Shiryaev, Albert N.

Prokhorov and Contemporary Probability Theory

Shiryaev, Albert N. - Prokhorov and Contemporary Probability Theory, ebook


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Table of contents

1. When Knowing Early Matters: Gossip, Percolation and Nash Equilibria
David J. Aldous

2. A Mathematical Model of Investment Incentives
Vadim Arkin, Alexander Slastnikov

3. The Shape of Asymptotic Dependence
Guus Balkema, Paul Embrechts, Natalia Nolde

4. Limit Theorems for Functionals of Higher Order Differences of Brownian Semi-Stationary Processes
Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, José Manuel Corcuera, Mark Podolskij

5. Retrieving Information from Subordination
Jean Bertoin, Marc Yor

6. Asymptotic Expansions for Distributions of Sums of Independent Random Vectors
Algimantas Bikelis

7. An Extension of the Concept of Slowly Varying Function with Applications to Large Deviation Limit Theorems
Alexander A. Borovkov, Konstantin A. Borovkov

8. Optimal and Asymptotically Optimal Control for Some Inventory Models
Ekaterina Bulinskaya

9. Levy Preservation and Associated Properties for f -Divergence Minimal Equivalent Martingale Measures
Suzanne Cawston, Lioudmila Vostrikova

10. Non-standard Limit Theorems in Number Theory
Francesco Cellarosi, Yakov G. Sinai

11. Additive Functions and Gaussian Measures
Linan Chen, Daniel W. Stroock

12. Free Infinitely Divisible Approximations of n-Fold Free Convolutions
Gennadii Chistyakov, Friedrich Götze

13. Accurate Approximation of Correlation Coefficients by Short Edgeworth-Chebyshev Expansion and Its Statistical Applications
Gerd Christoph, Vladimir V. Ulyanov, Yasunori Fujikoshi

14. The Stein-Tikhomirov Method and Berry-Esseen Inequality for Sampling Sums from a Finite Population of Independent Random Variables
Shakir K. Formanov, Tamara A. Formanova

15. On One Inequality for Characteristic Functions
Nicko Gamkrelidze

16. On the Nonlinear Filtering Equations for Superprocesses in Random Environment
Bronius Grigelionis

17. Upper Bounds for Bernstein Basis Functions
Vijay Gupta, Tengiz Shervashidze

18. On Distribution of Zeros of Random Polynomials in Complex Plane
Ildar Ibragimov, Dmitry Zaporozhets

19. Dependence and Interaction in Branching Processes
Peter Jagers, Fima C. Klebaner

20. Testing Functional Connection between Two Random Variables
Gyula O. H. Katona

21. The Symmetry Group of Gaussian States in L^2(R^n)
Kalyanapuram R. Parthasarathy

22. Solution of the Optimal Stopping Problem for One-Dimensional Diffusion Based on a Modification of the Payoff Function
Ernst Presman

23. The Times of Yuri Vasilyevich Prokhorov
Friedrich Götze, Willem R. Zwet

24. A Conversation with Yuri Vasilyevich Prokhorov
Larry Shepp

Keywords: Mathematics, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Statistics, general, Quantum Physics

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
Page amount
38 pages
Natural Sciences

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