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Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012

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Table of contents

1. Understanding the Other Side – The Inside Story of the INFER Project
Katarzyna Musial, Marcin Budka, Wieslaw Blysz

2. Smart Meetings: Experimenting with Space
Jeremy Frey, Colin Bird, Cerys Willoughby

3. Human Aspects of Smart Spaces for Knowledge Transfer
Jeremy Frey, Colin Bird, Cerys Willoughby

4. Smart Meeting Spaces for Knowledge Transfer
Jeremy Frey, Colin Bird, Cerys Willoughby

5. Facilitating Knowledge Transfer in IANES - A Transactive Memory Approach
Matthias Neubauer, Stefan Oppl, Christian Stary, Georg Weichhart

6. Nonlinear Time Series Analyses in Industrial Environments and Limitations for Highly Sparse Data
Emili Balaguer-Ballester

7. Next-Practise in University Research Based Open Innovation - From Push to Pull: Case Studies from Denmark

Jens Rønnow Lønholdt, Mille Wilken Bengtsson, Lone Tolstrup Karlby, Dorthe Skovgaard Lund, Carsten Møller, Jacob Nielsen, Annette Winkel Schwarz, Kristoffer Amlani Ulbak

8. Embedding Creative Processes in the Development of Soft Body Armour: Physiological, Aesthetic, Functionality and Strategic Challenges
Janet Coulter

9. The Alchemy Exchange - Turning Student Consultancy Opportunities into a Good Student Experience
Felicity Mendoza, Jonathan Gorst

10. The Use of Accompanying Funding Offers When Starting Knowledge Transfer Projects: The Case of National Innovation Agents in Denmark
Erik W. Hallgren

11. How to Facilitate Knowledge Collaboration – Developing Next Practice
Elinor Bæk Thomsen, Trine Lumbye

12. The On-Campus Innovation Factory - Boosting University Research Based Innovation
Lars Hein

13. Knowledge Transfer through Diversity Coach and Mentoring Partnerships
Ileana Hamburg

14. The Third Way for the Third Sector: Using Design to Transfer Knowledge and Improve Service in a Voluntary Community Sector Organisation
Mark Bailey, Laura Warwick

15. Living Labs: Frameworks and Engagement
Maurice Mulvenna, Suzanne Martin

16. Leading Innovation through Knowledge Transfer to Social Enterprises in Northern Ireland
Eddie Friel, Kerry Patterson

17. Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Importance of Location for Knowledge Transfer in the Transportation Sector
Jeffrey A. Moore, Daniel K. N. Johnson, Kristina M. Lybecker

18. Information Sharing among Innovative SME: An Exploratory Study within the Portuguese SME Innovation Network
Esther Lage, Bráulio Alturas

19. Interdisciplinarity: Creativity in Collaborative Research Approaches to Enhance Knowledge Transfer
Janet Coulter

20. Requirements of Knowledge Commercialization in Universities and Academic Entrepreneurship
Samira Nadirkhanlou, Ali Asghar Pourezzat, Arian Gholipour, Mona Zehtabi

21. Case Study: Innovative Methodologies for Measuring and Mitigating Network Risk in the Electricity Distribution Industry
Simon Blake, Philip Taylor, David Miller

22. KTP and M-Commerce: Innovation in the Building Industry
Paul Crowther

23. Knowledge for Business (K4B): A University – Business Knowledge Transfer Collaboration Framework
Phil Fiddaman, Robert Howie, Dominic Bellamy, Claire Higgitt

24. Industrial Funding Path Analysis in the Italian University System
Mariafebronia Sciacca

25. Breaking Down Barriers and Building Collaboration Knowledge Transfer Success Stories from Wales
Jarmila Davies

26. SDL Approach to University-Small Business Learning: Mapping the Learning Journey
Christopher J. Brown, Diane Morrad

27. Innovative Challenges in Indian University Education: Agenda for Immediate Future
M. L. Ranga

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
Page amount
22 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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