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Spider Ecophysiology

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Table of contents

Part I. Respiration and Circulatory System

1. Evolution and Adaptation of Hemocyanin Within Spiders
Thorsten Burmester

2. The Circulatory System of Spiders
Christian S. Wirkner, Katarina Huckstorf

3. Tracheae in Spiders: Respiratory Organs for Special Functions
Anke Schmitz

Part II. Locomotion and Dispersal

4. Hydraulic System of Locomotion
Christian Kropf

5. Functional Aspects of Spider Scopulae
Senta Niederegger

6. Cost–Benefit Balance of Dispersal and the Evolution of Conditional Dispersal Strategies in Spiders
Dries Bonte

Part III. Immune System and Pathogens

7. The Immune System of Spiders
Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig, Wolfgang Nentwig

8. Endosymbiont Infections in Spiders
Sara L. Goodacre, Oliver Y. Martin

9. Fungal Pathogens of Spiders
Harry C. Evans

Part IV. Chemical Communication and Reproduction

10. Chemical Communication and Contact Cuticular Compounds in Spiders
Marie Trabalon

11. Spider Olfaction: Attracting, Detecting, Luring and Avoiding
Gabriele Uhl

12. Karyotypes, Sex Chromosomes, and Meiotic Division in Spiders
Tereza Kořínková, Jiří Král

13. Male Reproductive System of Spiders
Peter Michalik, Elisabeth Lipke

Part V. Venom

14. Main Components of Spider Venoms
Wolfgang Nentwig, Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig

15. The Neurotoxic Mode of Action of Venoms from the Spider Family Theraphosidae
Volker Herzig, Glenn F. King

16. The Cytotoxic Mode of Action of the Venom of Cupiennius salei (Ctenidae)
Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig, Wolfgang Nentwig

17. The Evolution of a Toxic Enzyme in Sicariid Spiders
Greta Binford

18. Predation by Spitting Spiders: Elaborate Venom Gland, Intricate Delivery System
Robert B. Suter, Gail E. Stratton

19. Spider Venoms Potentially Lethal to Humans
Wolfgang Nentwig, Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig

Part VI. Silk

20. Spider Silk: Molecular Structure and Function in Webs
Todd A. Blackledge

21. Aggregate Silk Gland Secretions of Araneoid Spiders
Mark A. Townley, Edward K. Tillinghast

22. Cribellar Thread
Brent D. Opell

Part VII. Colouration

23. Insect View of Orb Spider Body Colorations
I-Min Tso

24. Structural Colors in Spiders
Rainer F. Foelix, Bruno Erb, David E. Hill

25. UV and Camouflage in Crab Spiders (Thomisidae)
Marie E. Herberstein, Felipe M. Gawryszewski

26. Rapid Colour Change in Spiders
Judith Wunderlin, Christian Kropf

Part VIII. Nutrition

27. Nutritional Aspects of Spider Feeding
Søren Toft

28. Herbivory in Spiders
Dirk Sanders

29. Artificial Diets for Spiders
Divina M. Amalin

Part IX. Ecotoxicology

30. Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination
Paweł Migula, Grażyna Wilczek, Agnieszka Babczyńska

31. Side Effect of Synthetic Pesticides on Spiders
Stano Pekár

32. Side Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis Toxins on Spiders
Michael Meissle

33. Effects of Neem on Spiders
John D. Stark

Part X. Applications

34. Modelling and Application of the Hydraulic Spider Leg Mechanism
Lena Zentner

35. Adhesion to Flat Surfaces: From Spiders to Stickers
Tobias Seidl, Renato Vidoni

36. Technical and Biomedical Uses of Nature’s Strongest Fiber: Spider Silk
Christina Allmeling, Christine Radtke, Peter M. Vogt

37. Spider Venom Components as Drug Candidates
Vera Oldrati, Estelle Bianchi, Reto Stöcklin

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Physiology, Invertebrates, Animal Biochemistry, Animal Ecology, Animal Anatomy / Morphology / Histology

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