Stavrinides, Stavros G.

Chaos and Complex Systems

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Table of contents

1. Two Element Chaotic and Hyperchaotic Circuits
Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Andrew Przybylski, Chris Feilbach, Joerg Mossbrucker

2. Lempel–Ziv Model of Dynamical-Chaotic and Fibonacci-Quasiperiodic Systems
Alireza Heidari, Mohammadali Ghorbani

3. A Novel Numerical Approach for Determining Chaotic Levels in Stadium Billiards
Alireza Heidari, Mohammadali Ghorbani

4. Fault-Tolerant Tracker for Interconnected Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems with Input Constraint
Y. C. Shiu, J. S. H. Tsai, S. M. Guo, L. S. Shieh, Z. Han

5. Non-equilibrium Systems and Mechanics of Structured Particles
V. M. Somsikov

6. Discovery of Dozy Chaos and Discovery of Quanta: Analogy Being in Science and Perhaps in Human Progress
Vladimir V. Egorov

7. Stability Boundaries of Transiently Non-autonomous Chaotic Nonlinear System: Graphical Approach
Madjid Kidouche, Hacene Habbi, Said Grouni

8. Chaos Synchronization in a Circular Restricted Three Body Problem Under the Effect of Radiation
Ayub Khan, Mohammad Shahzad

9. On the Criterion of Stochastic Structure Formation in Random Media
V. I. Klyatskin

10. Homotopy WHEP Algorithm, Solving Stochastic Differential Equations
Magdy A. El-Tawil

11. Optimal Control of Diffusion-Convection-Reaction Equations Using Upwind Symmetric Interior Penalty Galerkin (SIPG) Method
Bülent Karasözen, Hamdullah Yücel

12. A New Rule-Based System for the Construction and Structural Characterization of Artificial Proteins
Nikola Štambuk, Paško Konjevoda, Nikola Gotovac

13. Nonlinear Phenomena and Resonant Parametric Perturbation Control in QR-ZCS Buck DC-DC Converters
Fei-Hu Hsieh, Feng-Shao Liu, Hui-Chang Hsieh

14. Chaos Phenomena in a Current-Programmed Forward Converter Via Varying Load Resistance
Fei-Hu Hsieh, Yi-Bin Pan, Chun-Che Hsieh

15. Non-polynomial Spline Solution for a Fourth-Order Non-homogeneous Parabolic Partial Differential Equation with a Separated Boundary Condition
N. F. Er, S. Yeniceri, H. Caglar, C. Akkoyunlu

16. Occupy the Financial Niche: Saturation and Crisis
Ionut Purica

17. Second Preimage Attack on a Chaos-Based Hash Function Construction and Its Improvement
Zahra Hajibabaei, Mohammad Dakhilalian

18. Dynamic Flux Observation on Variable Parameters in Field Oriented Control for Induction Machine Drives
S. Grouni, A. Aibeche, H. Akroum

19. On the Dimension of Self-Affine Fractals
Ibrahim Kirat, Ilker Kocyigit

20. Kernel Datum Transformation Considering Triangle Weight Centers
T. Uzel, K. Eren, A. Y. Urusan, E. Gulal

21. Nonlinear Slip Flow with Variable Transport Properties Over a Wedge with Convective Surface
M. M. Rahman, Amira M. K. Al-Hadhrami

22. Stability of Waves in Semiconductor-Ferrite-Metamaterials Waveguide Structure
M. M. Shabat, M. S. Hamada, A. H. El-Astal, H. A. H. Mohammad

