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Complex Systems Design & Management

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Table of contents

1. Engineering Cyber-Physical Systems: Challenges and Foundations
Manfred Broy

2. Game-Theoretical and Evolutionary Simulation: A Toolbox for Complex Enterprise Problems
Yves Caseau

3. Architecting Complex Systems in New Domains and Problems: Making Sense of Complexity and Managing Its Unintended Consequences
Patrick Godfrey

4. Agility Problems in Traditional Systems Engineering - A Case Study
Emrah Asan, Semih Bilgen

5. Modeling Transportation Systems: A Case Study with the Open Method Praxeme
Dominique Vauquier

6. PBS: A Major Enabler for Systems Engineering
Edmond Tonnellier, Olivier Terrien

7. Complex Systems Architecture Framework: Extension to Multi-objective Optimization
Abdelkrim Doufene, Hugo G. Chalé-Góngora, Daniel Krob

8. Requirement Management for Complex Systems, a Critical Element of the Integration Process
Nicolas Chapron, Michel Luttmann, Christian Blanchet

9. Modelling Languages for Functional Analysis Put to the Test of Real Life
Jean-Luc Voirin

10. Modeling the Impact of Requirements Change in the Design of Complex Systems
João Fernandes, Arlindo Silva, Elsa Henriques

11. Model-Driven Development of Logistic Systems Using Domain-Specific Tooling
Jacques Verriet, Hsuan Lorraine Liang, Roelof Hamberg, Bruno Wijngaarden

12. Smart Grid: Constructing a System of Systems Model Using Both Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments
Michael Z. Miller, Satya S. Pogaru, Dimitri N. Mavris

13. Prototyping Systems Thinking Curriculum Development for Pre-college Students
Ben R. Jurewicz

14. An Integrated Approach to Developing Automotive Climate Control Systems
Guillaume Belloncle, Patrick Chombart, Bernard Clark

15. Flexible Product Line Derivation Applied to a Model Based Systems Engineering Process
Cosmin Dumitrescu, Patrick Tessier, Camille Salinesi, Sebastien Gérard, Alain Dauron

16. Towards an Architectural Design Framework for Automotive Systems Development
Hugo G. Chalé Góngora, Thierry Gaudré, Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni

17. Human Emotional Interaction and Hydrotherpy: Industrial Design Keys
Sergio Gago, Joaquim Lloveras

18. Synchronisation Phenomena in Electrical Systems: Emergent Oscillation in a Refrigerator Population
Enrique Kremers, José María González Durana, Oscar Barambones, André Lachaud

19. Orchestrating Situation Awareness and Authority in Complex Socio-technical Systems
Guy A. Boy

20. A Collaborative Distributed Control and Building Performance Simulation Based on Systems Engineering Practice
Azzedine Yahiaoui, Abd-El-Kader Sahraoui

21. An Organizing Taxonomy of Procedures to Design and Manage Complex Systems for Uncertainty and Flexibility
Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Innovation/Technology Management, Complexity

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