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Advanced In-Flight Measurement Techniques

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Table of contents

1. Foreword to the Proceedings of the Final Workshop
R. Dénos

2. AIM: An Introduction to the Project
Fritz Boden

3. Highly Accurate Aircraft In-Flight Wing Deformation Measurements Based on Image Correlation

H. P. J. Veerman, H. Kannemans, H. W. Jentink

4. IPCT Ground Vibration Measurements on a Small Aircraft

Fritz Boden, Thomas Wolf, Claudio Lanari, Anwar Torres

5. In-Flight IPCT Wing Deformation Measurements on a Small Aircraft
Fritz Boden, Claudio Lanari, Anwar Torres, Thorsten Weikert

6. Assessment of IPCT for Wing Deformation Measurements on Small Aircrafts

Pavel Ružička, Jan Rýdel, Miroslav Josefik, Fritz Boden

7. IPCT Wing Deformation Measurements on a Large Transport Aircraft

Fritz Boden, Henk Jentink, Christian Petit

8. Propeller Deformation Study on an P 180 PushPropeller Aircraft
Claudio Lanari, Fritz Boden

9. Image Based Propeller Deformation Measurements on the Piaggio P 180
Claudio Lanari, Boleslaw Stasicki, Fritz Boden, Anwar Torres

10. Assessment of Propeller Deformation Measurement Techniques for Industrial Application

Pavel Ružička, Jan Rýdel, Miroslav Josefik, Fritz Boden, Claudio Lanari

11. Towards In-Flight Measurements of Helicopter Blade Tip Vortices

Kolja Kindler, Karen Mulleners, Markus Raffel

LIDAR for Helicopter Blade Tip Vortex Detection
Béatrice Augere, Claudine Besson, Agnès Dolfi, Didier Fleury, Didier Goular, Matthieu Valla

13. Blade Deformation Measurements with IPCT on an EC 135 Helicopter Rotor

Christoph Maucher, Fritz Boden

14. Applications of Infrared Technology to Helicopter Flight Testing

Laurent Girard

15. In-Flight Application of Pressure Sensitive Paint

Yasuhiro Egami, Christian Klein, Ulrich Henne, Klaus Groot, Jörg B. Meyer, Claus-Peter Krückeberg, Fritz Boden

16. Development of Particle Image Velocimetry for In-Flight Flow Measurement

Christina Politz, Nicholas J. Lawson, Robert Konrath, Janos Agocs, Andreas Schröder

17. Ground Based Large Scale Wake Vortex Investigations by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry: A Feasibility Study

Christina Politz, Reinhard Geisler, Sudesh Ranasinghe

18. Investigation of Background Pattern for the Outdoor Application of the BOS Method
B. S. Rinkevichyus, N. M. Skornyakova, E. M. Mikhaleva, A. S. Mikhalev, A. Yu. Poroykov, A. V. Udalov

19. The Application of Background Oriented Schlieren Method to Aircraft Wake Vortex Investigations
Christina Politz, Benedikt Over, Tania Kirmse

20. Sensors and Actuators for Laminar Flow Flight Experiments
Andreas Pätzold, Inken Peltzer, Wolfgang Nitsche

Keywords: Engineering, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Applied and Technical Physics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

Publication year
Research Topics in Aerospace
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19 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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