Estévez, Pablo A.

Advances in Self-Organizing Maps

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Table of contents

1. How to Visualize Large Data Sets?
Barbara Hammer, Andrej Gisbrecht, Alexander Schulz

2. On-Line Relational SOM for Dissimilarity Data
Madalina Olteanu, Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix, Marie Cottrell

3. Non-Euclidean Principal Component Analysis and Oja’s Learning Rule – Theoretical Aspects
Michael Biehl, Marika Kästner, Mandy Lange, Thomas Villmann

4. Classification of Chain-Link and Other Data with Spherical SOM
Masaaki Ohkita, Heizo Tokutaka, Makoto Ohki, Matashige Oyabu, Kikuo Fujimura

5. Unsupervised Weight-Based Cluster Labeling for Self-Organizing Maps
Willem S. Heerden, Andries P. Engelbrecht

6. Controlling Self-Organization and Handling Missing Values in SOM and GTM
Tommi Vatanen, Ilari T. Nieminen, Timo Honkela, Tapani Raiko, Krista Lagus

7. Opposite Maps for Hard Margin Support Vector Machines
Ajalmar R. Rocha Neto, Guilherme A. Barreto

8. Intuitive Volume Exploration through Spherical Self-Organizing Map
Naimul Mefraz Khan, Matthew Kyan, Ling Guan

9. Using SOM as a Tool for Automated Design of Clustering Systems Based on Fuzzy Predicates
Gustavo J. Meschino, Diego S. Comas, Virginia L. Ballarin, Adriana G. Scandurra, Lucía I. Passoni

10. From Forced to Natural Competition in a Biologically Plausible Neural Network
Francisco Javier Ropero Peláez, Antonio Carlos Godoi

11. Sparse Coding Neural Gas Applied to Image Recognition
Horia Coman, Erhardt Barth, Thomas Martinetz

12. Hand Tracking with an Extended Self-Organizing Map
Andreea State, Foti Coleca, Erhardt Barth, Thomas Martinetz

13. Trajectory Analysis on Spherical Self-Organizing Maps with Application to Gesture Recognition
Artur Oliva Gonsales, Matthew Kyan

14. Image Representation Using the Self-Organizing Map
Leandro A. Silva, Bruno Pazzinato, Orlando B. Coelho

15. Inverse Halftoning by Means of Self-Organizing Maps
Flavio Moreira Costa, Sidnei Alves Araújo, Renato José Sassi

16. Restoration Model with Inference Capability of Self-Organizing Maps
Michiharu Maeda

17. Improvements in the Visualization of Segmented Areas of Patterns of Dynamic Laser Speckle
Lucía I. Passoni, Ana Lucía Dai Pra, Adriana Scandurra, Gustavo Meschino, Christian Weber, Marcelo Guzmán, Héctor Rabal, Marcelo Trivi

18. Online Visualization of Prototypes and Receptive Fields Produced by LVQ Algorithms
David Nova, Pablo A. Estévez

19. Efficient Approximations of Kernel Robust Soft LVQ
Daniela Hofmann, Andrej Gisbrecht, Barbara Hammer

20. Gradient Based Learning in Vector Quantization Using Differentiable Kernels
Thomas Villmann, Sven Haase, Marika Kästner

21. Nonlinear Time Series Analysis by Using Gamma Growing Neural Gas
Pablo A. Estévez, Jorge R. Vergara

22. Robust Regional Modeling for Nonlinear System Identification Using Self-Organizing Maps
Amauri H. Souza Junior, Francesco Corona, Guilherme A. Barreto

23. Learning Embedded Data Structure with Self-Organizing Maps
Edson C. Kitani, Emilio Del-Moral-Hernandez, Leandro A. Silva

24. Enhancing NLP Tasks by the Use of a Recent Neural Incremental Clustering Approach Based on Cluster Data Feature Maximization
Jean-Charles Lamirel, Ingrid Falk, Claire Gardent

25. Combining Neural Clustering with Intelligent Labeling and Unsupervised Bayesian Reasoning in a Multiview Context for Efficient Diachronic Analysis
Jean-Charles Lamirel

26. Lexical Recount between Factor Analysis and Kohonen Map: Mathematical Vocabulary of Arithmetic in the Vernacular Language of the Late Middle Ages
Nicolas Bourgeois, Marie Cottrell, Benjamin Déruelle, Stéphane Lamassé, Patrick Letrémy

27. Computational Study of Stylistics: Visualizing the Writing Style with Self-Organizing Maps
Antonio Neme, Sergio Hernández, Teresa Dey, Abril Muñoz, J. R. G. Pulido

28. Verification of Metabolic Syndrome Checkup Data with a Self-Organizing Map (SOM): Towards a Simple Judging Tool
Heizo Tokutaka, Masaaki Ohkita, Nobuhiko Kasezawa, Makoto Ohki

29. Analysis of Farm Profitability and the Weighted Upscaling System Using the Self-Organizing Map
Mika Sulkava, Maria Yli-Heikkilä, Arto Latukka

30. Professional Trajectories of Workers Using Disconnected Self-Organizing Maps
Etienne Côme, Marie Cottrell, Patrice Gaubert

31. Understanding Firms’ International Growth: A Proposal via Self Organizing Maps
Marina Resta, Riccardo Spinelli

32. Short Circuit Incipient Fault Detection and Supervision in a Three-Phase Induction Motor with a SOM-Based Algorithm
David Coelho, Claudio Medeiros

33. The Finnish Car Rejection Reasons Shown in an Interactive SOM Visualization Tool
Jaakko Talonen, Mika Sulkava, Miki Sirola

34. A Model for Mortality Forecasting Based on Self Organizing Maps
Marina Resta, Marina Ravera

35. Paths of Wellbeing on Self-Organizing Maps
Krista Lagus, Tommi Vatanen, Oili Kettunen, Antti Heikkilä, Matti Heikkilä, Mika Pantzar, Timo Honkela

36. Exploring Social Systems Dynamics with SOM Variants
Marina Resta

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Complexity, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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