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Table of contents

1. Simulation of EGR Stratification on Timing-Sequential Regionalized Diesel Combustion
Zhaojie Shen, Zhongchang Liu, Jing Tian, Kang Li, Jiangwei Liu

2. Investigation on the Validity Region of Online Combustion and Torque Models of Gasoline Engines with Retarded Ignition
Fangwu Ma, Zheng Qu

3. Development of Real Time Inlet Air Model of Diesel Engine Based on ‘V’ Cycle Mode
Chao Ma, Yong Hang, Xiaowu Gong, Fu Wang

4. CFD Simulation and Optical Engine Diagnostics of Mixture Formation Processes in DI Gasoline Engine with Flexible Valvetrain
Yi Zheng, Po-I Lee, Atsushi Matsumoto, Xingbin Xie, Ming-Chia Lai

5. Multidimensional CFD Simulation of a Diesel Engine Combustion: A Comparison of Combustion Models
Arif Budiyanto, Bambang Sugiarto, Bagus Anang

6. Dual Fuel CNG-Diesel Heavy Duty Truck Engines with Optimum Speed Power Turbine
Alberto Boretti

7. The Effect of Intake Port Shape on Gasoline Engine Combustion in Cylinder
Xiaodong Chen, Zhangsong Zhan

8. Cycle-Resolved Computations of Stratified-Charge Turbulent Combustion in Direct Injection Engines
Tomoaki Kubota, Nobuhiro Shinmura, Ken Naitoh

9. Research on Torque-Angle Tightening of High Strength Bolt in Internal Combustion Engine
Wenfeng Zhan, Jian Wu, Fake Shao, Chuhua Huang

10. Computational Study of Soot Entrainment via Thermophoretic Deposition and Crevice Flow in a Diesel Engine
Shin Mei Tan, Hoon Kiat Ng, Suyin Gan

11. Experiment and Numerical Analysis of Temperature Field of Cylinder Head Based on a GW4D20 Diesel Engine
Baoxin Zhao, Dingwei Gao, Jingqian Shen, Zheng Zhao, Hao Guan, Gang Liu, Ying Guan

12. Development and Validation of a Quasi-Dimensional Model for (M)Ethanol-Fuelled SI Engines
Jeroen Vancoillie
, Louis Sileghem, Joachim Demuynck, Sebastian Verhelst

13. A Development of Simplified Turbocharger Transient Heat Transfer Simulation Method (First Report)
Kyung Sub Sung, Kil Min Moon, Dong Ho Chu, Sang Joon Park

14. A Detailed Analysis of the Initiation of Abnormal Combustion with Reaction Kinetics and Multi-cycle Simulation
Michael Heiss, Nikola Bobicic, Thomas Lauer, Bernhard Geringer, Simon Schmuck-Soldan

15. Modeling of Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Crankshafts to Verify Belt Load Limits
Kumar B. Dinesh, M. Nagarajan, Patil Shankar, P. Mahesh, N. Muralitharan

16. Model-Based Control and Calibration for Air-Intake Systems in Turbocharged Spark-Ignition Engines
Kunihiko Suzuki, Seiji Asano

17. Study on Dynamics Modeling and Analysis of Valvetrains
Caiyun Guan, Wenjie Qin, Xiaobo Wang

18. Mechanistic Modeling in System Engineering: Real-Time Capable Simulation of a TGDI Engine Powered Vehicle
Johann C. Wurzenberger, Titina Banjac, Roman Heinzle, Tomaz Katrasnik

19. A Multi Zone Spray and Combustion Model for Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Soot in Diesel Engines
Ali Salavati-Zadeh, Vahid Esfahanian, Asghar Afshari, Mahdi Ramezani

20. Evaluation of Crank Mounted Fan for TV and Crankshaft First Journal Bearing MOFT Analysis for 3.8L 4 cyl. Diesel Water Cooled Engine
V. Sandeep, Singh Harsumel, D. Patil Shankar, P. Mahesh, N. Muralitharan

21. 1-D Simulation of a Four Cylinder Direct Injection Supercharged Diesel Engine Equipped with VVT Mechanism
Cristian Soimaru, Anghel Chiru, Daniel Buzea

22. In-Cylinder Flow Oriented Intake Port Development of Diesel Engine
Kang Li, Chen Haie, Li Wei, Huayu Jin, Jiaquan Duan

