Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress

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Table of contents

1. Study on Drive Battery High Voltage Safety System for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Xingfeng Fu, Sijia Zhou, Yingjun Zheng, Chengjiao Tu

2. Automaker Energy Storage Needs for Electric Vehicles
Alvaro Masias, Kent Snyder, Ted Miller

3. Design of the Experimental Procedures for Analysis of Thermal and Electrical Properties of a Prismatic LiFeYPO4 Battery in a Modified Electric Car
Chayangkun Sanguanwatana, Chadchai Srisurangkul, Monsak Pimsarn, Shoji Tsushima

4. Intelligent BMS Solution Using AI and Prognostic SPA
Subrahmanyam Sista, Avinash Sista

5. Thermal Modeling and Effects of Electrode Configuration on Thermal Behaviour of a LiFePO4 Battery
Cheng Ruan, Kun Diao, Huajie Chen, Yan Zhou, Lijun Zhang

6. Thermal Behavior and Modeling of Lithium-Ion Cuboid Battery
Hongjie Wu, Shifei Yuan

7. Application of Battery-Ultracapacitor Hybrid System in the Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Huanli Sun, Xiaojuan Pei, Lichao Xu, Hemin Wang, Yi Sheng, Yuanbin Yu

8. A Lithium-Ion Battery Fractional Order State Space Model and its Time Domain System Identification
Hongjie Wu, Shifei Yuan, Chengliang Yin

9. Optimizing BMS Operating Strategy Based on Precise SOH Determination of Lithium Ion Battery Cells
Karsten Mueller, Daniel Tittel, Lars Graube, Zecheng Sun, Feng Luo

10. Novel Concept of Long-Haul Trucks Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Bahman Shabani, John Andrews, Aleksandar Subic, Biddyut Paul

11. Practical Research on Hydrogen Safety of Fuel Cell Vehicles
Yong He, Bing Wu, Honghu Wang, Pengcheng Zhao, Yachao Li

12. Modeling and Analysis of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
Mircea Nicolae Glazer, Ioan Mircea Oprean, Marius Valentin Băţăuş

13. Optimal Battery Discharging Strategy for a Range Extended Fuel Cell City Bus
Liangfei Xu, Minggao Ouyang, Jianqiu Li, Fuyuan Yang, Languang Lu

14. EV Charging Through Wireless Power Transfer: Analysis of Efficiency Optimization and Technology Trends
Heri Rakouth, John Absmeier, Andrew Brown Jr., In-Soo Suh, Miller John M., Randy Sumner, Richard Henderson

15. Development and Performance Evaluation of an Electric Mini Bus Equipped with an Inductive Charging System
Thomas Pontefract, Kimiyoshi Kobayashi, Yuto Miyasaka, Kento Tanaka, Yushi Kamiya, Yasuhiro Daisho, Shunsuke Takahashi

16. The Study of Re-construction Method of EV Business Model based on Value Chain Analysis
Qiang Ye, Hewu Wang

17. Research on Parameter Matching and Fuzzy Logic Control Strategies of EMT Hybrid Energy Storage System
Changle Xiang, Yanzi Wang, Weida Wang, Lijin Han, Donghao Zhang

18. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of CO2 Reduction with Future Automobile Technologies in the Japanese Automotive Sector
Shuichi Kanari

19. The Small-Signal Model Stability Analysis of Full-Bridge Buck Converter with Compensation Network
Lin Zhang, Dengmeng Fu, Haoxing Liu

20. The HV Safety Management Design of Battery System in Electric Vehicle
Tao Yan, Qi qian Jin, Fuquan Zhao

21. The Free Piston Stirling Principle as Prime Mover for Alternant Hydraulic Propulsion Systems
Horia Abaitancei, Cristi Irimia, Gabriel Carciumaru, Ionut Tudor Soare, Sebastian Radu

22. Design and Analysis of a Dual Power Supply with Super-Capacitor for EV
Ye Lu, Fen Liu, Xiaoyu Jia, Xiao Liang

23. An Electrically Driven Chassis System Concept for Sub-Compact Vehicles with Integrated Close-to-Wheel Motors
Shih-Jen Yeh, Ingo Albers, Stephan Pollmeyer

24. Future Commercial Vehicle Powertrains: Contributions to Sustainable Transportation
Heimo Schreier, Lukas Walter

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Technology

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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