23. Tropical Cyclone Genesis: A Dynamician’s Point of View
Safieddine Bouali, Jos Leys

24. Study of Stability and Chaos Behavior of a New Wien-Bridge Oscillator Circuit
Zhengping Shi

25. Applications of Transient Signals Detection Using Recurrence Plot Analysis
Elif Tuba Celik, Alexandru Serbanescu

26. Control of a Bioreactor with Chaotic and Oscillatory Behaviors
L. Hoseinzadeh, M. Shahrokhi

27. Non-polynomial Spline Method for the Solution of Non-linear Burgers’ Equation
Hikmet Caglar, Mehmet Fatih Ucar

28. Dozy Chaos in Chemistry: Simplicity in Complexity
Vladimir V. Egorov

29. The Coding of Biological Information: From Nucleotide Sequence to Protein Recognition
Nikola Štambuk

30. Estimation of Fractal Dimension in Differential Diagnosis of Pigmented Skin Lesions
Gorana Aralica, Danko Milošević, Paško Konjevoda, Sven Seiwerth, Nikola Štambuk

31. On Stochastic Calculus and Diffusion Approximation to Markov Processes
Gabriel V. Orman, Irinel Radomir

32. Average Vector Field Splitting Method for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Canan Akkoyunlu, Bülent Karasözen

33. Dynamical Behavior of an Electromechanical System Damped by an Impact Element
Marek Lampart, Jaroslav Zapoměl

34. Zero-Voltage-Switching Bi-Frequency Push-Pull Driver for Liquid Crystal Displays
Gwo-Tarng Chern, Jenn-Jong Shieh

35. A New Hybrid Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cells-Battery Power System with Efficiencies Considered
Chung-Hsing Chao, Jenn-Jong Shieh

36. Dynamic Behavior Analysis of the Glomerulo-Tubular Balance Mediated by the Efferent Blood Viscosity
Andrea Espinel, Pablo S. Rivadeneira, Vicente Costanza, Carlos Amorena

37. Embedded Hyperchaotic Generators: A Comparative Analysis
Said Sadoudi, Camel Tanougast, Mohamad Salah Azzaz, Abbas Dandache

38. Fractal Formation and Trend Trading Strategy in Futures Market
Saulius Masteika, Aleksandras V. Rutkauskas, Audrius Lopata

39. About Complexity and Self-Similarity of Chemical Structures in Drug Discovery
Modest Korff, Thomas Sander

40. Synchronization of Chaotic Systems Using Linear and Nonlinear Feedback Control
A. Ikhlef, N. Mansouri

41. Chaotic Electrical Excitation in the Rat Atrium Revealed by Optical Mapping Studies
Tetsuro Sakai, Kohtaro Kamino

42. Immigration and Unemployment Application of Game Theory on Diyarbakir: Istanbul Samples
Müge Özgönül, Aslı Kaplan

43. Contagion Spreading on Complex Networks: Fitness-Based Local Dynamics
Pouya Manshour, Afshin Montakhab

44. Rattleback’s Chaotic Oscillations
M. P. Hanias, S. G. Stavrinides

45. An Autonomous Mobile Robot Guided by a Chaotic True Random Bits Generator
Ch. K. Volos, I. M. Kyprianidis, I. N. Stouboulos, S. G. Stavrinides, A. N. Anagnostopoulos

46. Temporal Fractal Dimension of the Ontogenic Growth
Marcin Molski

47. Invariants, Attractors and Bifurcation in Two Dimensional Maps with Polynomial Interaction
Avadis Simon Hacinliyan, Orhan Ozgur Aybar, Ilknur Kusbeyzi Aybar

48. Signals of Chaotic Behavior in Middle Eastern Stock Exchanges
Avadis Simon Hacinliyan, Orhan Ozgur Aybar, Ilknur Kusbeyzi Aybar, Mustafa Kulali, Seyma Karaduman

49. On the Asymptotic Stabilization of a Chemostat Model of Plasmid-Bearing, Plasmid-Free Competition
Neli S. Dimitrova

50. Development of Computer Algorithms for Simulation of Grain Structures in Metallic Samples Using Chaos Theory
A. Ramı́rez-López, D. Muñoz-Negrón, M. Palomar-Pardavé, R. Escarela-Perez, V. Cruz-Morales

51. Computational Representation of Porous Media Features (Porosity, Permeability, Saturation and Physical Heterogeneous Geometry)
A. Ramírez-López, D. Muñoz-Negrón, M. Palomar-Pardavé, R. Escarela-Perez, V. Cruz-Morales

