Yang, Yuhang

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 5

Yang, Yuhang - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012): Volume 5, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Study of City-Level Management System of Air-Conditioning
Junwei Yan, Haihang Xu, Haijie Lin, Lei Zhong

2. Information System Scm Rationality in the Decision Making
Hemin Da

3. Design of Network-Based Virtual Laboratory
Yong Li, Guang Ming Li

4. Web-Based Proxy Server Filtering System
Yanjie Yang

5. Finance Report System Design Based on J2EE
Hua Wei

6. Design of Management Information System Based on Reverse Logistics
Ruihui Mu

7. Design of Scientific Research and Management System in University
Kuipeng Wang, Dinghui Wang

8. Informatization Management Platform of College Graduation Design Based on KM
Jun Dai

9. Acquisition System Design of Human Lower Limbs Motion Information
Jian Feng Li, Bo Xiao, Chu Hui Deng, Chun Jing Tao, Run Ji

10. Fire Prevention Model Based on Internet of Things
Hua Yang, Heping Zhang, Richard K. K. Yuen

11. Study of Online Teaching Website of Spoken Foreign Language Based on PHP
Ning Zhang

12. Study on Data High Availability in Data Grid Based on Optimization
Xiangju Liu

13. Network Models of Metaphor Translation
Yongli Zhang, Ou Ou

14. Study on Information of Network Firewall
Wei Shi

15. Improvement of Automobile Production Market Competitive Power Based on Logistics Network Planning
Hai Jian Wang

16. Novel P2P Network Model in Next Generation Networks
Haibo Yang

17. Study of the Language of Chinese Mobile Phone Short Messages
Nanfei Xu

18. Design and Implementation of Wireless Inertial Sensor Network Based on WiFi
Yong-sheng Wang

19. Construction and Maintenance Operation Program of the E-Commerce Websites of Miniature Clothing Enterprises
Tianpeng Liu

20. Study on Efficient Complex Network Model
Cheng Wang, Qing Zhang, Jianping Gan

21. Building of Volleyball Training System Based on Video Camera
Changliang Sun

22. Research on Operational Risk of Commercial Bank Based on Mechanism Design Theory
Baosen Wang, Di Wang

23. Analysis of the Characteristics of Intangible Cultural Heritage Changli to Yangko
Xiao Xi Guo, Yang Li, Qin Zhang

24. Study on Semantic Web Service Automatic Combination Technology Based on Agent
Changzu Li, Linan Zhu, Qingshui Li, Xiaomin Yao

25. Research of IPv6 Address Automatic Configuration in WSN
Lanlan Chen

26. An Improved Association Algorithm in Enterprises Consumption Warning
Ping Hao, JianFeng Yang

27. Study on Behavior of Dust-Exposed Workers of Ceramics, Iron and Steel, and Mechanical Manufacturing Industry
Zhiqian Sun, Shuyu Xiao, Fuhai Shen, Hui Zhao, Xueyun Fan, Shoufang Jiang, Sanqiao Yao, Qingdi Meng, Jing Bai, Zhengbing Hua

28. Regional Innovation System Based on Industrial Clusters
Xiong Cui, Bo Wu

29. Research on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promoting Policy
Pingyu Liu, Heng Xie

30. An Efficient Finite-Element Method-Based Stress Simulator for Integrated Circuit Optimization Designs
Hong-bin Zhang, Zhi-ming Liu

31. Cost Modeling for Determining Maintenance Task of Contractor
Gu Hongqiang, Jianmin Zhao

32. Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinematic Features Based on Hidden Markov Model
Haibo Pang, Youdong Ding

33. Heuristic Assembly Order Design of Aircraft Based on Semantics Association
Yang Li, Lei Zhao

34. Innovative Talents Training Strategy Based on Off-Campus High-End Practice Environment
Yong Zhang, Jianli Dong

35. Scenario Prediction of Energy Demand and Development Status of Renewable Energy in Dunstan Area of Chongming Island
Xuezhong Fan, Liquan Zhang

36. Study on Inheritance of the Team Knowledge Between High-Tech Projects
Jun Dai, Vikas Kumar, Malcolm Brady

37. Research on Intercity Transportation and City Group Economic Integration Based on Elastic Coefficient
Fuchun Xie, Lingling Zhang

