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Soft Computing Applications

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Table of contents

1. Outline of a Restriction-Centered Theory of Reasoning and Computation in an Environment of Uncertainty, Imprecision and Partiality of Truth
Lotfi A. Zadeh

2. On Structure of Uncertainties
Michio Sugeno

3. Advances in Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
Kay Chen Tan

4. On the Applications of Fuzzy Implication Functions
Michał Baczyński

5. Information Theoretic Security by the Laws of Classical Physics
R. Mingesz, L. B. Kish, Z. Gingl, C. G. Granqvist, H. Wen, F. Peper, T. Eubanks, G. Schmera

6. The Biometric Menagerie – A Fuzzy and Inconsistent Concept
Nicolaie Popescu-Bodorin, Valentina Emilia Balas, Iulia Maria Motoc

7. A Multi-algorithmic Colour Iris Recognition System
Petru Radu, Konstantinos Sirlantzis, Gareth Howells, Sanaul Hoque, Farzin Deravi

8. Examples of Artificial Perceptions in Optical Character Recognition and Iris Recognition
Cristina Madalina Noaica, Robert Badea, Iulia Maria Motoc, Claudiu Gheorghe Ghica, Alin Cristian Rosoiu, Nicolaie Popescu-Bodorin

9. Noise Influence on the Fuzzy-Linguistic Partitioning of Iris Code Space
Iulia Maria Motoc, Cristina Madalina Noaica, Robert Badea, Claudiu Gheorghe Ghica

10. Excluded Middle and Graduation
Dragan G. Radojević

11. Models for Ranking Students: Selecting Applicants for a Master of Science Studies
Pavle Milošević, Ivan Nešić, Ana Poledica, Dragan G. Radojević, Bratislav Petrović

12. Modeling Candlestick Patterns with Interpolative Boolean Algebra for Investment Decision Making
Ivan Nešić, Pavle Milošević, Aleksandar Rakicevic, Bratislav Petrović, Dragan G. Radojević

13. Using Fuzzy Logic to Determine If the Traffic Is Constant or Not in DTF Method
Emanuel Ciprian Sasu, Octavian Prostean

14. Design an Optimal Fuzzy PID Controller for Herbal Machine Harvester with Gripping-Belt Speed
Behnam Yavari, Seyed Hamidreza Abbasi, Faridoon Shabaninia

15. Comparative Study between Tank’s Water Level Control Using PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller
Davood Mohammadi Souran, Seyed Hamidreza Abbasi, Faridoon Shabaninia

16. Design of MIMO Mamdani Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Wall Following Mobile Robot
Nasim Paykari, Seyed Hamidreza Abbasi, Faridoon Shabaninia

17. The Single-Allocation Hierarchical Hub-Median Problem with Fuzzy Flows
Soheil Davari, Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi

18. Experimental Application of a Pragmatic Method to Design Control Strategy for Low Power Wind Energy Conversion System
Radu Boraci, Cristian Vasar

19. Model Predictive Control for Inside Temperature of an Energy Efficient Building
Cosmin Koch-Ciobotaru

20. Optimization of the Power Transfer Control between the Ports of a Double Bridge DC – DC Power Converter Type Gyrator
Ildiko Tatai, Marian Greconici

21. Maximization of the Energy and Flattening of Fluctuations for the Power Generated into the Network at a Wind Driven Electro Energetic System
Ovidiu Gana, Octavian Prostean, Marius Babescu

22. A Brief Outline of Computational Limitations on Actual Wireless Sensor Networks
Gabriel Gîrban, Mircea Popa

23. The Quality of Following the Welding Path with Arc Sensors
Gheorghe Sima

24. Modeling of the Electric Arc Behavior of the Electric Arc Furnace
Manuela Panoiu, Caius Panoiu, Loredana Ghiormez

25. Live Steam Temperature Control Loop for 1035 t/h Benson Boiler
Onisifor Olaru, Marius Bîzgă

26. Dynamic Modeling and Computer Simulation of 3D Objects Grasping
Rim Boughdiri, Hala Bezine, Nacer K. M’Sirdi, Aziz Naamane, Adel M. Alimi

27. Optimization of the Binary Adder Architectures Implemented in ASICs and FPGAs
Bojan Jovanović, Milun Jevtić

28. Memristor-Based Phase-Lead Controller Circuit Design
Tsung-Chih Lin, Wei-Nan Liao, Valentina Emilia Balas

29. CMOS-Integrated Temperature Relay Based on Widlar Mirror
Mircea A. Ciugudean, Marius M. Bălaş

30. A FPGA Floating Point Interpolator
Marius M. Bălaş, Marius Socaci, Onisifor Olaru

31. Achieving Semantic Integration of Medical Knowledge for Clinical Decision Support Systems
Daniel Dragu, Valentin Gomoi, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar

