysis
Qiaoling Feng

34. Analysis of Fishery Production Efficiency Based on the Three-Stage DEA
Shaowei Shen, Zuiyi Shen

35. Study of Family Function and Marital Quality of Electric Power Staff in Tangshan
Xin Chen, Jian-ming Li, Ting-sen Zhang

36. Study of Enterprise Organization Management Based on Fractal Theory
Daomei Zhang

37. Analysis on the Factors of Improving Competitiveness in Tourism Management
Wenzhuan Yin

38. Study of Sunshine State Under the Ice Caps Melting
Desheng Li

39. Study on Measure Solution Acidity or Basicity Based on Using Acidity AG
Liang Yongfeng

40. Study on Recycling of Silicate Contained Wastes for Fiber Cement Board
Cheng-Kuo Hsieh, T. H. Ueng, Jyh-Herng Chen

41. Optimization Management Based on Distribution Parameter
Qun Wang

42. Research on University Physical Education’s Teaching Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence
Meng Xue

43. Analysis on the Harmonious Development of Sport in University and the Community
Zemin Xiao

44. Research on Influence of Physical Exercise Pattern on University Students’ Physique Based on Statistical Regularity
Yuan Zhang

45. Research on Taichiquan Teaching Based on Information Technology
Rui Li, Xiaohong Wang

46. Study on Origin and Variation of Taekwondo and the Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Based on Function Increment Variation Method
Xiaoju Han

47. Statistical Analysis and Influence Research of Shanghai Cheerleading on College Students’ Physical and Psychological Development Based on T-Test Law
Yuexian Pan

48. Research on Sports Training Based on Information Technology
Yanping Tang, Guanghui Li, Hongyan Yu

49. Study on International Development of Chinese Martial Arts Based on SWOT Analysis Method

Xinmei Chen

50. Network Propagation Model of Chinese Traditional Sports in Globalization Based on Differential Equation
Dongsheng Lv

51. Study on Attacking Foul of Basketball Players in Competition Based on SPSS and U-Theory
Peng Pu, Sufei Yang, Fenglin Dong

52. Research on Cultivation of Higher Engineering Education
Haijuan An, Xue Zhang, Xue Yao

53. Research on Traditional Confucian Culture on University Students’ Mental Health Education Based on the Value Analysis Method
Jianxin Ma

54. Research on Epistemology of Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes and in Learning and Teaching Based on T-Test Method
Li Kang

55. Study on Influencing Factors of Effectiveness in Performance Management
Shaohuan Li

56. Analysis on Characteristic and Realization of High Performance Enterprise Human Resource Management
Jing Sun

57. Study on Social Constructivism Teaching Concept and Enlightenments in Curriculum Reform
Xiaoyun Lou

58. Ways to Improve the Students Communicative Competence
Xianmei Wei, Yiquan Liu

59. Improved Teaching Scheme Based on Communicative Approach
Wen Zhou

60. Exploring Bilingual Uyghur–Chinese Students’ Use of Language Inside and Outside School
Huaying Chen, Anniwar Rozy, Dilnur Abliz, Renaguli Muharemu

61. Study of Phosphorus Removal Efficiency in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process
Yanhui Ge, Lin Zhao, Ruochun Zhang, Jiayi Chen

62. Study on RMB Cross-Border Settlement in China’s Foreign Trade Enterprises
Hongqin Liu

63. Research on China’s Service Trade Based on International Competitiveness Perspective
Fengli Zhuo

64. Study of Coordinated Development of Logistics Industry and Regional Economic Integration Based on Provincial Data
Li Zhao

65. Study of Educational Products in the Marketing Channels During Upgrading Process
Xiaojie Tang

66. Infiltration Characteristics Under Different Land Uses in Yuanmou Dry-Hot Valley Area
Zhiqin Liu, Nanjun Lang, Keqin Wang

67. Geological Characteristic and Genesis of YuLu Pb–Sn Deposit Metallogenesis in HuiZe, YunNan
Chunzhong Ni, Shitao Zhang

