Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress

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Table of contents

1. Application of Overbend Blind Riveting in Designing and Manufacturing of Multiple-Plates Torque Converter
Kunding Wang, Alfredo Jiminez Perez Mitre, Zhiru Shi, Ricardo Andrecioli

2. Analysis of the Influence of Clutch Pedal to Vehicle Comfort
Jiangchuan Li, Feng Deng, Shaojin Liu, Hao Hu

3. Modeling and Parametric Study on Drag Torque of Wet Clutch
Heyan Li, Qi Jing, Biao Ma

4. Modeling and Simulation of an Electric Clutch Actuator
Hanqi Yue, Bin Wang, Lijiao Yu, Bingzhao Gao, Hong Chen

5. Methods for Clutch Dimensioning
Albers Albert, Sascha Ott, Philipp Merkel

6. Drive Train Vibrations: Solving the Conflict Between Efficiency and Drivability
Ad Kooy, Jürgen Kroll

7. Definition of Slippage Parameters of Friction Clutches in Gearboxes with Fixed Shaft Axles
Mikhail Dmitriev, Valery Sharipov

8. The Influence of Torque and Speed Sensitive Differential Characteristics in a Front Wheel Drive Vehicle During On-Limit Manoeuvres
Anthony Tremlett, David Purdy, Nick Vaughan, Francis Assadian, Adrian Moore, Martin Halley

9. Design and Performance Prediction of a Tri-Mode Power-Split Transmission
Donghao Zhang, Changle Xiang, Lijin Han

10. Transient EHL Gear Contact Simulation
Peter Fietkau, Axel Baumann, Bernd Bertsche

11. An Enhanced Finite Element Model for Determination of Load Capacity in Planetary Gear Trains
Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez, Alfonso Fuentes, Kenichi Hayasaka

12. Gear Oil Viscosity Modifiers and Their Impact on Efficiency
William Barton, Elizabeth Schiferl, Mark Baker, Simon Chai

13. On the Behaviour of Asymmetric Cylindrical Gears in Gear Transmissions
Alfonso Fuentes, Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez, Francisco T. Sanchez-Marin, Kenichi Hayasaka

14. Efficiency Optimization of Transmissions
Kathrien Inderwisch, Rashad Mustafa, Ferit Küçükay

15. Research on Safety Performance for Parking Mechanism on a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
Lingling Fu, Zhiling Qiu
, Yuxiang Chen, Dawei Luo, Yong Chen, Daguo Luo, Fuquan Zhao

16. Control Strategy and Function Design Based on Lever Analogy
Hua Tian, Peng Chen

17. Research on Precision Forging Tooth Billet of Driven Bevel Gear
Baoyang Song, Chenglin Xu, Chenglin Fu, Zhuang Fu, Guansheng Wang, Shibao Liu, Zhaodan Yuan, Xiaohui Li, Xinghua Li

18. Schaeffler Lightweight Differentials
Thorsten Biermann, Xiaogang Chang, Bernd Robert Höhn

19. The Design Concept of Complete Traction Electric Equipment Sets for Hybrid Vehicles
Stanislav Florentsev, Dmitry Izosimov, Ivan Ksenevich

20. The Design, Development and Industrialization of Shangri New Type of Automatic Transmission in China
Jan Gang Lu, Xingwu Liu

21. The Double Roller Full Toroidal Variator: A Promising Solution for KERS Technology
Giuseppe Carbone, Francesco Bottiglione, Leonardo Novellis, Luigi Mangialardi, Giacomo Mantriota

22. CVT’s Evolution and Nissan’s Latest CVT Technologies
Yoshitaka Miura, Kiyonari Yamamoto, Tetsuro Ito

23. Development of a New 6-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission for the China Market
Chao Jiang, Mingli Huang, Gold Eckart, Xiaoning Xiang

24. Development of New CVT for K-Car
Koichi Konishi

25. Research on Development Process of 7 Speed Wet Dual Clutch Transmission
Yong Chen, Mike Turner, Michael Gilcrist, Wenjiang Zhao, Daguo Luo, Fuquan Zhao

26. A Study on Performance Simulation and Optimization of an Automatic Transmission
Yong Chen, Daguo Lou, Hua Chen, Fuquan Zhao

27. Development of the Electric Vehicle AMT Control Strategy
Zhangzhen Deng, Haiyun Gan, Pengyi Deng, Rongming Shan, Liangyi Yang

28. Kinematic Study and Mode Analysis of a New 2-Mode Hybrid Transmission
Xuerui Ma, Yong Zhang, Chengliang Yin

29. CVT Driving to a Green Future
A. Cai

30. The Control Authority of Passive and Active Torque Vectoring Differentials for Motorsport Applications
Anthony Tremlett, Francis Assadian, David Purdy, Nick Vaughan, Adrian Moore, Martin Halley

31. Modeling and Simulation of a New Type Hydraulic System on CVT
Yanhui Lu, Mingshu Liu, Yang Liu

32. Research and Control of Shift Without the Disengagement of the Clutch for Automatic Mechanical Transmission in Hybrid Vehicle
Shaohua Sun, Yulong Lei, Hongbo Liu, Yao Fu, Huabing Zeng

33. Analysis of Desert Adaptation on Shifting Strategy for Heavy Off-Road AMT Vehicle
, Yuhui Hu, Huiyan Chen

34. Fuzzy Logic Controlled Electromagnetic Actuated Cvt System for Passenger Car
Rahman Ataur, Sharif Sazzad Bin

35. Modelling and Simulation of DCT Gearshifting for Real-Time and High-Fidelity Analysis
Lionel Belmon, Jun Yan, Andreas Abel

36. Optimized AMT Systems from ZF: A Choice for Comfort and Fuel Consumption Improvement in the Small Car Segment
Benedikt Schauder, Joerg Buhl

37. Shifting Control Strategy Research in the Hard Accelerating Condition Based on the AMT Vehicle
Yang Gao, Yong Chen, Daguo Luo, Wenzhong Liu, Mingqi Gu, Fuquan Zhao

38. Robust Design Method for Automatic Calibration of Automatic Transmission Shift Control System
Ryoichi Hibino, Tomohiro Miyabe, Masataka Osawa, Hideaki Otsubo

39. Clutch Transmissible Torque Estimation for Dry Dual Clutch Transmission Control
Kihoon Han, Yongsoon Yoon

40. AMT Control for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Gianluca Zito

41. Numerical Sensitivity Analysis of the Effect of Pump Outlet Radius on the Performance of Torque Converter
Qingdong Yan, Cheng Liu, Wei Wei, Boshen Liu

42. Modelling of Oil Heating of Disengaged Lubricated Clutches in Hybrid Vehicles
Friedrich Brezger, Albert Albers

43. AWD Coupling Modeling and Contribution to Vehicle Dynamics
Aris Maroonian, Tsutomu Tamura, Robert Fuchs

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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