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Table of contents

1. The New ECE Regulation Brings Challenge on Commercial Vehicle
Lilin Zhou, Yanhui Wang, Shifei Wang, Wei Li, Shuli Zhao

2. BIW Safety Performance Research Based on Vehicle Frontal Crash
Zhida Shen, Xin Qiao, Haishu Chen

3. Development of an Impact Absorbing Component By Gimlet Form for Any Crushes
Tauchi Hideki

4. Study on the Spot-Weld Failure Prediction Model in Auto Crash Simulation
Xiao Feng

5. Ultra High Strength Steel B Pillar Reinforcement Structure to Enhance Side Impact and Roof Crash as Reducing Weight
Do Hoi Kim, Chan Young Kang, Jong Weon Seo, Jung Han Kim, Yong Bai Joo

6. The Design of Car’s Crash Box Based on the Section Force
Man Yang

7. Vehicle Front Crash Design Accounting for Uncertainties
Markus Zimmermann

8. The Initial Velocity Value of Coach in Frontal Impact Research
Zhaokai Li, Qiang Yu, Junjie Chen, Qiang Li, Guosheng Zhang, Xiao Yuan

9. Study on Correlation Method of C-NCAP Full Frontal Impact
Feng Huang, Yongxing Chao, Weigang Chen

10. Study on Vehicle Body Structure Deformation Modes in Frontal Crash
Huihong Liao, Weiguo Liu, Dayong Zhou, Chun Wang, Fuquan Zhao

11. An Analysis on Optimization of Side Impact Performance for X Project Using Madymo
Lijuan Hu, Minhui Liu, Houjun Zhang

12. Optimization Analysis of Chest Injury of a Dummy in a Vehicle Subjected to Side Collision
Yan Liu, Haishu Chen

13. Ejection of Passengers in Bus Rollover Accidents
Matolcsy Mátyás

14. Enhancement Vehicle’s Occupant Safety by Using Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems in Vehicle-to-Barrier Offset Frontal Collision
Mustafa Elkady, Ahmed Elmarakbi

15. Research on a New Airbag in the Seat Back of Vehicle
Zhi Wang, Huili Yu, Taisong Cui, Hui Zhao

16. Study of the Sled Test Simulation for 40% Offset Deformable Barrier Crash Test
Zhi Wang, Bi-na Dai, Hui Zhao

17. Development of a Six-Year Old Digital Human Body Model for Vehicle Safety Analysis
Jesse Ruan, Stephen Rouhana, Saeed Barbat

18. New Concept for Neck Injury Lessening System Development
SangDo Park, DongWoo Jeong, Hak Gyun Kim, Jin Young Nam

19. Evaluation of the Testing Capabilities of the Q10 Prototype Dummy
Alejandro Longton, Marianne Hynd, Kees Waagmeester, Erik Salters, Serge Cirovic

20. Improvement of the Child Injury Risk Curves for Road Accidents
Longton Alejandro, Lesire Philippe, Johannsen Heiko, Beillas Philippe, Fiorentino Anita, Kirk Alan

21. Optimization of Passive Head Restraint for IIHS Low Speed Rear Impact
Dong Ming

22. Optimization Study on Whiplash Injury Reduction in Rear Impact
Yuanbo Wang

23. The Safety of Body Structure and Occupant Protection Research of Medium Bus Under Three Kinds of Frontal Impact Forms
Zhaokai Li, Yuan Xiao, Wenyan Zhu, Hanxue Zhao

24. Development of a Parametric Vehicle Front Structure Model for Pedestrian Impact Simulations
Bingbing Nie, Jun Huang, Yong Xia, Qing Zhou, Bing Deng, Mark Neal

25. Front Stop Lamps for a Safer Traffic
Ovidiu Antonescu

26. Study on Headlamp with Spot Light
Byoungsuk Ahn, Youngsub Oh, Hootaek Cho, Myunggug Bang, Sunkyoung Park

27. Analysis of Pedestrian Kinematics and Injury Mechanism in Real World Accidents
Daisuke Murakami, Chinmoy Pal, Yoshiko Kawabe, Tomosaburo Okabe

28. Development of an On-Board Pedestrian Detection System Using Monocular Camera for Driver Assistance Applications
Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Yuichi Sakai, Ikuko Shimizu, Masao Nagai, Dirk Ulbricht, Rolf Adomat

29. Pedestrian Detection by Neuromorphic Visual Information Processing
Han Woo Joon, Kim Chulsoo, Han Il Song

30. Development of an On-Board Crosswalk Detection for Pedestrian Protection Using a Monocular Camera
Yuichi Sakai, Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Ikuko Shimizu, Masao Nagai, Dirk Ulbricht, Rolf Adomat

31. Development and Validation of a Finite Element Model of the Human Thoracic for Rib Fractures Prediction in Automobile Collisions
Zhihua Cai, Fengchong Lan, Jiqing Chen, Fuquan Zhao

32. A Study on Injury Prediction Method and Influential Factors in Side Impact Crashes Using Accident Data
Hiroshi Kuniyuki

33. Research on Vehicle Transportation Safety Risk Assessment and Control
Jie Yang, Xinpeng Tang

34. Development of an Integrated Test Bed and Virtual Laboratory for Safety Performance Prediction in Active Safety Systems
Thomas Helmer, Thomas Kühbeck, Christian Gruber, Ronald Kates

35. Finite Element Analysis of Cervical Spinal Nerve Tissue Tolerance to Whiplash Injury: A Preliminary Study
Chaoyang Chen, Bo Cheng, Chuanhua Huang, Binhui Jiang, Dawei Chen, Xin Tao

