Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress

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Table of contents

1. Development of Lane Detection System Based on FPGA
Feng Gao, Hanyang Gui, Qiang Zhang, Jugang He

2. Approaches of User-Centered Interaction Development for Highly Automated Vehicles in Traffic-Jam Scenarios
Felix Wulf, Maria Rimini-Doering, Marc Arnon, Frank Gauterin

3. Integrated Simulation Toolset for ADA System Development
Martijn Tideman, Roy Bours, Hao Li, Tino Schulze, Takahito Nakano

4. Haptic Velocity Guidance System by Accelerator Pedal Force Control for Enhancing Eco-Driving Performance
Feilong Yin, Ryuzo Hayashi, Raksincharoensak Pongsathorn, Nagai Masao

5. Physical Model-Based Yaw Rate and Steering Wheel Angle Offset Compensation
Stefan Solyom, Johan Hultén

6. Dominant Driving Operations in Curve Sections Differentiating Skilled and Unskilled Drivers
Shuguang Li, Shigeyuki Yamabe, Yoichi Sato, Takayuki Hirasawa, Suda Yoshihiro, P. N. Chandrasiri, Kazunari Nawa, Takeshi Matsumura, Koji Taguchi

7. Cross-Linking Driver Assistance Systems Via Centralized Scene Interpretation Using The Example Of Directional Roadway Detection
Markus Hörwick, Loren Schwarz, Stefan Holder, Martin Buchner, Hariolf Gentner

8. Towards Design and Integration of a Vehicle-to-X Based Adaptive Cruise Control
Oliver Sander, Christoph Roth, Benjamin Glas, Jürgen Becker

9. Traffic Signal Information in a Real Residential Area
Benno Schweiger, Regina Glas, Christian Raubitschek, Johann Schlichter

10. V2X Communication Technology: Field Experience and Comparative Analysis
Heri Rakouth, Paul Alexander, Andrew Jr. Brown, Walter Kosiak, Masao Fukushima, Lali Ghosh, Chris Hedges, Henry Kong, Sven Kopetzki, Ramesh Siripurapu, Junqiang Shen

11. Improved System for ParkNet Mobile Network
Yao Ge, Wenzhi Xue, Zhan Shu

12. Application Perspectives for Active Safety System Based on Internet of Vehicles
Ling Chen

13. Consideration on the Time-Based Evaluation of the Traffic Information Prediction
Ishiguro Yosuke

14. Barge-in Implementation Method for Multi-CPU In-Vehicle Speech Recognition System
Naoyori Tanzawa, Yoshikazu Inagaki

15. Seamless Traffic Information in Dynamic Navigation Up to Date
Regina Glas, Heidrun Belzner, Tim Lange, Irina Koller-Matschke, Richard Wisbrun

16. Traffic Information and Individual Driver Behaviour
Irina Koller-Matschke, Heidrun Belzner, Regina Glas

17. Smart Automotive Apps: An Approach to Context-Driven Applications
Stephan Durach, Uwe Higgen, Michael Huebler

18. Pre- and Postdrive Predictions
Carsten Isert, Oliver Stamm

19. Adaptive Cruise Control: A Behavioral Assessment of Following Traffic Participants Due to Energy Efficient Driving Strategies
Dirk Hülsebusch, Maike Salfeld, Yinchao Xia, Frank Gauterin

20. System-Oriented Validation Aspects of a Driver Assistance System Based on an Accelerator-Force-Feedback-Pedal
Albert Albers, Alexander Schwarz, Christian Zingel, Jens Schroeter, Matthias Behrendt, Andreas Zell, Carmelo Leone, Antonio Arcati

21. Dynamic Optimal Model Researches for Correlative Intersections Control Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Aiming at Multi-Subsystem
Yifeng Huang, Song Luo

22. Measurement of Electrodermal Activity to Evaluate the Impact of Environmental Complexity on Driver Workload
Maria Seitz, Thomas J. Daun, Andreas Zimmermann, Markus Lienkamp

23. Study on Engine Idle Speed Control Considering Vehicle Power Balance
Feng Gao, Qiang Zhang, Daquan Zhang, Wen He

24. Intelligent Functionalities for Fully Electric Vehicles
Adrian Zlocki, Qihui Huang, Mimoun Ghaouty El, Lutz Eckstein, Holmer-Geert Grundmann

25. Motion Stabilizing Controller of Off-Road Unmanned Wheel Vehicle in 3 Dimensional Space
Yue Ma, Changle Xiang, Qingdong Yan, Quanmin Zhu

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Robotics and Automation, Electrical Engineering

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