32. Similarity Measurement of Web Sites
Doru Anastasiu Popescu, Dragos Nicolae

33. Transmission of Unsolicited E-mails with Hidden Sender Identity
Ioan Virag, Antoanela Naaji, Marius Popescu

34. Evaluation of Experiments on Detecting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks in Eucalyptus Private Cloud
Alina Mădălina Lonea, Daniela Elena Popescu, Octavian Prostean, Huaglory Tianfield

35. Private Cloud Set Up Using Eucalyptus Open Source
Alina Mădălina Lonea

36. Mathematical Model and Formalization for DTF Method
Emanuel Ciprian Sasu

37. Contribution to Watermarking Techniques
Crina Raţiu, Dominic Bucerzan, Mihaela Crăciun

38. Android Personal Digital Life Software Agent
F. Khan, A. Altaf

39. Characterization of Temperature-Dependent Echo-Shifts and Backscattered Energy Induced by Thermal Ultrasound
Maria Graça Ruano, César A. Teixeira, Javid J. Rahmati

40. On the Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Biomedical Applications
Maria Graça Ruano, António E. Ruano

41. Optic Disc Localization in Retinal Images
Florin Rotaru, Silviu Ioan Bejinariu, Cristina Diana Niţă, Mihaela Costin

42. Parallel Multiclass Support Vector Interpretation of Haemodynamic Parameters for Manifestation of Aortic and Arterial Occlusive Diseases
S. H. Karamchandani, V. K. Madan, P. M. Kelkar, S. N. Merchant, U. B. Desai

43. Linguistic Hedges Fuzzy Feature Selection for Differential Diagnosis of Erythemato-Squamous Diseases
Ahmad Taher Azar, Shaimaa A. El-Said, Valentina Emilia Balas, Teodora Olariu

44. Automated Sleep Staging Using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Sleep EEG
Amr F. Farag, Shereen M. El-Metwally, Ahmed Abdel Aal Morsy

45. An Expert System to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the Reaction Zone of a Petrochemical Plant
Iñigo Monedero, Félix Biscarri, Carlos León, Juan Ignacio Guerrero

46. Estimation Aspects of Signal Spectral Components Using Neural Networks
Viorel Nicolau, Mihaela Andrei

47. On-Line Operation of an Intelligent Seismic Detector
Guilherme Madureira, António E. Ruano, Maria Graça Ruano

48. Exploiting the Functional Training Approach in Takagi-Sugeno Neuro-fuzzy Systems
Cristiano L. Cabrita, António E. Ruano, Pedro M. Ferreira, László T. Kóczy

49. Reconstruction of Binary Images Represented on Equilateral Triangular Grid Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Elisa Valentina Moisi, Vladimir Ioan Cretu, Benedek Nagy

50. Morphological Wavelets for Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Fusion
Silviu Ioan Bejinariu, Florin Rotaru, Cristina Diana Niţă, Mihaela Costin

51. Image Categorization Based on Computationally Economic LAB Colour Features
Adrian Ciobanu, Mihaela Costin, Tudor Barbu

52. Some Results on Ultrasonic Image Generation with Biomimetic Sonar Head and Focused Narrow Beams
Dorel Aiordachioaie, Laurentiu Frangu

53. Using License Plates Recognition for Automate Cruise Control
MariusM. Balas, Nicolae A. Chira, Sergiu A. Matisan, Flavius M. Suciu

54. Automatic Classification of Liver Diseases from Ultrasound Images Using GLRLM Texture Features
K. Raghesh Krishnan, R. Sudhakar

55. Analysis of the Bankruptcy Prediction Model in the Present Economic Situation
Crina Raţiu, Dominic Bucerzan, Mihaela Crăciun

56. Monitoring Help Desk Process Using KPI
Diana Betina Mirsu

57. Optimizing E-Business Using Learning-Based Systems
Irina-Steliana Stan, Ion-Sorin Stroe

58. The Efficiency in Time and Financial Resources Management of an Individual by Developing an Informatics Support
Serban Popa, Gabriela Prostean

59. Planning Business Process Management Implementation by a Human Resources Development Support Initiative
Cristian Olariu, Alexandru Canda, Anca Draghici, Tomislav Rozman

60. Incidents Management Process Improvement of IT Systems
Gabriela Prostean, Diana Betina Mirsu, Anca Draghici

61. Models for Sharing Resources in Agile Project Management
Adrian Adam, Gabriela Prostean

62. A Multicriteria Approach in the Selection of a SAP UI Technology
Adela Diana Berdie, Mihaela Osaci, Nicolae Budişan

63. Studies on Efficiency of the Data Access by ABAP Programming
Mihaela Osaci, Adela Diana Berdie, Ana Daniela Hammes

64. The Comparative Analysis of the Innovation Level for the Entrepreneurial Education
Matei Tămăşilă, Ilie Mihai Tăucean

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
21 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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