52. OGY Control of Haken Like Systems on Different Poincare Sections
Mozhgan Mombeini

53. Microwave Chaotic Crosstalk Generation in Coupled Lines-PIN Diode Circuit
F. Caudron, A. Ouslimani, R. Vézinet, A. Kasbari

54. Chaotic Financial Tornadoes
Aleksander Jakimowicz

55. Applications of Chaotic/Complex Approaches to Sustainable Buildings
Xiaoshu Lü, Tao Lu, Martti Viljanen

56. Experimental and Simulated Chaotic RLD Circuit Analysis with the Use of Lorenz Maps
N. A. Gerodimos, P. A. Daltzis, M. P. Hanias, H. E. Nistazakis, G. S. Tombras

57. Simulation Parameters Settings Methodology Proposal Based on Leverage Points
Michal Janošek, Václav Kocian

58. Nonlinear Time Series Analysis via Neural Networks
Eva Volná, Michal Janošek, Václav Kocian, Martin Kotyrba

59. A 55-GHz-Small-Signal-Bandwidth Switched Emitter Follower in InP Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Julien Deza, Achour Ouslimani, Agnieszka Konczykowska, Abed-Elhak Kasbari, Jean Godin, Gwennolé Pailler

60. Optical Spectrum Analysis of Chaotic Synchronization in a Bidirectional Coupled Semiconductor Laser System
I. R. Andrei, G. V. Popescu, C. M. Ticos, M. L. Pascu

61. Identification of Chaotic Systems by Neural Networks
B. Cannas, A. Montisci, F. Pisano

62. A Piecewise Linear Approximation Method for the Evaluation of Lyapunov Exponents of Polynomial Nonlinear Systems
B. Cannas, F. Pisano

63. The Measure of Human Vital Signals Complexity by Matrix Analysis
Liepa Bikulčienė, Eurelija Venskaitytė, Liudas Gargasas, Vidmantas Jurkonis

64. Analyzing the Chaotic Behaviour of the Harmonic Function of Henon-Heiles Potential
Ertug̃rul Bolcal, Cahit Karakuş, Yaşar Polatog̃lu

65. Impulsive Synchronization Between Double-Scroll Circuits
Ch. K. Volos, S. G. Stavrinides, I. M. Kyprianidis, I. N. Stouboulos, M. Ozer, A. N. Anagnostopoulos

66. Chaotic Behavior of the Forward I-V Characteristic of the Al/a-SiC:H/c-Si(n) Heterojunction
M. P. Hanias, L. Magafas, S. G. Stavrinides, P. Papadopoulou, M. Ozer

67. Condensed Matter as a Self-Organizing System
A. L. Shimkevich, I. Yu. Shimkevich

68. Solvent-Free Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Using Microwave Technology
Natiq Ghanim Ahmad

69. Analytical Solution of a Generalized Hirota-Satsuma Equation
M. Kassem, S. Mabrouk, M. Abd-el-Malek

70. Passage of a Gas from a 1D Configuration to an Isotropic 2D Configuration
M. P. Pato, O. Bohigas, J. X. Carvalho

71. A New Fractal Model of Chromosome and DNA Processes
K. Bouallegue

72. Application of Chaotic Simulated Annealing in the Optimization of Task Allocation in a Multiprocessing System
Darcy Cook, Ken Ferens, Witold Kinsner

73. On the Dynamical Status of the Climate System—I: A General Circulation Model en Route to Chaos
P. Carl

74. On the Dynamical Status of the Climate System—II: Synchronous Motions Galore Across the Records
P. Carl

75. Polynomiography and Chaos
Bahman Kalantari

76. Er+3 Doped Fiber Laser Based on a Couple of Fiber Bragg Gratings for Optical Chaos Generation
S. S. Ahmed, K. A. Al Naimee

77. Synchronization of Lur’e Systems via Delayed Feedback Control
S. Jeeva Sathya Theesar, P. Balasubramaniam, Santo Banerjee

Keywords: Physics, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Complexity, Complexity, Complex Systems

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