38. Study on the Earthquake Emergency Behavior Patterns of County Governments
Deng Yan, Nie Gaozhong

39. Study on Green Economy Transformation in Developing Countries
Jun Lin

40. Optimization of Enterprise Production Based on Carbon Emissions Credits Trading
Honglei Tang, Guofang Song

41. Research of Valid Authorization in the Business Management
Jindong Wei, Huixin Wang

42. Application and Development of 3D Technology in the Field of Architecture
Qiangdong Yan

43. Study on Situational Sports Teaching Model
Libin Zhang

44. Efficient Scheme to Improve Scientific Research Level of University Gym Instructor
Jun Wang

45. Research on Basketball System in Training Reserve Human Capital
Long Wu

46. Study on National Traditional Sports
QuanXian Wang

47. Feasibility Study on Physical Education of Vocational Colleges
Qiang Wei, Yali Liu, Xiaomei Zhao

48. Study of the Value Orientation of Physical Education
Jindong Chang, Liuxiao Lei

49. Reform of College Sports Based on the Concept of Low-Carbon
Yumei Zhao

50. Study on Role of Leisure Sports in University Sport Education
Yejun Zhan

51. Research on Information Technology in Sport Educational Training System
Hui-juan Dong, Chong-fei Li, Feng-yan Zhang

52. Study of Colleges Tennis Teaching Level
Fu Ming

53. Research of Volleyball Athletes Management System
Changliang Sun

54. Research on Physical Education Management System of University
Zengpeng Jia

55. Corpus-Based Error Analyses of Contestants’ Writing from Vocational Colleges
Ronggen Zhang

56. EFL Motivation Construct and Motivational Strategies in Tertiary Language Learning
Fei Guo

57. Reform and Practice of C Language Programming Teaching
Limin Tao

58. Joint Cooperative of the Rural Credit Cooperatives Based on Transitional Institutional Arrangement
Kaiqun Wu

59. Decision of the Wind Power Projects Based on Cost-Efficient Method
Gao Hong, Gao Wu, Lu Guo

60. Study on College Graduation Design Models Based on Knowledge Management
Lifen Zhang, Jun Dai

61. Research of Hidden Risks and Countermeasures of Network in College Computer Room
Jia Li

62. Prediction Model of School Effectiveness for Local Universities
Zhongwen Chen, Genyu Chen

63. Study on Communicative Listening Test Based on Pragmatic Inference
Huimin Wang, Hui Zhao, Xilan Sun, Qianfeng Liu

64. Study of Social Impact of Shanghai World Expo
Shunyong Yang, Xuan Xu

65. Study on Brand Marketing Management in China Enterprises
Han Yu, Fei Ouyang

66. Competency-Based Teaching and Practice on the Course Fundamentals of Electric Circuits
Jun-An Zhang, Xin Zhan, Li Wang

67. Analysis of Word Order of English and Chinese
Xiaoye Chen

68. Teaching Mode Choice for the Cultivation of the Innovation Foreign Trade Talents
Shuyan Cheng

69. Internal Marketing: Exploring the Impact of Cultural and Language Issues
Yu-Ting Huang, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

70. Study on Key Influencing Factors of Dynamic Alliance Achievements with Asymmetric Information
Yongpei Wang, Baoguo Shan, Qing Huang

71. Analysis of Governance Efficiency of Family Business Financing Structure Based on DEA Model
Zhiqiang Zhou, Yinhua Tian, Heping Liao, Kexi Wang

72. Research on Paying Rules and Distributions of Generation Companies Under Different Trading Rules
Jianping Wang, Tao Zhang, Xianjia Wang

73. Document Management System Based on the Distributed Commutating
Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu

74. IMS Vulnerability Evaluation Model Based on Gray Theory
Qunling Xu

75. Efficient Scheme to Improve Students Language Competence Based on Cooperative Teaching
Weiqing Liu

76. Study on Factors of Affecting the Acceptance and Adoption of Smartphone
Yu-Ting Huang, Yi-Hsiang Chen

77. Traffic Distribution and Self-Similarity of P2P Application
Baogang Chen, Jinlong Hu

78. Study on Teaching Mode of Character Image Design Program of Higher Vocational College
Anfeng Zhang, Qiuxiang Gao

79. Private Kindergarten Management Characteristics and Values
Zhilong Cheng

80. Wine Bottle Design and Consumer Preferences
Yani Xie

81. System Improvement Discussion of Public Service Supply Ability of Local Government
Er-Xiang Chen

82. University Library Lending Prediction Model Based on Linear Regression Analysis
Xuemei Su

83. Teaching Design Principles for the Integration of Mathematical Culture into Calculus Teaching
Dahai Sui

84. Application of Software Matlab in Advanced Mathematics
Shengguang Peng

85. Risk Measure for Nonferrous Metals Futures Based on PSO-GARCH-GPD Model
Xiufang Chen, Chaoping Zhang

86. Study on Virtual Team’s Compensation Based on the Expression of Mathematical Equation
Yangyang Li

87. Research on Relationship Between Selection and Quality of Expression Based on Mathematics Statistical Regularity and Consistency Index
Lin Zhang

88. Air Quality Evaluation Method Based on Gray Relational Analysis
Zhongwen Chen, Genyu Chen

89. The Analysis of Risks About Investors’ Dependence on Information Based on Grey Relevant Analysis
Zhihong Lin, Jinran Yang

90. Combination Forecasts in Modeling and Forecasting China’s Commercial Housing Loan Interest Rate
Jie Si

91. Efficient Teaching Scheme Based on Information Technology
Xiaoyan Zou, Yuntang Hu

92. Research on Artistic Value of Computer Music for College Students
Qiong Qi, Jian Ye Cao, Yi Wen Zhang

93. Research on College English Autonomous Learning Mode Based on Computer Networks
Sujuan Wang

94. Study of Modern Educational Technology in Modern Industrial Training
Dongjing Wang, Xiqin Wen

95. Study on Integration of Art Graphic Design with the Elements of Life
Qing Lu, Kun Shen

96. Research on Personnel Positioning Method in the Mt. Everest Scenic Based on RFID
Wenyi Hu, Aike Kan, Xuben Wang, Weizhou Zeng, Yuan Li, Xiaojia Li, Guoming Li

97. The Research on Tourism English Multimedia Digital Material Based on VOD
Yu Ma

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Information Systems and Communication Service

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