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Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications 2011

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Table of contents

1. A Posteriori Error Estimation and Adaptive Methods

1. An Adaptive MFD Method for the Obstacle Problem
P. F. Antonietti, L. Beirão Veiga, M. Verani

2. Reconstruction-Based a Posteriori Error Estimators for the Transport Equation
R. Becker, D. Capatina, R. Luce

3. A Posteriori Error Estimation by a Q
2 Hierarchical Basis
M. Braack, N. Taschenberger

4. Adaptive Finite Elements with Anisotropic Meshes
W. Huang, L. Kamenski, J. Lang

5. Anisotropic Recovery-Based a Posteriori Error Estimators for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems
S. Micheletti, S. Perotto

6. On Computable Bounds of Modeling Errors
S. Repin, T. Samrowski

7. Anisotropic Finite Elements for Fluid-Structure Interactions
T. Richter

8. Adaptive Finite Elements for Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Growing Domains
C. Venkataraman, O. Lakkis, A. Madzvamuse

2. Computational Electromagnetics

9. Moment-Based Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann Magnetohydrodynamics
P. J. Dellar

10. A-Priori Convergence Analysis of a Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Method to Solve Maxwell’s Equations on Hybrid Meshes
C. Durochat, C. Scheid

11. Stabilization of a Degenerate Minimization Problem with the Single-Layer Potential
S. Ferraz-Leite

12. Second Order Finite Volume Scheme for Maxwell’s Equations with Discontinuous Dielectric Permittivity on Prismatic Meshes
T. Z. Ismagilov

13. A Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Solving 3D Time-Harmonic Maxwell’s Equations
L. Li, S. Lanteri, R. Perrussel

14. Locally Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Time-Domain Maxwell’s Equations
L. Moya

15. Application of the Level-Set Method to a Mixed-Mode and Curvature Driven Stefan Problem
D. den Ouden, F. J. Vermolen, L. Zhao, C. Vuik, J. Sietsma

3. Computational Methods

16. On an Efficient Family of Simultaneous Methods for Finding Polynomial Multiple Zeros
J. Džunić, M. S. Petković, L. D. Petković

17. Multilevel Sparse Kernel-Based Interpolation Using Conditionally Positive Definite Radial Basis Functions
E. H. Georgoulis, J. Levesley, F. Subhan

18. A Numerical Remark on the Time Discretization of Contact Problems in Nonlinear Elasticity
C. Groß, R. Krause, V. Poletti

19. Numerical Simulation of Anisotropic Surface Diffusion of Graphs
D. H. Hoang, M. Beneš

20. A Special Multiwavelet Basis for Unbounded Product Domains
S. Kestler

21. Parameter Estimation Problems in Physically Based Image Processing
M. Klinger

22. Piecewise Polynomial Collocation for Volterra Integral Equations with Logarithmic Kernels
M. Kolk, A. Pedas

23. Curvature Calculations for the Level-Set Method
K. Y. Lervåg, Å. Ervik

24. Multimesh ℋ2-Optimal Model Reduction for Discretized PDEs
S. A. Melchior, V. Legat, P. Dooren

25. The Computation of Long Time Hamiltonian Trajectories for Molecular Systems via Global Geodesics
H. Schwetlick, J. Zimmer

4. Convection, Diffusion, Conservation, and Hyperbolic Systems

26. A Nonlinear Local Projection Stabilization for Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations
G. R. Barrenechea, V. John, P. Knobloch

27. An Improved Optimal Order Mixed Finite Element Method for Semilinear Transport Problems
M. Bause, F. Brunner, P. Knabner, F. A. Radu

28. A Robust Numerical Method for a Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Convection-Diffusion Problem with a Degenerating Convective Term and a Discontinuous Right-Hand Side
C. Clavero, J. L. Gracia, G. I. Shishkin, L. P. Shishkina

29. Finite Element Methods with Artificial Diffusion for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
M. Jensen, I. Smears

30. Adaptive Computation of Parameters in Stabilized Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems
V. John, P. Knobloch