36. A Rear View Camera Based Tailgate Warning System
Chong Sun, Guanglinx Ma, Manoj Dwivedi, Yi Zeng, Xubo Song

37. On Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response
Juan J. Garcia, Yannick Blecon, M. J. Dalmau

38. On-Demand Driver Vigilance Enhancement Without Drowsiness Detection
Shane Chang

39. Pre-Crash Performance of Collision Mitigation and Avoidance Systems: Results from the Assess Project
Andrés Aparicio, Sébastien Baurès, Jordi Bargalló, Carmen Rodarius, John Vissers, Oliver Bartels, Patrick Seiniger, Paul Lemmen, Thomas Unselt, Maminirina Ranovona, Tatsuhiro Okawa, Swen Schaub

40. Optical Self Diagnostics for Camera Based Driver Assistance
HadjHamma Tadjine, Dehghani Anoushirvan, Dick Eugen, Karsten Schulze

41. Object Detection and Classification Using a Rear In-Vehicle Fisheye Camera
HadjHamma Tadjine, Markus Hess, Schulze Karsten

42. Abnormal Driving Behavior Detection Using a Linear Non-Gaussian Acyclic Model for Causal Discovery
Zujie Zhang, Yuta Inoue, Kazushi Ikeda, Tomohiro Shibata, Takashi Bandou, Takayuki Miyahara

43. euroFOT: Field Operational Test and Impact Assessment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Final Results
Mohamed Benmimoun, Andreas Pütz, Adrian Zlocki, Lutz Eckstein

44. A New Risk Evaluation Index for Rear-End Collisions Considering Drivers’ Risk Perception
Hui Zhang, ShaoBo Qiu, Hongjian Li, Bin Liu

45. Study on the Highway Vehicle Collision Avoidance and Warning System
Yuncheng Wang, Xie Fei, Jianhua Wang, Xu Hao

46. Effectiveness Assessment of Human-Machine Interface in Driver Assistance System
Bo Li, Weiguo Liu, Xiaolin Zhang, Zhijie Pan, Fuquan Zhao

47. Sliding Mode Control for All-Wheel Steering of Four-Axle Vehicle
Kaifeng Zheng, Sizhong Chen

48. Vehicle Control Via Real-Time Flow Modeling and Flow Manipulation
Hiroshi Tokutake, Taro Tsukada, Eiji Itakura

49. Road Test for Interaction Between Differential Lock and Driving Control System
Jian Zhao, Bing Zhu, Jing Li, Jian Wu, Hui Lu

50. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Active Safety Systems in Vans with Respect to Real World Accident Analysis
Francisco Javier Páez Ayuso, Arturo Furones Crespo, Francisco Aparicio Izquierdo, Blanca Arenas Ramírez

51. High Accuracy Yaw Rate Sensor for Preventive Safety System
Masamoto Kawaguchi, Naoki Fujimoto, Takashi Katsumata, Masaaki Tanaka

52. The Exploration and Improvement of Steering Heavy for Heavy Dumper
Jian Chen

53. Sidewise Adaptive Single-Track Vehicle Model for ESC
Zhenfu Chen, Georg Roll, Alfred Eckert, Peter Rieth

54. Dynamic Stability Control Strategy Development for an In-Wheel Motorized Electric Vehicle
Jianwu Zhang
, Yan-e Zhao, Xiqiang Guan, Tongli Lu

55. A Study of Cornering Braking Control Strategy Based on Road Identification
Xiqiang Guan, Yao Li, Tengyue Ba, Jianwu Zhang

56. Van Traffic Accident Analysis. A Holistic Approach
Blanca Arenas Ramírez, Javier Páez Ayuso, José M. Mira McWilliams, Felipe Jiménez Alonso, Arturo Furones Crespo, Francisco Aparicio Izquierdo

57. Study on Rollover Prevention of Heavy-Duty Vehicles by Using Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
Suda Yoshihiro, Huh Junhoi, Aki Masahiko, Shihpin Lin, Ryoichi Takahata, Naomasa Mukaide

58. Iso 26262 Impact on Development of Powertrain Control System
Hui Guo, Jiaxi Liu, Shitao Yu, Jun Li

59. Analysis and Improvement for the Failure of Seat Belt Anchor of a Car Based on Simulation and Experiment
Yongsheng Li, Hong Peng, Bing Rong, Yongxin Men, Fuquan Zhao

60. Passengers’ Safety Evaluation Research Based on Vehicle with Freeway Guardrail Impact
Hui Tang, Yongxin Men, Qingxiang Guo, Jianxun Liu, Fuquan Zhao

61. Protection of Occupants for Survival Space as per ECE R29: A Study of Regulatory Requirements, New Proposals and Challenges of Implementation in Global Context
Mukesh Sharma

62. Automotive Functional Safety Compliance Requirements with ISO 26262: HW Architectural Metrics with an Example
T. Chitra

63. Research on Vehicle Transportation Safety Risk Assessment and Control
Jie Yang, Xinpeng Tang

64. Reliability in Automotive Engineering by Fuzzy Rule-Based FMEA
László Pokorádi, Tímea Fülep

65. Back Muscle Activity While Operating a Vehicle
Chaoyang Chen, Bo Cheng, Zhengguang Wang, Dawei Chen, Xin Tao, John M Cavanaugh

66. Development of Lightweight Front Side Member Through Hydroforming Technology
K. J. Sung, D. H. Kim, K. S. Kim, Y. K. Kim

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Control

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