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Advances in Political Economy

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Table of contents

Part I. Institutions

1. Transaction Cost Politics in the Map of the New Institutionalism
Gonzalo Caballero, Xosé Carlos Arias

2. Political Transitions in Ancient Greece and Medieval Italy: An Analytic Narrative
Leandro Magalhães

3. A Collective-Action Theory of Fiscal-Military State Building
Luz Marina Arias

4. Stable Constitutions in Political Transition
Katja Michalak, Gerald Pech

5. Quandaries of Gridlock and Leadership in US Electoral Politics
Evan Schnidman, Norman Schofield

6. Sub-central Governments and Debt Crisis in Spain over the Period 2000–2011
Fernando Toboso

7. Deciding How to Choose the Healthcare System
Olga Shvetsova, Katri K. Sieberg

Part II. Modelling

8. Challenges to the Standard Euclidean Spatial Model
Jon X. Eguia

9. A Non-existence Theorem for Clientelism in Spatial Models
Daniel Kselman

10. Nonseparable Preferences and Issue Packaging in Elections
Dean Lacy, Emerson M. S. Niou

11. When Will Incumbents Avoid a Primary Challenge? Aggregation of Partial Information About Candidates’ Valence
Gilles Serra

12. Measuring the Latent Quality of Precedent: Scoring Vertices in a Network
John W. Patty, Elizabeth Maggie Penn, Keith E. Schnakenberg

Part III. Empirical Analysis

13. The Politics of Austerity: Modeling British Attitudes Towards Public Spending Cuts
Harold D. Clarke, Walter Borges, Marianne C. Stewart, David Sanders, Paul Whiteley

14. Modeling Elections with Varying Party Bundles: Applications to the 2004 Canadian Election
Kevin McAlister, Jee Seon Jeon, Norman Schofield

15. Spatial Model of Elections in Turkey: Tracing Changes in the Party System in the 2000s
Norman Schofield, Betul Demirkaya

16. Do Competitive Districts Necessarily Produce Centrist Politicians?
James Adams, Thomas L. Brunell, Bernard Grofman, Samuel Merrill

17. A Heteroscedastic Spatial Model of the Vote: A Model with Application to the United States
Ernesto Calvo, Timothy Hellwig, Kiyoung Chang

18. Inferring Ideological Ambiguity from Survey Data
Arturas Rozenas

Keywords: Social Sciences, Political Economy, Public Finance & Economics

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