Pedrycz, Witold

Time Series Analysis, Modeling and Applications

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Table of contents

1. The Links between Statistical and Fuzzy Models for Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
José Luis Aznarte, José Manuel Benítez

2. Incomplete Time Series: Imputation through Genetic Algorithms
Juan Carlos Figueroa-García, Dusko Kalenatic, César Amilcar López

3. Intelligent Aggregation and Time Series Smoothing
Ronald R. Yager

4. Financial Fuzzy Time Series Models Based on Ordered Fuzzy Numbers
Adam Marszałek, Tadeusz Burczyński

5. Stochastic-Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Approach to Temporal Data Modeling
Anna Walaszek-Babiszewska, Katarzyna Rudnik

6. A Novel Choquet Integral Composition Forecasting Model for Time Series Data Based on Completed Extensional L-Measure
Hsiang-Chuan Liu

7. An Application of Enhanced Knowledge Models to Fuzzy Time Series
Chung-Ming Own

8. A Wavelet Transform Approach to Chaotic Short-Term Forecasting
Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Junzo Watada

9. Fuzzy Forecasting with Fractal Analysis for the Time Series of Environmental Pollution
Wang-Kun Chen, Ping Wang

10. Support Vector Regression with Kernel Mahalanobis Measure for Financial Forecast
James N. K. Liu, Yan-xing Hu

11. Neural Networks and Wavelet De-Noising for Stock Trading and Prediction
Lipo Wang, Shekhar Gupta

12. Channel and Class Dependent Time-Series Embedding Using Partial Mutual Information Improves Sensorimotor Rhythm Based Brain-Computer Interfaces
Damien Coyle

13. How to Describe and Propagate Uncertainty When Processing Time Series: Metrological and Computational Challenges, with Potential Applications to Environmental Studies
Christian Servin, Martine Ceberio, Aline Jaimes, Craig Tweedie, Vladik Kreinovich

14. Building a Rough Sets-Based Prediction Model of Tick-Wise Stock Price Fluctuations
Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Junzo Watada

15. A Best-Match Forecasting Model for High-Order Fuzzy Time Series
Yi-Chung Cheng, Sheng-Tun Li

16. Building Fuzzy Autocorrelation Model and Its Application to the Analysis of Stock Price Time-Series Data
Yoshiyuki Yabuuchi, Junzo Watada

17. Predicting Hourly Ozone Concentration Time Series in Dali Area of Taichung City Based on Seven Types of GM (1, 1) Model
Tzu-Yi Pai, Su-Hwa Lin, Pei-Yu Yang, Dyi-Huey Chang, Jui-Ling Kuo

18. Nonlinear Time Series Prediction of Atmospheric Visibility in Shanghai
Jian Yao, Wei Liu

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Intelligent Systems Reference Library
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7 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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