31. The Numerical Study of Singularly Perturbed Differential-Difference Turning Point Problems: Twin Boundary Layers
P. Rai, K. K. Sharma

32. Stability of Difference Schemes on Uniform Grids for a Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Equation
G. Shishkin

33. Difference Scheme of the Solution Decomposition Method for a Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Convection-Diffusion Equation
L. Shishkina, G. Shishkin

5. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

34. Implementation of the Continuous-Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method
A. Cangiani, J. Chapman, E. H. Georgoulis, M. Jensen

35. Towards A Posteriori Error Estimators for Realistic Problems in Incompressible Miscible Displacement
J. Chapman, M. Jensen

36. Application of hp–Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods to Bifurcation Phenomena in Pipe Flows
K. A. Cliffe, E. J. C. Hall, P. Houston

hp–Adaptive Two-Grid Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Quasi-Newtonian Fluid Flows
S. Congreve, P. Houston, T. P. Wihler

38. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Eigenvalue Problems on Anisotropic Meshes
E. J. C. Hall, S. Giani

39. Two Dimensional Compressible Fluid-Structure Interaction Model Using DGFEM
J. Hasnedlová-Prokopová, M. Feistauer, A. Kosík, V. Kučera

40. On ε-Uniform Error Estimates For Singularly Perturbed Problems in the DG Method
V. Kučera

41. Two-Sided a Posteriori Error Estimates for the DGMs for the Heat Equation
I. Šebestová

42. Distributed Optimal Control of Diffusion-Convection-Reaction Equations Using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
H. Yücel, M. Heinkenschloss, B. Karasözen

6. Finite Element and Finite Volume techniques

43. An Immersed Boundary Method for Drug Release Applied to Drug Eluting Stents Dedicated to Arterial Bifurcations
L. Cattaneo, C. Chiastra, E. Cutrì, F. Migliavacca, S. Morlacchi, P. Zunino

44. Coupling Hdiv an H1 Finite Element Approximations for a Poisson Problem
D. Siqueira, P. R. B. Devloo, S. M. Gomes

45. Nodal Interpolation Between First-Order Finite Element Spaces in 1D is Uniformly H
T. Dickopf

46. M-Adaptation Method for Acoustic Wave Equation on Rectangular Meshes
V. Gyrya, K. Lipnikov

47. Applications of Nonvariational Finite Element Methods to Monge–Ampère Type Equations
T. Pryer

48. Geodesic Finite Elements in Spaces of Zero Curvature
O. Sander

49. Design and Verification of the MPFA Scheme for Three-Dimensional Phase Field Model of Dendritic Crystal Growth
P. Strachota, M. Beneš

50. An Evolving Surface Finite Element Method for the Numerical Solution of Diffusion Induced Grain Boundary Motion
V. Styles

7. Fluid Mechanics

51. Numerical Modeling of Stably Stratified Fluid Flow
L. Beneš, T. Bodnár, J. Fürst

52. Numerical Simulation of a Rising Bubble in Viscoelastic Fluids
H. Damanik, A. Ouazzi, S. Turek

53. A Reduced Model for Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media with Non-matching Grids
A. Fumagalli, A. Scotti

54. Higher Order Galerkin Time Discretization for Nonstationary Incompressible Flow
S. Hussain, F. Schieweck, S. Turek

55. On the Density-Enthalpy Method for the 2D Darcy Flow
D. Ibrahim, F. J. Vermolen, C. Vuik

56. Numerical Study of Effect of Stress Tensor for Viscous and Viscoelastic Fluids Flow
R. Keslerová

57. Numerical Simulations of Turbulent 3D Flow in Channel Junction
P. Louda, K. Kozel, J. Příhoda, L. Beneš

58. Weak Formulation of the Problem of Modelling the Steady Flow of a Viscous Incompressible Liquid Through a Rotating Radial Blade Machine
T. Neustupa

59. Combined Mixed-Hybrid Finite Element–Finite Volume Scheme for Computation of Multicomponent Compressible Flow in Porous Media
O. Polívka, J. Mikyška

