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Long Term Economic Development

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Andreas Pyka, Esben Sloth Andersen

2. Schumpeter’s Core Works Revisited
Esben Sloth Andersen

3. Back to Engel? Some Evidence for the Hierarchy of Needs
Andreas Chai, Alessio Moneta

4. Technological Regimes and Demand Structure in the Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Christian Garavaglia, Franco Malerba, Luigi Orsenigo, Michele Pezzoni

5. Innovation and Demand in Industry Dynamics: R&D, New Products and Profits
Francesco Bogliacino, Mario Pianta

6. Production and financial linkages in inter-firm networks: structural variety, risk-sharing and resilience
Giulio Cainelli, Sandro Montresor, Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti

7. Does History Matter? Empirical Analysis of Evolutionary Versus Stationary Equilibrium Views of the Economy
Kenneth I. Carlaw, Richard G. Lipsey

8. Innovation, Real Primary Commodity Prices and Business Cycles
Harry Bloch, David Sapsford

9. Knowledge Flows in High-Tech Industry Clusters: Dissemination Mechanisms and Innovation Regimes
Bo Carlsson

10. The International Diffusion of Biotechnology: the Arrival of Developing Countries
Jorge Niosi, Petr Hanel, Susan Reid

11. The Internet as a Global Production Reorganizer: The Old Industry in the New Economy
Gunnar Eliasson

12. Looking Around: The Smart Way of Italian SMEs to Innovate
Piergiuseppe Morone, Carmelo Petraglia, Giuseppina Testa

13. Strategic Fit Between Regional Innovation Policy and Regional Innovation Systems: The Case of Local Public Technology Centers in Japan
Nobuya Fukugawa

14. Schumpeterian Patterns of Innovation and the Sources of Breakthrough Inventions: Evidence from a Data-set of R&D Awards
Roberto Fontana, Alessandro Nuvolari, Hiroshi Shimizu, Andrea Vezzulli

15. R&D, Patents and Stock Return Volatility
Mariana Mazzucato, Massimiliano Tancioni

16. On Profit Differentials Between Persistent and Occasional Innovators: New Evidences from a Random-Coefficient Treatment Model
Giovanni Cerulli, Bianca Potì

17. Financial Factors and Patents
Gustav Martinsson, Hans Lööf

18. Building Systems
Brian J. Loasby

19. What Causes Creative Destruction?
Michael Joffe

20. Markets and Organizations Individualism and Economic Theory
Maria Brouwer

21. Financial System and Technological Catching-up: an Empirical Analysis
Muhammad Nadeem Javaid, Pier-Paolo Saviotti

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economic Growth, Innovation/Technology Management, Industrial Organization, R & D/Technology Policy

Publication year
Economic Complexity and Evolution
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6 pages

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