Stavroulakis, Georgios E.

Recent Advances in Contact Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Discrete Coulomb Frictional Systems Subjected to Periodic Loading
Jim R. Barber, Young Ju Ahn

2. Stability in Unilateral Contact Problems with Dry Friction
Elaine Pratt, Alain Léger, Michel Jean

3. On a Geometrically Exact Theory for Contact Interactions
Alexander Konyukhov, Karl Schweizerhof

4. Applications of an Existence Result for the Coulomb Friction Problem
Vincent Acary, Florent Cadoux

5. Size-Scale Effects on the Friction Coefficient: From Weak Faults at the Planetary Scale to Superlubricity at the Nanoscale
Marco Paggi, Alberto Carpinteri

6. A Residual Type Error Estimate for the Static Coulomb Friction Problem with Unilateral Contact
Patrick Hild, Vanessa Lleras

7. Frictional Contact Problems for Thin Elastic Structures and Weak Solutions of Sweeping Process
Patrick Ballard

8. Scalable TFETI Algorithm for Frictionless Contact Problems: Theory and Real World Problems
Zdeněk Dostál, Tomáš Kozubek, Tomáš Brzobohatý, Alexandros Markopoulos, Vít Vondrák

9. T-FETI Based Algorithm for 3D Contact Problems with Orthotropic Friction
Jaroslav Haslinger, Radek Kučera

10. A Primal-Dual Active Set Strategy for Finite Deformation Dual Mortar Contact
Alexander Popp, Michael W. Gee, Wolfgang A. Wall

11. Numerical Analysis of a Bone Remodelling Contact Problem
José R. Fernández, Rebeca Martínez

12. Postbuckling Behaviour of a Rectangular Plate Surrounded by Nonlinear Elastic Supports
Aliki D. Muradova, Georgios E. Stavroulakis

13. A Time-Stepping Scheme for Multibody Dynamics with Unilateral Constraints
Laetitia Paoli

14. Coupled Implicit Variational Inequalities and Dynamic Contact Interactions in Viscoelasticity
Marius Cocou

15. Comparisons of Contact Forces during Oblique Impact: Experimental vs. Continuum and Finite Element Results
Philip P. Garland, Robert J. Rogers

16. Dynamic Response of Masonry Walls Connected with a Reinforced Concrete Frame
Maria E. Stavroulaki, Katerina Pateraki

17. Beams Comprising Unilateral Material in Frictionless Contact: A Variational Approach with Constraints in Dual Spaces
Franco Maceri, Giuseppe Vairo

18. On the Separation Zones in Aluminium Base-Plate Connections. Numerical Simulation and Laboratory Testing
Dimitrios N. Kaziolas, Evangelos Efthymiou, Michael Zygomalas, Charalambos C. Baniotopoulos

19. Composite Slab: A Unilateral Contact Problem
Themistoklis S. Tsalkatidis, Aris V. Avdelas

20. The Influence of Sliding Friction on Optimal Topologies
Niclas Strömberg

21. Derivation of the Equation of Caustics for the Experimental Assessment of Distributed Contact Loads with Friction in Two Dimensions
Vasilios Spitas, Christos Spitas, George Papadopoulos, Theodore Costopoulos

22. A Mathematical Method for the Determination of the Critical Axial Loads of Continuous Beams with Unilateral Constraints for Various Initial Geometric Imperfections
Konstantinos A. Tzaros, Euripides S. Mistakidis

23. A Numerical Approach to the Non-convex Dynamic Problem of Steel Pile-Soil Interaction under Environmental and Second-Order Geometric Effects
Asterios Liolios, Konstantinos Liolios, George Michaltsos

24. Effect of Different Types of Material Hardening on Hysteretic Behavior of Spherical Contact under Combined Normal and Tangential Loading
Yuri Kligerman, Vadim Zolotarevsky, Izhak Etsion

25. Modelling of Piezoelectric Contact Problems
Mikael Barboteu, Mircea Sofonea

26. A Multi Resolution Study on the Behavior of Fractal Interfaces with Unilateral Contact Conditions
Olympia K. Panagouli, Euripides S. Mistakidis

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics

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Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics
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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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