23. The Development of FAW New 3L Diesel Engine
Fanchen Meng, Jun Li, Fujian Hou, Wenlie Pi, Qun Chen

24. Transient Behavior Study of HD Diesel Engine and the Effects of Turbochargers
Yanbin Shi
, Guangyong Zheng, Haie Chen, Lei Wang

25. Combustion System Development of Direct-Injection Diesel Engine Based on Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Mixture and Temperature
Jun Li, Kang Li, Haie Chen, Huayu Jin, Fang Hu

26. Numerical Investigation into the Cooling Process of Conventional Engine Oil and Nano-Oil Inside the Piston Gallery
Peng Wang, Jizu Lv, Minli Bai, Chengzhi Hu, Liang Zhang, Hao Liu

27. Applying Design of Experiments to Develop a Fuel Independent Heat Transfer Model for Spark Ignition Engines
Joachim Demuynck, Kam Chana, Michel Paepe, Louis Sileghem, Jeroen Vancoillie, Sebastian Verhelst

28. Performance Analysis of a Thermoelectric Generator Through Component in the Loop Simulation
Guangyu Dong, Richard Stobart, Anusha Wijewardane, Jing Li

29. Analysis and Simulation of Hybrid Electric Turbocharger and Application on ICE and HEV
Feng Tian, Guofeng Ren, Shumei Zhang, Lin Yang

30. New Compact and Fuel Economy Cooling System “SLIM”
Junichiro Hara, Mitsuru Iwasaki, Yuichi Meguriya

31. Influence of Operating Parameters on the Thermal Behavior and Energy Balance of an Automotive Diesel Engine
Christian Donn, Daniel Ghebru, Wolfgang Zulehner, Uwe Wagner, Ulrich Spicher, Matthias Honzen

32. Development of Electric Engine Cooling Water Pump
Atsushi Saito, Motohisa Ishiguro

33. Structure and Parameters Optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle System for Natural Gas Compressor Exhaust Gas Energy Recovery
Yongqiang Han, Zhongchang Liu, Yun Xu, Jing Tian

34. Study on Exhaust Heat Recovery Utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle for Diesel Engine at Full-load Conditions
Yan Chen, Yanqin Zhang, Hongguang Zhang, Bin Liu, Kai Yang, Jian Zhang

35. The Impact of Vehicle Heating Systems on the Energy Consumption Determined Based on the Vehicle Exhaust Emission Tests Under Actual Operating Conditions
Jerzy Merkisz, Maciej Bajerlein, Łukasz Rymaniak, Andrzej ZióŁkowski, Dariusz Michalak

36. Study on a Test Procedure for the NOx Emission of Heavy Duty Vehicle
Mengliang Li, Yueyun Xu, Hui Guo, Maodong Fang, Long Sun

37. Application Research on SCR Post-Processing System in Non-Electronic Diesel Engine of Vehicles
Chenglin Deng, Yingfeng Zhang, Zhengfei Xu, Yan Yu

38. 11L Diesel Engine to Meet China V with Doc
Pengcheng Wang, Jiangwei Liu, Fang Hu, Zhenbo Xu, Zhong Wang, Huayu Jin, Liu Yu, Xinchun Niu, Fanchen Meng

39. Study the Failure About Spring Which Used on VVA Engine in System
Ling Lin, Haizhu He, Jun Mao, Liyun Kang, Maohui Wang, Yang Qiu, Yong He

40. The Impact of Oil-Based Diamond Nanofluids on Diesel Engine Performance
Hao Liu, Minli Bai, Yuan Qu

41. Citybus Microtrips Classification Using the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Method Applied on Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) Experimental Data
Jerzy Merkisz, Arkadiusz Barczak, Jacek Pielecha

42. Extended Charge Motion Design: CAE Based Prediction of Gasoline Engine Pre-ignition Risk
Jens Ewald, Matthias Budde, Bastian Morcinkowski, Rüdiger Beykirch, Adrien Brassat, Philipp Adomeit

43. Electric Water-Pump Development for Cooling Gasoline Engine
Wenxin Cai, Shenglin Xiong, Lizhi Fang, Shaoping Zha

44. Two Types of Variable Displacement Oil Pump Development
Dan OuYang, Wenxin Cai, Lei He, Yaojun Li

45. Considerations on Influencing Factors of Carbon Deposit in Gasoline Direct Injection Engine
Changhoon Oh

46. Air Intake Modules with Integrated Indirect Charge Air Coolers
Stehlig Juergen, Dingelstadt Rene, Ehrmanntraut Johann, Mueller Rolf, Taylor James

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Design, Simulation and Modeling, Electrical Engineering

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