68. Community Care Platform Based on Interviews with Typical Health Care Institutions
Haiying Wang, Suting Li

69. Research on Improving the Effectiveness of Blended Learning
Shengjian Chen

70. Study on Model of Industries to Relocate to Less Developed Regions
An’ning Cai

71. A Locating Approach of Sharing-Resource in Business Collaboration System
Jing Li

72. Research of Encodation Schemes Selecting Optimization for Character 2D Barcode
Fan Jiang, Zhi Liu, Xiaofei Feng

73. Study on the Relationship Between Social Support and Burnout of Civil Servants in Tangshan
Xiaotong Zhu, Xue Yao, Xiuqi Hu

74. Study on Relationship Between Role Type and Job Satisfaction of Student Leaders in University
Shaoqing Yang, Jianzhu Bo, Xiaotong Zhu, Xiaohong Li, Baoqiang Yang, Chunjuan Niu, Xiaoyi Wang, Ying Zhang, Xiaoyan Li

75. Study on Innovation of Mandarin Teaching in Universities
Xue Yao, Haijuan An, Shanhui Lv

76. Research on Setting of Traffic and Patrol Police Service Platforms
Qingfeng Song, Yan Yan, Mingyue Zhao, Sha Wang

77. Forecasting Incidence Age of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Based on BP Neural Networks
Xiaohong Wang, Jianhui Wu, Sufeng Yin, Guoli Wang, Zhengjun Guo

78. Study on Tutor Team of Full-time Professional Degree Graduates
Huilan Li, Chunling Sun, Lei Zhou, Guobin Zhang, Weitao Su

79. Analysis of Graduates’ Professional Maturity
Huilan Li, Chunling Sun, Lei Zhou, Guobin Zhang

80. A Forward and Reverse Wrapping Depth Image-Based Rendering (FR-DIBR) Method for Arbitrary View Generation
Haitian Gui, Zhiyong Pang, Dihu Chen, Min Chen, Hongzhou Tan

81. An Improved Low-Cost Adaptive Bilinear Image Interpolation Algorithm
Zhiyong Pang, Huimin Dai, Hongzhou Tan, Dihu Chen

82. EEG Correlation Analysis Under the Condition of +Gz Accelerations
Yifeng Li, Tao Zhang, Bei Wang, Lue Deng, Masatoshi Nakamura

83. Research on the Lossless Image Compression Algorithm Based on Linux Embedded System
Liping Hao

84. Image Processing System Based on the ARM Embedded System Architecture
Mingli Yang, Yihui Chen

85. Design and Implementation of MCU Control Module Based on H.323 Video Conference
Fang Wu, Yingying Shen, Zhihua Zhang

86. Study on Teachers Speech System in Three-Dimensional Perspective
Xiuli Xian, You Huang

87. Analysis of Animation Art Design Based on 3Dmax Technology
Jing Wang, Ning Song

88. Research on Art Teaching Methods Modern of Multimedia Technology Based on SPSS
Ning Song, Jing Wang

89. Art Design Based on Digital Image Processing Software
Ning Song, Jing Wang

90. Acoustic Durational Properties of Sonorant as Syllable Boundaries in Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Tian Fang

91. Research on Language Ability for English Teaching in Primary and Middle School under Multimedia Network Environment
Junying Liu

92. Research on Application Model of Multimedia Database Based on Computer Network Technology
Boran He

93. Study on Newspaper Group New Media Strategy
Xiaobin Ding

94. Research on Traditional Newspaper Multimedia Fusion in the Digital Age
Xiao Bin Ding

95. Study of the Unique Beauty of Product Forms
Jisheng Chen

96. Study on Visual Arts Method Based on Music Rules
Yi Lu

97. Police Wrestling Skills Teaching Based on Multimedia Feedback Method
Lin Yang

98. Sports Teaching Model Analysis Based on Computer Technology
Haiying Quan

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Information Systems and Communication Service

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