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Restoration of Coastal Dunes

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Table of contents

1. Coastal Dunes: Human Impact and Need for Restoration
M. Luisa Martínez, Patrick A. Hesp, Juan B. Gallego-Fernández

2. Foredune Restoration in Urban Settings
Karl F. Nordstrom, Nancy L. Jackson

3. Restoration of Coastal Foredunes, a Geomorphological Perspective: Examples from New York and from New Jersey, USA
Norbert P. Psuty, Tanya M. Silveira

4. Natural Plant Diversity Development on a Man-Made Dune System
Peter Vestergaard

5. Restoration of Foredunes and Transgressive Dunefields: Case Studies from New Zealand
Patrick A. Hesp, Michael J. Hilton

6. Foredune Restoration Before and After Hurricanes: Inevitable Destruction, Certain Reconstruction
Rusty Feagin

7. Restoration of Dune Mobility in The Netherlands
Sebastiaan M. Arens, Quirinus L. Slings, Luc H. W. T. Geelen, Harrie G. J. M. Hagen

8. The Impact of Dune Stabilization on the Conservation Status of Sand Dune Systems in Wales
Peter Rhind, Rod Jones, Laurence Jones

9. Restoration of Andalusian Coastal Juniper Woodlands
J. C. Muñoz-Reinoso, C. Saavedra Azqueta, I. Redondo Morales

10. Dune Restoration Over Two Decades at the Lanphere and Ma-le’l Dunes in Northern California
Andrea J. Pickart

11. Restoration of Coastal Sand Dunes for Conservation of Biodiversity: The Israeli Experience
Pua Bar (Kutiel)

12. Passive Recovery of Mediterranean Coastal Dunes Following Limitations to Human Trampling
Alicia Teresa Rosario Acosta, Tommaso Jucker, Irene Prisco, Riccardo Santoro

13. Restoration of Dune Ecosystems Following Mining in Madagascar and Namibia: Contrasting Restoration Approaches Adopted in Regions of High and Low Human Population Density
Roy A. Lubke

14. The Impacts on Natural Vegetation Following the Establishment of Exotic Casuarina Plantations
Patricia Moreno-Casasola, M. Luisa Martínez, Gonzalo Castillo-Campos, Adolfo Campos

15. Restoration of Dune Vegetation in the Netherlands
Ab P. Grootjans, Bikila S. Dullo, Annemieke M. Kooijman, Renée M. Bekker, Camiel Aggenbach

16. Interdune Wetland Restoration in Central Veracruz, Mexico: Plant Diversity Recovery Mediated by the Hydroperiod
Hugo López-Rosas, Patricia Moreno-Casasola, Fabiola López-Barrera, Lorena E. Sánchez-Higueredo, Verónica E. Espejel-González, Judith Vázquez

17. The Value of Coastal Sand Dunes as a Measure to Plan an Optimal Policy for Invasive Plant Species: The Case of the Acacia saligna at the Nizzanim LTER Coastal Sand Dune Nature Reserve, Israel
David Lehrer, Nir Becker, Pua Kutiel (Bar)

18. The Coasts and Their Costs
O. Pérez-Maqueo, M. L. Martínez, D. Lithgow, G. Mendoza-González, R. A. Feagin, J. B. Gallego-Fernández

19. Multicriteria Analysis to Implement Actions Leading to Coastal Dune Restoration
Debora Lithgow, M. Luisa Martínez, Juan B. Gallego-Fernández

Coastal Dune Restoration: Trends and Perspectives
M. Luisa Martínez, Patrick A. Hesp, Juan B. Gallego-Fernández

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Geomorphology, Geoecology/Natural Processes

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Springer Series on Environmental Management
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14 pages
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