60. Numerical Comparison of Unsteady Channel Compressible Flow with Low Inlet Mach Numbers
P. Pořízková, K. Kozel, J. Horáček

61. Numerical Simulation of Generalized Newtonian and Oldroyd-B Fluids
V. Prokop, K. Kozel

62. Layer-Adapted Meshes Versus Weak Dirichlet Conditions in Low-Turbulent
Flow Simulation
L. Röhe, G. Lube

63. On Higher-Order Space-Time Discretization of an Nonlinear Aeroelastic Problem
with the Consideration of Large Displacements
P. Sváček

64. On the Construction of Analytic Solutions to a Visco–Elasticity Model for Soft Tissues
F. J. Vermolen

65. Extending the Volume of Fluid Method to Higher Order Accuracy
J. C. G. Verschaeve

66. Stability Estimates and Numerical Comparison of Second Order Time-Stepping Schemes for Fluid-Structure Interactions
T. Wick

67. Various Flow Equations to Model the New Soil Improvement Method Biogrout
W. K. Wijngaarden, F. J. Vermolen, G. A. M. Meurs, C. Vuik

8. High Performance Computing

68. A Fast GPU-Accelerated Mixed-Precision Strategy for Fully Nonlinear Water Wave Computations
S. L. Glimberg, A. P. Engsig-Karup, M. G. Madsen

69. 3D Helmholtz Krylov Solver Preconditioned by a Shifted Laplace Multigrid Method on Multi-GPUs
H. Knibbe, C. W. Oosterlee, C. Vuik

70. CUDA-Based Parallel Preconditioning for RANS Simulations of Indoor Airflow
S. C. Kramer, C. Pfaffenbach, G. Lube

71. Shallow Water Simulation on GPUs for Sparse Domains
M. L. Sætra

72. Parallel Implementation of Multilevel BDDC
J. Šístek, J. Mandel, B. Sousedík, P. Burda

9. Multiscale Modeling and Simulations

73. Forecasting Production in an Oil Reservoir Simulation and Its Challenges
V. Ginting, F. Pereira, A. Rahunanthan

74. Numerical Analysis for an Upscaled Model for Dissolution and Precipitation in Porous Media
K. Kumar, I. S. Pop, F. A. Radu

75. A Variational Multiscale Method for Poisson’s Equation in Mixed Form
M. G. Larson, A. Målqvist, R. Söderlund

76. Adaptive Geometrical Multiscale Modeling for Hydrodynamic Problems
L. Mauri, S. Perotto, A. Veneziani

10. Preconditioners and Solvers

77. On the Superlinear Convergence of MINRES
V. Simoncini, D. B. Szyld

78. Fluid-Structure Interaction: Acceleration of Strong Coupling by Preconditioning of the Fixed-Point Iteration
M. R. Dörfel, B. Simeon

79. Some Experiences with Multilevel Krylov Methods
Y. A. Erlangga

80. Preconditioning of Elasticity Problems with Discontinuous Material Parameters
I. Georgiev, J. Kraus

81. A Robust Preconditioner for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow with Control Constraints
M. Kollmann, W. Zulehner

82. Computing Inner Eigenvalues of Matrices in Tensor Train Matrix Format
T. Mach

11. Uncertainty, Stochastic Modelling, and Applications

83. Two Mathematical Tools to Analyze Metastable Stochastic Processes
T. Leliévre

84. On the Reliability of Error Indication Methods for Problems with Uncertain Data
I. Anjam, O. Mali, P. Neittaanmäki, S. Repin

85. A Reduced Basis Method for the Simulation of American Options
B. Haasdonk, J. Salomon, B. Wohlmuth

86. SAVU: A Statistical Approach for Uncertain Data in Dynamics of Axially Moving Materials
J. Jeronen

87. On Singularity of Fisher Information Matrix for Stochastic Processes Under High Frequency Sampling
R. Kawai

88. Hierarchical Model Reduction: Three Different Approaches
S. Perotto, A. Zilio

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Applications of Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Computational Science and Engineering, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics

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